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Lauren Conrad Moves into Mini-Mansion

Lauren Conrad Moves into Mini-Mansion

The Hills must be paying her bucks!

Lauren Conrad is moving into a $2 million dollar, 4-bedroom, 4-bath Spanish style Villa just off Sunset Boulevard, reports

The 21-year-old reality TV star is said to move into her new mini-mansion in about six weeks. House-warming party planning time!

Are one of those bedrooms for current roommate BFF Audrina Patridge??

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  • gag

    this girl is a nobody, i really don’t get it.

  • anon

    Wow, good for her, at least she is smart to know the hills won’t last forever, so she has to invest her money, smart cookie.

  • homewood.

    That house is worth 2 million, are you kidding me, they are killing them in LA.

  • tia

    i dont’ know why this girl is famous, she looks just like every other girl in OC.. or anywhere in Cali. certainly she’s not famous for her personality, nothing this girl has said or done has ever stood out as special. why even post about her.. she’s really not a celebrity.
    I’ll never understand reality tv, can’t people just enjoy their own lives and the people they know. basically you’re just watching people do what everyone else does.

  • josh

    She has a house at the age of 21, good bless her. I was still living with my mama at 21.

  • anna-mills

    Tia, she is famous because of people like you, you took the time to comment right, you are helping her be famous, don’t be stupid.

  • jennifer

    This girl is really playing her cards right, she has a hit tv show, a clothing line, now real estate, she is the smart I guess.

  • hunter

    does she think she’s got some kind of longevity with her career? she better think before she goes blowing her money, the hills and her are a fad. what does she do besides let people film her life? nothing. pretty soon someone hotter, newer, and different will be on the scene and people will forget lauren what’s her face.
    and i totally agree with tia’s comment, i don’t get why reality tv is so huge either. people could be doing that same exact stuff if they got their butts from out in front of the tv.

  • hunter

    #6 i don’t think tia’s comment was really geared towards lauren just the genre in specific.

  • ben

    Hunter you need to read your post before you post it. Obviously her career isn’t gonna last, so why not buy a home and invest her money with what she has so far. Houses in LA are very expensive, this 2 million dollar home will quadruple in price in the next 10 years. She made a good decision, at least she didn’t spend it on something stupid.

  • angel hair

    socialite trying to pass off as competent, self-reliant working girl.
    i think i’d rather see something to the opposite of that.

  • Kimbo

    I agree with Ben. LC knows the transient nature of fame, so she is investing her money in a house that will likely triple in value rather than wasting it on clothes or shoes.

  • Prissy

    wow she already made that money with a fake tv show. good for her.

  • hunter

    #10 I grewup in Laguna(Emerald Bay) so I know all about Cali real esate. If this chick is as flash in the pan as most MTV-Celebs are, she won’t be able to afford the taxes on this place in the near future. Look@Lindsay Lohan, she’s broke as a joke according to reports and she’s certainly made more then Lauren. Or longshot, maybe it is an investment, maybe she does make enough money@teen vouge to pay the mortage and all that good stuff in the longrun.

  • LJM

    I doubt shes making that much money from mtv and the clothing line, but her dad appears to be well off and some sort of developer so I’m sure he advised her or helped pay for this house.

  • martha

    Damn why are houses in LA so expensive, this is what she got for 2 million bucks. I’m looking at Nicole Kidman’s new house in TN, and it’s way bigger than LC’s house and it’s just a little over 2 million, she should move to the south.

  • Gemma

    MTV is leasing this house for her to film season 4 of The Hills. They are hoping that a more glamorous residence will draw viewers.

  • gogo

    Hunter, Lauren’s parents are loaded, trust me, they can easily afford this house. Have you seen her parents house in Laguna Beach, it’s worth 5 million and her dad built by himself.

  • lucy

    No Gemma, she bought it.

  • yall

    LJM, her dad is an architect at Laguna Beach.

  • kate


  • Gemma

    Um, o.k. LC, I mean Lucy. Who’s first on your house warming party list? Jason?

  • Helena


  • kelly

    Seriously, why be a hater? She worked very hard for this in a way she knows she can. We all would’ve done the same if given the chance. The girl is a better role model than most girls with fame and who is the same age as her. Trust me, I think this girl has earned it more than Britney earns all her money these days. So good for Lauren. At least she knows how to handle her success wisely.

