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Joaquin Phoenix is Speechless

Joaquin Phoenix is Speechless

Joaquin Phoenix accepted the award for Favorite Leading Man during Tuesday’s People’s Choice Awards despite the writers’ strike.

In a taped acceptance “speech,” the 33-year-old actor used cards to get a thank-you message across.

His funny cards read, “I’m speechless without the writers. Seriously. But in my own quiet way, I want to thank the millions of fans that voted for me for favorite leading man.”

Joaquin mumbled a quick “thank you” at the end of his printed message.

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  • anne

    Love him, he is so funny.

  • Tess


  • KC

    That was cute.

  • Bre

    He’s so silly :P

  • lu

    haha, he’s amazing!!

  • Smilehexe

    They just had this on German TV too and I laughed so much! What a funny idea! :-)

  • jenny

    he used to look so good….
    but then is face got somehow fatter oh sorry joa!!!)

    but still love him!!!

  • musicisourhigh

    Clever idea. I like that. He’s a good actor.

  • stefanie

    Looking at a bloated Joaquin makes me miss River very, very much…

  • Daisy

    Joaquin is so funny! he deserves that award.

  • Me

    did he spell his own name wrong? it says jaqin

  • You/Me

    I absolutely love this guy. I think he is one of the greatest actors of our time and I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves.
    I was watching when he gave his “speech” and it was too funny,lol. :-)
    He added “What is wrong with you people?” at the end,lmao.
    I think he was talking about the writers. And I agree.
    For their selfishness thousands of others are without paychecks right now and the American public is missing out on what WE pay for. I pay for Direct TV and I expect to get my money’s worth. Right now I am paying to watch a bunch of re-reruns??!! It’s b*llsh*t and I think the industry ought to just fire ALL the writers on strike and hire new ones.
    I know it’s not that simple but this is ridiculous.
    George Clooney said without writers actors would be out of a job. WRONG. Without an AUDIENCE actors would be without a job. Screw the writers.

  • carrie

    well said!

  • the midnight rambler

    this drunk is only 33 years old ????

    HE LOOKS 52 !!!!

    time to get to rehab phoenix.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    i would much rather river phoenix be sitting there instead.

  • camilita

    joaquin is hott!!!! and is a great actor!! =]

  • Mrs. Phoenix

    Who wrote JAQUIN?

  • Wtf

    It was ironic when he said that and he talked to us, people who voted for him. It’s clear he was moved and excited at the same time.
    I’m proud of him about the writers and I couldn’t expect less from him. He’s generous and not a snob like many other actors at Hollywood.
    Simple and true…. That’s him, even if you don’t like him.
    And by the way, I find him gorgeous and I’m ready to kiss you in person if the Award is not enough

  • Ha!

    You/Me – What exactly are the actors going to perform without the writers? The people behind the scenes, the ones who actually make the shows we pay cable companies to air, seem to always be the ones who get the shaft. I can handle re-runs for a couple of months if the people who deserve to be paid fairly actually get paid fairly. Poor you, you have to watch an old episode of Everyone Loves Raymond. These people live off of peanuts. Get over it.

  • Ha!

    River would probably never be sitting there. Joaquin could act circles around him. He was very handsome, but not nearly as talented. Very sad to see someone die so young, though. I had a HUGE crush on him like everyone else did.

  • tomcat2510

    Ooooh He’s so funny !!!

    I love him

    He’s just awesome…

  • jade

    I love Joaquin, my favorite actor!! I have been waiting for him to win
    awards,as he is so great and I missed the show last night. I know I
    can’t see the show in reruns anywhere.

  • patty

    When he said ” What is wrong with you people?” He was talking about the fans who voted for him, he was making a joke.

  • asia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE him :)

    sexiest vegan alive, such a smart person with A great sense of humor and THE BEST ACTOR EVER!


  • stefanie

    Ha! post#20, are you kidding me? Joaquin a better actor than River?!?!?! Oh man, that’s got to be the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. If River had lived, you would have never heard the name Joaquin, except to be described as “Award-winning Actor River Phoenix’ brother”.

  • stefanie

    Asia, Joaquin is a vegan???? Looking at all that puffy and chubby, homey is eating alot of potatoes and legumes *LOL* He looks like he’s sneaking some Carl’s Jr. hamburgers…

  • The.o’riley

    Joaquin’s the BEST!

    he totally deserved the award.

  • coffeecakes


    This video made my day!!!

    he is freakin’ HILARIOUS!!!!

    Without a doubt one of the BEST actors wokring today.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    He could get it

  • Ha!

    No, I’m not kidding. I saw the same movies with River in them as you did. His hair did a whole lot of acting and he was very pretty. But I still stand by the notion that Joaquin is far more talented.

  • Ha!

    Although Joaquin should thank River for the depth of emotion that certainly comes from watching your dumb*ss brother OD right in front of you in the prime of his life. What a sad waste.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    clever way to show support. he could have sorted his hair and washed his face before taping it though

    The Arab Aquarius

  • Isis

    He looked very good, a few years ago.
    He’s getting fat and looks like he is in his 40′s!
    I didn’t know he was only 33!
    He’s become ugly, really, sorry for the fans but he’s
    in a very bad shape!

  • http://- Lie

    Joaquin is my favorite actor and a wonderful person! He really deserved that award.

    River was a good actor and a good person too but Joaquin did act in movies before River became famous so i don’t think Joaq should thank River for his fame as some people claim.

    River wasn’t stupid. He did a misstake when he took those drugs. He was a lovey guy who did lot of good things. RIP.

