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Nicole Kidman Rocks Out to Kings of Leon

Nicole Kidman Rocks Out to Kings of Leon

Parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban rock out together at a Kings Of Leon concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

Kings of Leon are a rock band comprised of three brothers (Nathan, Caleb and Jared Followill) and one cousin (Matthew Followill), based in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Yes, that Tennessee where Nicole and Keith share a home. The couple recently sold their four-bedroom house in Nashville for $2.36M and bought 36 acres on Old Hillsboro Road in Franklin, TN for $2.45M.

Check out all the details of their Tennessee properies at Berg Properties.

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  • AW

    cute couple!

  • Maria

    Nicole, you’re the best actress in the world!

    I wish you the best!
    This is YOUR year: the baby, the great movie AUSTRALIA.

    Love u Nicole.

  • trĂ©s jolie

    She is human.

  • h

    Wow, she is really trying to change her image. I am starting to get the impression that she is going to go on tour with her baby bump.

  • Greta

    they look so happy and nic looks great-i like her top…i’ve always liked her and i love love love keith-best wishes to you guys!!!

  • Anaa

    Adorable! So sweet together! Love them!

  • Prissy

    they look very happy together hope it last.

  • miiu

    super cute cuple. genuine and smart, I love this two…

  • kate


  • really

    She must have taken her meds since having a mental breakdown at the restaurant the night before!

  • http://justjared e

    okay cutest couple ever. it;s offical they are going to have the most beautiful family in the world. so jealous haha!

  • Helena

    I like Nic, but she’s aged badly from that botox. I hope the very best from her pregnancy, however after her miscarriages.

  • LT

    she is so cute in her sneakers and jeans! I am really rooting for them & their new baby. they seem like an awesome couple. after surviving TC – she deserves so much credit for being as successful as she has become & I’m so happy she’s found true love! keep it together Keith!

  • nana

    Is that their furniture as well?

  • nokia

    TomKat # 1

  • Ha!

    Or maybe she’s aged because she’s, oh I don’t know, aged? The woman is over 40 and still beautiful. I don’t buy the botox theory, she’s ALWAYS had gorgeous skin and is known to take very good care of it.

    Look at her cute belly in the 11th picture!

  • http://justjared e

    ha!- i don’t get all the botox crap either. shes stunning, always has been always will be.

  • julia

    aww I love the group The Kings of Leon… Cool..
    Thanks Jared

  • Ruth

    I wish them all the best and really hope that all goes well with the pregnancy and birth. Nicole has been very unlucky in the past and it would be nice if the press would just leave them alone to enjoy this time quietly and peacefully and without media stress.

  • xoxo

    The most cute couple ever!
    She’s the best actress! And the baby will be very very beautifull

  • Ha!

    Unfortunately, the press already seems to not be leaving them alone. Sucks.

  • Shelby

    What a cute picture!!! I wish them all the luck with this pregnancy!

  • anon

    so cute!

  • Helena

    Well compare her 90′s pictures to her 00′s pictures. She’s definitely done something to her lips. They used to be very thin!

  • patricia night

    They look so happy!
    All the best wishes for them!

  • carrie

    i could spend the rest of my life in that bathroom.
    soooo glad she’s prego….makes one wonder if tom REALLY is sterile….hmmmmm…..i have always said that katie shares some similar features with tom…so the comments that “suri looks like tom” don’t hold nay water with me…suri looks like katie AND tom b/c they look a lot a like. l.ron may be a baby daddy after all! LOL

  • Shelby

    geez yawn…it doesn’t take much effort to go watch a concert, now does it? they both look darn fit and healthy to me… and gorgeous too… not to mention very rich… your jealousy is unbecoming.

  • JODI

    They are a gorgeous couple! I love Keith and Nicole together. I’m hoping their marriage last forever and that they have a healthy pregnancy and birth! I don’t buy into all that botox either. The only thing I notice any different is her hair color and she may have collagen injections in her lips and you have to keep doing that ever so often or so I’ve read. Her body, her lips….she can do what she wants to it! I still think she is as beautiful as ever and being in love, like she said, makes a difference you can tell!!