  • Belen

    She is not only gorgeous but smart. It is a good investment for her and soon this house will triple in value. At least she is not wasting her money on coke like LL. Hope she does not get any stalkers.

  • lily

    girl please #24. Britney may be cuckoo’s now but no way can you compare Lauren’s “work and work ethics” to Britney. Britney worked her ass off from the time she was little and the money she makes now is the residuals because of that.

    Lauren, a role model? Puhlease. Yeah that’s why she blew going to France for Jason. and she was 19/20. I can’t imagine the stupid spoilt sh it she did when she was little.

  • gail

    Good for her, she is making smart choices.

  • wendy

    NO MTV is not leasing the house. Lauren is buying the house with the help of her parents. She deserves it.

  • J

    the majority of her money comes from her clothing line. She’s fat tho.

  • kelly

    Lily, if you know how to read correctly what i said is that Lauren earning her income is way more well deserved than how Britney is earning hers NOW. But if you were to compare, Britney was a mediocre pop singer who got lucky with management and opportunities as well and worked hard in achieving her goals the way she knew how. How is that any different from Lauren going for it when the opportunity was given to her? Exactly.

    And yes. She is a better role model, i’m not saying she’s perfect (she’s not) but compared to the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and our favorite: Britney Spears. I’ll take her over them any day.

  • belinda

    Wow, she has come a long, she is one lucky girl.

  • Paul

    LC is beautiful girl and a great role model. She works hard and she takes advantage of the opportunity that she has been given.

  • Paul

    LC is beautiful girl and a great role model. She works hard and she takes advantage of the opportunity that she has been given.

  • KC

    Oh please this is probably another place MTV is using to film the Hills just like that apartment that she never lived in. Not to mention Heidi and Spencer’s condo. They don’t live in that either, they live with Spencer’s parents.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    i missed the old days – when you had to have some type of talent or done something of importance to become a celebrity.

    this girl does NOTHING! nothing but live a “scripted” life on mtv. *smfh*

  • Taylor

    She is NOT a good role model, she is drunk all the time on the show.

  • Erin

    Lauren conrad is awesome! Shes a great role model she earns her own money, so she bought this place obviously herself, and kelly you go girl! Lilly, shes a great role model.
    Cute house.

  • Loves Speidi


  • jim

    This slut is the fakest piece of shit in so cal., we are all not fucking idiots like her out here!!

  • taylor

    Good for Lauren. She seems like a smart girl. LA real estate is expensive, but a good investment. The house is beautiful. Some of you haters sound very jealous. Maybe if you stop hating on people your life would improve.

  • Yuck

    This girl is not a role model. She did absolutely nothing to deserve any fame. She’s not remotely pretty or talented. She should crawl back under the rock from which she came.

  • The Maven

    Wow, some off u ppl are getting incredibly heated about this little nobody buying a house of sunset boulevard. I say, good for her, Im 19 and I own a house with the help of my dad.

  • littlej

    What is sad is that I have my Masters, bust my ass working unbelievably hard…and I will NEVER own a house like that.

    What does LC do? Nothing.

  • Jo

    Oh My God! How gorgeous is this house seriously ! I love Lauren ! Hey…. she comes from money, of course she can afford it! Its probably an investment, afterall her dad’s an architect and maybe they are going halfers with Lauren for the house to give her more independence!. Go Lauren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    Oh My God! How gorgeous is this house seriously ! I love Lauren ! Hey…. she comes from money, of course she can afford it! Its probably an investment, afterall her dad’s an architect and maybe they are going halfers with Lauren for the house to give her more independence!. Go Lauren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ya ya

    ++++++++ I love this girl! She’s very hot! You go Lauren!

  • gina

    Good for her. I bought my house when i was 23, it can be done guys. If you can do it, go for it. It’s never too early to start investing.

  • Kristen

    congrads lauren!
    however that house looks really ugly from the front, if i were to buy a 2 million dollar house it would be better looking than that. And everyone im sure her parents have a huge role in the price, he is proabably only paying for the down payment

  • oscar

    She comes from money, did any of you watch Laguna? So even if her 15 minutes dry up soon, she doesn’t have to worry…daddy’s got that covered people!

  • WhatTheFreak

    Commenting about her her a blog is NOT helping her become famous. Watching her show is