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Madonna Syphoning Money Out of Gucci For Kabbalah?

Madonna Syphoning Money Out of Gucci For Kabbalah?

Madonna has conned both UNICEF USA and Gucci into helping her raise money for the Kabbalah Center, reports Fox News.

Here’s their shocking report: Gucci is throwing an all-star fundraiser on Feb. 6 for Madonna‘s charity, Raising Malawi. GUCCI’s “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF” will take place in heated tents on the north lawn of the United Nations, with special co-hosts Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek scheduled to attend along with Madonna.

However, neither Gucci nor UNICEF is aware that Raising Malawi is merely a front for Philip Berg‘s Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles.

In fact, before anyone writes a check: Raising Malawi is also still not a registered charity. All of its forms, filings and press releases direct back to the Kabbalah Center.

Berg‘s son Michael started Raising Malawi under the pretext of helping orphans in that impoverished country. But after Madonna helped herself to one, David Banda, Berg and the rest of the Kabbalah/Raising Malawi team went to work on their real cause: indoctrinating unsuspecting Malawi orphans into their brand of mysticism.

According to Berg‘s blog from April 24, 2006, his first move was to bring Malawi teachers to Los Angeles to retrofit them for Kabbalah. He wrote:

“We have brought a number of teachers from the African nation of Malawi to Los Angeles. This is part of our Raising Malawi initiative. They will be learning the Spirituality for Kids curriculum for the next 3 months. After that, they will go back to Malawi and teach the children there these empowering spiritual life lessons. I am very excited about this project. This morning we welcomed them to the Centre.”

Read up more this scandal at Fox News.

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  • liza

    WTF? This is just crazy!

  • Tammie

    I believe you meant “Siphoning”.

  • SUnglasses

    SHE’S SO OUT. :(


    for the love of peter pan, what happened to her left hand? looks like it’s melting or something, creepy.

  • Wendy

    Cyphening???? Did you mean “siphoning” or can be spelled as “syphoning” as well….

  • john

    as usual fox news gives “news” without checking their facts they should change their name to fox inquirer

  • WTF

    So are they getting tips from $cientology on how to run scams?

  • dita

    Please!!! Madonna is trying to make something good for Malawi. Who else is trying to help this country? Fox news sucks!!!!!!!

  • Naima

    Funny how I was saying this back when she first adopted that boy that something was not right. When has this B!tch done anyting out of the kindness of her heart, everything is an agenda with her. She’s in a freakin cult people, just like Tom Cruise, these people make me sick, they have no souls.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Tammie and Wendy!

  • Madison

    I dont mind people helping out other people but as far as charities go I prefer them to be as transparent and clear about their goals as possible. And this particular case: I dunno. I have pretty mixed feelings.

    I dont like it one bit.

  • poobear

    Fox news does stink, and there’s certainly something smelly about it all.
    I agree with Naima, the whole thing is just off.

  • purple-emma

    very strange indeed.

  • smooth

    I don’t believe it. I live in Israel and as I know Kabbalah is not thing that everyone can learn if wants. They don’t like staranges and don’t let strange people to be in that,they are very close. So I don’t think this story about teachers is true.

  • eddie

    huh, better cancel your donations to the missionaries at your local church, to Feed the Children and to the Salvation Army, too.

  • gemma

    One really shouldn’t buy into everything that FOX NEWS reports! And I would find it REALLY hard to believe that she couldn’t just support the whole church by herself if she wanted to. Remember that $120 Million deal she just closed? And her hubby doesn’t make chump change either. Come on! When did you get so scandal-mongering, Jared? You’re usually so fair!

  • mercedes

    this is unacceptable!!!
    madonna is a grown woman who can do whatever she wants with her money; even giving it to a brainwashing cult that’s after other people’s money. It’s her problem if she is an idiot and unaware of the dangers of cults. However Malawi children are just that: children. The government of Malawi shouldn’t accept that these children fall in the hands of this cult.
    I’m still surprised at the fact that a government from a democratic country like the US, allows cults like Kabalah or Scientology that represent a threat to human rights, free will and other values in which democracy is founded and that must be protected by all means.

  • eddie

    hey mercedes, what do you think the catholics did to the native americans, for instance?

  • ana

    Eddie, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    It’s not unusual for religious organizations to do some indoctrination along with their charity work.

    And I’m sure the UNICEF is aware of the LA Center involvement on this. I seriously doubt they’d take part in something like this without doing a check on things.

  • carrie

    eddie and ana,
    yeeeaaaahhh, great references but that happened how many hundreds of years ago? i think most people would say that we have evolved past that standard of what is acceptable/what isn’t acceptable. if madonna is ripping of charitable people with false pretences of where their money is going…she should be held accountable for it.

  • eddie

    my point is, fox “news” has no moral authority here, and i don’t trust their spin, and i find it amusing that the news center of the moral majority can call the kettle black.