  • Diane

    I think the botox has worn off her neck now look at the second picture it makes her look 60 not 40

  • Daisy

    She has never used botox & sometimes her lips look different because the makeup artists use the trick of going outside of her natural lip line to make her lips look fuller. Also camera angles make a difference.

    Nicole & Keith are sweet people & I wish them the best on a safe pregnancy & birth!

  • Notbusy

    Keith has such a proud look on his face. I know they can’t wait to get their hands on their little baby.

  • yawn

    Shelby – why would I be jealous of a woman who married a self admitted former crack cocaine user who just did another stint in rehab after the fairy tale wedding in OZ? Not exactly what I would call father of the year material. I guess it’s all okey dokey fine because they’re rich and famous and Nicole has such a good track record picking husbands. In Hollywood there’s always a happy ending :)

  • Wendy

    I love Nicole and will forever like her. Her films nowadays don’t make money because she choses to do Indie films, rather than mainstream.

    I hope Keith Urban remains alcohol and drug free forever, which is hard because is in a band. The temptation will forever be there. But I like them together. I am sooooo glad Nicole is pregnant — she’s finally fulfillinf her lifelong dream.

    Tom Cruise who??????

  • Eliza

    #29- Diane: “I think the botox has worn off her neck now look at the second picture it makes her look 60 not 40″

    Did you just botox YOUR brain? Lol …

  • eva

    SO SWEET!!!!


  • Gina

    What a gorgeous couple!

  • Daisy

    #33, Wendy. Just so you know, the members of Keith’s band are great guys & great family men. Most of them are married & some have children as well. They are a wonderful support system for Keith.

  • Kim

    My god, their house is beautiful. That is the first celebrity home I have seen that I have loved :D . I wish them the best.

  • katiee

    So cute! they are the most adorable couple. Plus they are aussies which already makes them awesome =P

    Love ya nic.

  • Cyn

    Reply to No. 24. So what if Nicole has done something to her lips. What’s this got to do with you? She’s not going to kiss you anyway. Go get a life.

    Reply to No. 32. What you’ve got to be jealous of? Everything !!!
    And it’s not for you, or any of us, to say whether Keith is father of the year material. The only one who has the right to say that is their child

  • Daisy

    Those pictures are of the house they sold. Not their new place in TN. This is now somone elses property.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    beautiful place, very sunny and clean. hopefully she will have a healthy kid who will bring life and noise to the house
    The Arab Aquarius

  • allie

    . . . almost like our house in Kauai – - seriously, only ours was 20 years old, does not look new and as neat LOL ! ! !

    Nicole looks fantastic ! ! !

  • alex

    she obviously has a baby bump!! BUT can you wear jeans like that with a big buckle when you are pregnant ? ? She should wear more comfy clothes.

  • katiee

    she can wear jeans and normal clothes for awhile until it gets to big and she has to wear maternity clothes.

  • aussie67

    They both look fabulous! They seem to be very much in love. I have met Keith and he is just as sweet as can be! I’m praying that all goes well for them. When I was 40 ,my skin still looked pretty good and I loved the beach! Nicole is never out in the sun without a hat or protection so her skin should be i good shape. The lips I’m not so sure about but that’s up to her!

  • AJCrazy

    Love u Nicole!!! Happy preggers!!!
    So glad she is finally happy and having a family and away from Robot tom and his scary controlling mind freak ex!!!

  • AJCrazy

    oops, meant
    “…..away from Robot tom, her scary controlling mind freak of an ex!!!!”

  • Laura

    I think the pregnancy has changed her face already. it looks fuller. it just looks different. not bad but it doesn’t really look like her. her body probably won’t really show until the 4th month because she is so skinny.

  • http://lizzie Lizzie

    She looks great, he looks proud and happy to be with her. Good for them.