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Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom and a mystery male grab lunch together at Italian restaurant Louise’s Trattoria in L.A.’s Larchmont Village on Tuesday.

Peep Orly‘s plaid boxers!

The pair also stopped off at “Above the Fold” to browse the magazine section while Orlando carried around some leftovers from lunch in a doggie bag.

Mr. Bloom turns 31 this Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ORLY!

20+ pictures inside of doggie baggin’ Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom doggie bag 01
orlando bloom doggie bag 02
orlando bloom doggie bag 03
orlando bloom doggie bag 04
orlando bloom doggie bag 05
orlando bloom doggie bag 06
orlando bloom doggie bag 07
orlando bloom doggie bag 08
orlando bloom doggie bag 09
orlando bloom doggie bag 10
orlando bloom doggie bag 11
orlando bloom doggie bag 12
orlando bloom doggie bag 13
orlando bloom doggie bag 14
orlando bloom doggie bag 15
orlando bloom doggie bag 16
orlando bloom doggie bag 17
orlando bloom doggie bag 18
orlando bloom doggie bag 19
orlando bloom doggie bag 20

Photos: Dave/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • purple-emma

    Pasta and Orly are my favourite. Ha

  • Kayla

    Endrid I simply don’t think he’s attactive anymore and it has nothing to do with whether or not he’s tired. He’s just aged from the young cutie with the quirky clothes and jewelry to who he is now. It’s just a personal opinion. Not everyone has the same tastes. Lots of women like Brad Pitt I don’t think he’s hot either.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    Well, he’s clearly in a downward spiral. I mean, he’s wearing sweatpants. Who does that? This is a clear case of extreme indulgence in substances, sex and debauchery and it has turned him into a monster. I can say this with utmost authority and confidence, because I have absolutely no faults and am therefore entitled to blindly pass judgement on people I’ve never even met.

    Anyway, I feel I must list his innumerable crimes so that if you see him on the street you can scream “FOO!” at him and make the sign of the cross with your fingers. Shall we?

    *I have it on very, very good authority that he regularly wears white shoes after Labor Day. Anyone who so brazenly breaks that law with such gleeful impunity needs to be locked up.

    *He was seen sipping a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, which is clearly a sign of debilitating alcoholism.

    *He eats meat on Fridays during Lent, showing that he is an arrogant heathen that routinely thumbs his nose at the Lord our God.

    *I know for a fact that when you do your laundry and find a sock that doesn’t have a mate, it is because Orlando Bloom stole the other one in order to feed his sick addiction to cotton.

    *Finally, and perhaps the worst of all, he leaves the toilet seat up after he takes a whizz. What, you think that’s funny? Well let’s see how loud you’ll be laughing the next time you’re half-asleep and stumbling into the bathroom, and when you sit down your tuckus goes right into the water. It’s unforgivable torture, and a violation of the Geneva Convention.

    You may wonder how I know all these things. Well, I used to date Orlando’s cousin’s hairdresser’s gynecologist and I heard through the grapevine that Orlando said I have a big butt, so I have every right to call him out for his crimes. I have proof that what I say is true, but I don’t feel the need to share it with you, because everyone knows that if it’s said on the Internet it must be true. No seriously, Jesus appeared to me in a dream and told me all this.

    Darn you, Orli. Darn you straight to heck.

  • Jamboree

    Orlando is a pathetic, no talent, Hollywood sell out. Mr. Brit Boy spends all his time hanging around LA like a celebrity douchebag and his career has plummeted so far that the only thing he does is film cheesy Japanese commercials. His equally untalented anorexic exgirlfriend Kate Bosworth is doing better than him. My how the tide has turned.

  • eva B

    Gosh another pathetic loser get a life #53.
    Orlando is the finnest man alive you just have no taste.
    Have a nice birthday Orlando.

  • eva B

    Jamboree don’t get me wrong but you seem to be the pathetic one.
    *LOL* get a life too.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    You’re absolutely right, Jamboree! He has reduced himself to the dog poo on the bottom of Kate Bosworth’s incredibly stylish shoes. I mean, how did such a goddess get mixed up with this troll? This is Kate we’re talking about, who is so luminously, completely, stunningly, heartbreakingly, breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL she makes the angels weep with joy. She doesn’t even poo, she just excretes rose petals from her navel.