    BTW, the Phoenix family are all vegans and have been a good inspiration for me.

  • Lola

    Funny…and yeah, he spelled his name wrong.

    –read my blog at

  • Ha!

    Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, anyone with that much going for them who chooses to put themselves in a position that could kill them is a dumb*ss. This coming from someone who LOVED River Phoenix.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    hey j-money, lol.. can we get a river phoenix thread?

  • You/Me

    Ha! @ 01/09/2008 at 2:32 pm You/Me – What exactly are the actors going to perform without the writers? The people behind the scenes, the ones who actually make the shows we pay cable companies to air, seem to always be the ones who get the shaft. I can handle re-runs for a couple of months if the people who deserve to be paid fairly actually get paid fairly. Poor you, you have to watch an old episode of Everyone Loves Raymond. These people live off of peanuts. Get over it.

    You are grossly uninformed if you think writers are underpaid. They aren’t even really fighting to get paid more, they are fighting over internet rights.
    Haven’t you ever read a book? Any decent author out there could write for a television show or pen a movie, all it takes is imagination. Sorry, but writing is just not that hard. And you are right, it is the people behind the scenes who are getting the shaft, however this does not include the writers. For every re-run that gets aired THEY get paid but the people who are really behind the scenes, those who work on set such as makeup, stunts, and such THEY are NOT getting paid while this strike is on-going.
    As for your asinine comment about re-runs of Everbody Loves Raymond, I was speaking of CURRENT shows that are now showing re-runs. The writers on strike are selfish,period. Selfish toward the actors, the audience, and the people who really work behind the scenes

    I agree with those who said Joaquin is a better actor than River ever was. No disrespect to River but he was nowhere near as good an actor as Joaquin, of course he never really got to realize his full potential either.

  • amber

    #38 – the writer’s are not just asking for money off internet downloads. They want their fair share of DVD sales and more money from syndication. Do you know that a lot of these writer’s only get 4 cent on a $20 DVD? That hardly seems right to me especially since if they hadn’t written the script for the movie, there wouldn’t be a movie! And considering that a lot of these big time actors are grossly overpaid and the studios rake in a considerable amount of revenue, they can afford to be paid more. The higher ups need to stop being greedy and give the writer’s their due.

  • craig stairs

    this writer strike has been the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

  • You/Me

    “And considering that a lot of these big time actors are grossly overpaid and the studios rake in a considerable amount of revenue, they can afford to be paid more.”

    Now THAT I totally agree with.
    I see your point.
    But I still feel that because of this strike it is the viewers and other industry workers that are getting screwed.

  • vitoria

    love him

  • SofiaRocket

    Hi, guys, my English is not perfect so please could anyone explain the meaning of “favourite leading man” nomination? I understand what is “best actor” but what is favourite leading man ??? is it for acting in a paticular film or just people’s sympathy for his personality? And is it true that MILLIONS of fans voted for this man?

    As for the writers’ strike I agree that it’s just an urgy squabble over money and actors with self respect and independent mind should not take part in it.

  • Lola

    Whoever you consider the better actor, Joaquin or River, just consider this: It’s disrespectful to both of them to compare them to each other. River would probably be rolling in his grave if he could read some of the things the die hard River fans say about his brother. And vise versa, the things that the Joaquin trolls write about River…nauseating, really. That’s how you show your love and support for these guys? By putting down the other one?

  • Mrs. Phoenix

    Lola, i’m totally agree.

  • Sandra

    Love him so much.

  • Liz

    Hope his girlfriend gave him more than a big kiss as reward!!

  • patty

    Why is it that every time Joaquin is talked about, his brother gets brought up? Is that really fair to Joaquin? Every time Joaquin has an article about him this is what I see, ” Joaquin Phoenix, little brother to the late River Phoenix”. What the fuck is that. Joaquin has made a name for himself in this industry ,ON HIS OWN I might add, that he doesent need to be reffered to like that anymore. And is it really necesarry to bring up River every time this mans picture appears on this site, or any other site. IT’s really kind of old. He died, what 13 years ago? Time to move on.

  • remember da truth

    Because River died, people have put him on a pedestal. Comparing the two is unfair to both. River was talented FOR HIS AGE, and guessing what he might have done, IF he had even been able to transition to adult movies, is pure speculation. Joaquin is an amazing actor and anyone who is bashing him probably has a River bias in his mind.

    Joaquin stole every scene in Gladiator from Russell Crowe, and pushed him to get that Oscar, and Russell, as evidenced in so many movies, is no slouch himself. Joaquin in Quills is mesmerizing and I’m not the only woman who still needs to change her panties when thinking of the love scene. He is an amazing actor, and so HOT!!

    Most of the time, he hates the press so he’s scowling in pics, and plays serious roles, so no one sees that he is incredibly funny in real life. Everyone on sets always says what a riot he is to be around.

    This was a funny idea and he was able to treat the fans with respect while still making a nod to the writers. Good for him.

  • remember da truth

    You/Me you are angry about the strike, but you are angry at the wrong party. Be angry at the networks and studios depriving the writers of their fair pay for the work. The fact that everything has ground to a halt shows how valuable the writers are.
    Instead of telling them to shut up and take it in the teeth so you can sit on your ass and watch more TV, tell the networks and studios to pay them fairly!
    Your logic is to tell the coal miners who are working in bad conditions and dying to not demand safety because some people are getting cold without their coal. Yell at the people who are causing the strike, not the ones who are forced to ALSO be out of work and strike for what is fair.