  • lula29

    Oh God Fox News! Why even report their BS here.

    Every Christian missionary organization does the same thing when they go out “helping” people. I’m not saying it’s right, but the standard has been set by Christian volunteer groups who also evangelize while giving aid.

    Now, whether or not this is the case with Madonna remains to be seen. Fox News is not a credible source. They create controversy not report news. They have an ax grind with so called “liberal hollywood” and they go out of their way creating drama so their loyal followers become even more mistrustful of hollywood and the charities they champion. All this will do is prevent the viewership of Fox News from believing work needs to be and must be done to help poor communities throughout the world. No wonder the did the same thing to Angelina Jolie and they continue to try and work the “infidelity” angle because it works on their audience.

  • Mia

    TRUST HER..!

  • stefanie

    Another faux religion being forced on/tested on the African people. I can’t wait for the backlash to start…

    Madonna is a hypocrite.

  • Halley

    She’s no better than Cruise taking/making up a religion to suit her lifestyle, fund her ambitions and give her great leadership power.

  • lisa

    Roger Friedman of Fox News has had a long career of trying to malign and extinguish Madonna’s career. He is a die hard supporter of Mariah Carey and sees Madonna as her chief rival in the music business. He has time and again written scathing articles about Madonna, her husband, Kabbalah and anythng Madonna related. Well it looks like in all these years, he has failed at his mission. Madonna still sits on top of the music business and at the same time has managed a happy personal life. And on this matter of the charity event, I doubt highly prestigious and established oranizations such as the UN or Gucci would just write a check blindly. They surely must have investigated Raising Malawi and have found it to be a legitimate charity organization. To think otherwise would just be stupid.

  • lisa

    I forgot to add that the UN and Raising Malawi are in partnership in some of Raising Malawi’s projects in Malawi. So they are well aware of the good that Raising Malawi is doing there. Roger Friedman seemed to have ignored this partnership in his investigation.

  • green

    Hello..!?! This info is from “FOX News”… “news”…Fox has never given an accurate unbiased report about anything. Whether it be this or politics. FOX is bullshit!

  • musicisourhigh

    If this report is in anyway untrue Madonna should make a statement – sooner rather than later

  • The Arab Aquarius

    It was always know that raising malawi was part of the spirituality for kids program, it was not a hidden agenda. So I dont think it should be considered that it was fooling them, and c’mon big corporations like those dont agree to sponser a big charity unless they investigate and know the charity is legal. Either they were stupid and lazy or this story by Fox is just bulshit like most of their news.
    Having said that, I dont like the spirituality for kids tie in with the charity, but I guess they have the right because its their project. When i create and sponser a charity I can then choose if it has any preference.

    The Arab Aquarius

  • Lola

    I have nothing against Scientology or cults, but this is a wicked scam. Indoctrination is the root of all evil!

    –read my blog at

  • jj

    I doubt very much if the UN and Gucci would risk tarnishing their name and reputation if they weren’t sure that Raising Malawi was legit. The real scam here is Faux News and its writer.

  • Elaine

    Okay wait? Isn’t this what missionaries do? I remember Christians going to the slums of the Philippines and spreading their religion, why should it be such a big conspiracy when it’s Kabbalah? If you go to raising Malawi, website they don’t hide the fact that Kabbalah is a big part of it.
    Stupid sensationalist story trying to make something out of nothing.

  • Mumin

    Um…what about the Salvation Army?! The Church?

    Please. You’d be surprised as to what major corporations…bigger than Madonna herself, donate and contribute towards Christian-driven nonprofits and service providers.

    Ain’t no different, people.

  • Mumin

    Let me add that a real crime Americans should be concerned about is the fact that we are funding an unjust war that is costing the lives of fellow Americans and Iraqi civilians…a war based on lies.

    I’m just saying.

  • Roadwork

    Dont be so gulible people, for one Fox news has always defamed Madonna they dont like her Social views, Im just a simple person & I knew that Raising Malawi is ran by Spirituality For Kids which is a ran for Kabbalah, like duh. Why is everyone vilifying Kaballah, if you ever read up on it youll find all they talk about is do onto others & self improvement. FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIAL VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIAL VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOSENT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIAL VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIALS VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIAL VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIAL VIEWS, FOX NEWS DOESNT LIKE MADONNAS SOCIALS VIEWS, FOX NEWS DEFAMES MADONNA, ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL,

  • Exotic Goddess

    Stealing through religion is the norm not the exception. Religious leaders have always conned people into giving them money in exchange for intangibles such as a promise of wealth after death. Religion is a fools game.

    It should be wondered if giving oral sex during circumcision will be part of the spiritual rituals done on new converts. If one of the sacraments involve eating parts of a freshly killed human being. These practices have been a part of Kabballahh’s past and present.