    But Orlando on the other hand? *Tsk tsk* Why he nearly ruined her. He was clearly the cause of her being such a screwup, because everyone knows that Kate is not to blame for ANYTHING.

    So by all means, spew your hateful venom at him, Jamboree. The b—ch has it coming. And when you’re done, affix those lips directly on Kate’s perfect, luminous, perfect, stunning, perfect beautiful behind, because she is entitled to worship.

  • tttttttt

    #57 “Attention-hungry Netkook” I know you’re a loser but come on we haven’t got time to chat with you just go away.
    love you forever Orly mi amore.

  • Jamboree

    The sad thing #57 is that Kate is not attractive or talented yet she’s doing better than him. She’s actually GASP working. She’s getting paid to advertise Calvin Klein while he’s getting paid to advertise shampoo and cheap cars. lmao Stick a fork in him girls, he’s just about done.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “Gosh another pathetic loser get a life #53.”

    Sweetie, please go to and look up the word “satire.” If that’s too much for you, look up “joke.”

    Apology accepted.

  • The Paparazzi

    Has he gotten drunk and fractured someone’s neck again yet?

  • mimi

    there is a lot of losers today. Go get a life ASAP.
    happy birthday to you Orly.

  • awwwwwww

    He’s so gorgeous, I’m so into him.

  • °keren°


  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    *sigh* You people disappoint me. I wasn’t being the least bit subtle. My ironic username should have been your first clue.

  • Rose de Rose

    THANKS JARED Happy Birthday Orly.

  • Love

    Attention-hungry Netkook – let me marry you. Please. I just love it how the teens around here totally fell for your “rant”. *lol* Good to see that there are some witty, intelligent and original Orlando fans out there. =)

    Rest of you – grow up. Netkook’s post was OBVIOUSLY a joke. Geez…

  • anne@orly

    YESSSSSSSS some new pictures of this handsome man thankxxx J.Jared. He looks so good gotta love this guy.
    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!

  • moonshine

    sooooo??what happened?
    Wasn’t he suppose to have gone to Oz over the holiday?
    She kind of looks stood up waiting for her boyfriend to get there.
    If he wasn’t going and it wasn’t her that told the paper that(but who are we kidding -it had to have been her) she would have made a point of saying it wasn’t true since now she looks silly and Kate Bosworth and Nicole Kidman got all the press over the holidays.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    #67, thank you! And thank you for getting it. I was starting to think I was a little too fast for the room.

  • FIRST!!!!!

    #67 That long stupid post by Attention-hungry Netkook was neither witty or intelligent. I got the obvious sarcasm it was just lacking in humor and sounded too much like a whiny fangirl pissed at those taking shots at Orlando. His fans might as well get used to the negativity because his IT boy days are over. He’s just another not so hot celebrity now.

  • Love@Attention-hungry Netkook

    You’re welcome. =) But you shouldn’t be too worried – most of us grown-ups accepted that this place is in stupidity’s hand. ;) I actually stumbled over your post because I wanted to laugh at the rants of *cough*famouscarmen*cough* but it looks like she’s not up yet. Or Karma showed her how bitchy it can be. Teh.

    And I have to say:
    This one ~> “Well, I used to date Orlando’s cousin’s hairdresser’s gynecologist and I heard through the grapevine that Orlando said I have a big butt” made me just laugh SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! Thank you so much for that, totally made my day!!

  • Love

    #71 I pity you. Going through life with this sense of humour (or the lack of it) AND with all this pessimism because, like, OMG, he hasn’t done a movie for, like, A YEAR!!!! must be grey and shallow. It’s not about Orlando, dear. It’s about keeping the ability of seeing everything on the net with that little wink on it. You know, try to laugh once in a while. Doesn’t hurt (much).

  • not first at all

    #71 you’re the first loser in here that is for sure; congratulation.
    You think you’re so clever, ha you’re just a stupid loner.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook


    Oooh, somebody’s MAD! Did you see a little too much of yourself in that post?


    I think it’s a mathematical certainty that she and her sockpuppets will show up very soon.

  • zooey

    happy birthday Orly.

  • Love

    So you guess I should stay for a while, sit back and wait for da dramz to beginn? Sounds cool. Popcorn anybody?

