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Gwyneth Paltrow is Everyday Italian

Gwyneth Paltrow is Everyday Italian

Gwyneth Paltrow grabs dinner at Italian joint Morandi on Waverly Place in New York’s West Village on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old actress made sure to keep warm (and hidden!) underneath her scarf but she almost got tripped up by a dog on her way out!

Gwyn recently admitted her weakness for gossip.

“There’s obviously an appetite for gossip,” she told Britain’s Daily Mail Weekend Magazine. “It’s very addictive to see what people are doing and wearing and saying – and who is breaking up.”

Paltrow will soon star in the Jon Favreau-directed Iron Man, out May 2nd. In the upcoming superhero flick, Gwyn plays Virginia “Pepper” Potts, the personal assistant of Tony Stark (Iron Man), who reveals his identity to her.

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  • Cami


  • solange#

    don’t like her style, don’t like her and she needs to cut her fuc*kin hair.

  • sue

    she took her dog to a restaurant?? uum, how.

  • CG



    who cares what number you are, i’m so sick of seeing you multi post on everything, you really can post just once but you do it like 5 times.


    STOPI IT! It very clear that bloggers are not journalists. She did not admit that she had an appetite for gossip, she said, “There is absolutely an appetite for gossip. It is very addictive etc.” That is a third person statement. There is no personal admission. It is a general statement about people’s love for gossip. Come on, you are Jared, not Perez.

  • lily

    yeah she likes the gossip until it’s her and her family’s buisness in the tabloids. lets see if she would like the gossip then. Idiot. Don’t like her.

  • lily

    actually that’s true #6. she didn’t particualarly say her she just generalized. still never liked her though.

  • Beejesus

    She looks like Michael Jackson

  • Regular Poster

    Beejesus @ 01/09/2008 at 11:10 am

    She looks like Michael Jackson


    Go see an ophthalmologist. She’s beautiful.

  • Carrie

    All her outfits look the same. She needs a new look.

  • Jen

    Gwynnie looks FUG and SMUG as usual!

  • Regular Poster

    I think she’s a very plain woman. I’m not surprised she covers herself up like that.

  • gus


  • Helena

    Did she finally cut her hair?

  • Pomme

    I hope she starts doing interesting roles again. Her career has really declined. :-(

  • sweetpea

    is it just me or do her clothes never change?

  • Regular Poster

    Regular Poster @ 01/09/2008 at 11:22 am

    I think she’s a very plain woman. I’m not surprised she covers herself up like that.


    I think we have a fraud among us and he uses other people’s aliases! I am No. 10 who just said that Gywnet is beautiful! Hey dude, why don’t you think up an alias of your own? Or maybe it’s beyond your capacity?

  • molly

    As long as you don’t zoom in too close, she looks alright. Sadly, time has not been kind to Gwyneth.

  • Juju

    ^^I agree with most of the comments. I never understood the hype about her being a great beauty.

  • my2cents

    Lily, I feel the same. Never liked her much though I do like her mom and kids. Interesting how so many feel that way when it comes to Gwyneth.

  • Greg

    I bet she does love the gossip. She’s so snide in her interviews.

  • Michael K.

    I smell Fishsticks!

  • wtf

    Geeeeeeeeeez, again this old fugly woman…must be a slow news day.

  • secret


  • Libra

    Same ensemble as LAX 2 weeks. Even Kbot mixes it up.

  • hugo

    the blonde man is very nice and cold.

  • IMHO

    I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Much too good for Ben Afflek.

    Oh, nevermind. I was thinking of Jennifer Garner.


    Regular Poster @ 01/09/2008 at 11:36 am

    I am No. 10 who just said that Gywnet is beautiful!


  • matt

    Gwyn=Jake Paltrow in a wig.

  • Dieter

    i used to wank to G.P. before she morphed into a dude!

  • maria

    G.P. will cut her her and change a hairdo in the year 3000.She just wants her hair to experience the 3rd millenium as well you guys!ahahhaha

  • Yuck

    Boring, plain woman with ugly hair that needs to be cut.

  • mossy

    smeh. this girl is talented. she had so much potential of becoming a widely respected actress and then she became full of herself and started saying stupid things about her country. she’ll never carry a movie on her own, ever. note to celebs, stay humble.

  • 35

    Gwyneth looks like Bret Michaels. They def have the same hair stylist.

  • craig stairs

    just stay out of the usa you scumbag

  • Jenna

    England would love to give her back to USA, but I understand USA don’t want her back????? oh well since we got to deal with her I truely wish she would get a nice hair. Give it up Gwyneth the hair no longer makes you look younger.

  • Jenna

    Look at those fat cankles and big feet.
    You know if she was looking up she wouldn’t have ran into that woman with the dog totally not smart I wish she would have hit the ground now that’ll been too funny. On a sad note how lonely and dejected it must be to go out to dinner by yourself. She must be an ass for people not to want to be around her. she should have stayed home and made a sandwich.
    That ring is not fooling anyone my friend wears one, and shes single. She says it keeps the men back some, when shes out clubbing. I think she and Chris are divorced.

  • Reez

    She’s such a fashion icon!

    pls visit my blog…about bargain hunting/branded fashion for less

    (for the record, USDollar 1=RM3.3)

  • bebe

    She has good style but time is not very kind to her. She’s turning to a wrinkle middle-aged woman but still try to dress like in her 20s

  • Lexi

    Are there stains on the front of her pants? Just checking…..

    She is so bland….

  • Marion

    Don’t talk too fast. If you read the entire interview you’d know that she says EXACTLY the contrary to what is mentionned in the tabloids that quote her. She said that SOME people get passionate about gossip, but not her.

  • Marion

    By the way, i love her and her movies.

  • Ted

    At first I didn’t believe it was her. She’s turned into such a slob. What a shame.