    I was just wondering…what would happen to JJ if Carmen AND this person that tried to tie Orlando up with everything female within reach (kimberly, if I remember correctly?) would post at the same time?

  • Tiptoes

    He looks very casual in these pics – he looks good. I don’t know whether his “it” days are over with or not, but I would surely miss looking at his lovely face on screen if they are.

    Do you really have to be talented in Hollywood to work? I don’t think so. Just be a pretty face and be able to get noticed, and you can be a star. Not saying that Orlando isn’t talented – I think he is, but he definitely needs to try-out new, more diverse genres for his acting abilities, skill level, and personality.

    It’s sad to see that he has moved to Hollywood. – the land of plastic people. That place is nothing but trouble, and I hope that he steers clear of the usual vices in that town. At least he isn’t hanging-out with Paris Hilton and L. Lohan. The day I see that is the day I know that he is DONE.

  • tea please.

    he has to go back to london!!!!. Orlando is such a charming and talented guy I really hope that is going to work again.

  • FIRST!!!

    oooh everyone’s getting so defensive at my post I must have hit a nerve. The truth nerve? Poor defensive fans it must hurt to watch your star fade. And please stop sucking Carmen’s a$$. Even she knows he’s no longer worth the energy.

    #77 The post is only funny to defensive fangirls. But the fact that you have such a lame sense of humor is funny to me.

  • Love

    Want a cookie, Firstie?

  • tea please.

    #80 FIRST/ why are you comming here to make a fool of yourself?

  • FIRST!!!

    I love cookies! Got any milk to go with it?

    Running out of comebacks huh? lol

  • FIRST!!!

    #82 I come here to see fools and watch them respond to me because they are dim and easily baited like yourself.

  • tea please.

    LOVE get a life you sound desperate for attention very pathetic.

  • Love

    No, I’m just silently amusing myself over you ;) Who’s aggressive here, honey? I was just saying that you should try to laugh once in a while but you got all defensive and stuff. That’s why I offered you a cookie. My kid – she’s 4 – is always happy to get one and I just wanted to put a smile on your cute lil’ face. :D

    It’s just like with my daughter. Don’t argue with her, state your point and let her rant until she gets tired.

    Tired yet?

  • FIRST!!!

    #85 If a person is desperate for attention why keep giving it to them? You have no willpower to ignore do you? What a loser lol

  • lala

    #84 In my opinion I think you come here because you’re a pathetic loser.
    Happy birthday Orly.

  • shy13

    Orlando is so cute,thank you jared.

  • FIRST!!!

    #86 just like 4 year olds I never get tired. You still haven’t figured out that I’m amusing myself with all of you? It isn’t obvious? Ah well if the lameness of Orlando Bloom isn’t obvious I guess the fact that I’m having a laugh at your expense isn’t either.

    Don’t feed your 4 year old too many of those cookies. There are enough overweight kids out there.

  • FIRST!!!

    C’mon girls you have to do better than “pathetic loser” and such. Besides if I’m a pathetic loser and you keep responding to me then what does that make you? It’s really sad that you haven’t caught on to what I’m doing yet.

  • Love

    My kid is anything but overweight, thank you very much for your concern. She’s a happy, bubbly little girl. You know, she doesn’t get too many cookies which is why they are special to her and something to be happy about. Hey, my little one actually knows how a banana and a apple and other fruits taste like! Whoo!!

    So, you’re amused, I’m amused, we’re all amused. Why all the snapping around here?

  • double lol

    Orlando looks gorgeous like usual.

  • FIRST!!!

    #92 How does she feel about her mommy amusing herself on the internet in the thread of a crappy actor? Offering cookies to strangers and laughing at humorless sarcastic rants of a overzealous fangirls? I have a feeling your going to be a future embarrassment for your child if you aren’t already.

    #93 We’re not lonely anymore. Your here! YAY! Another pathetic casualty, your making this too easy.

  • cecile

    Funny how some people are not afraid to make fool of themselves.
    Orlando is so hot I love his shades.

  • FIRST!!!

    “Funny how some people are not afraid to make fool of themselves.”

    You know that’s the same thing I thought when I saw Orlando’s Japanese commercials. lol

  • AtoZ

    very pathetic indeed it must be hard to have no friends I kind of understand those losers they need to chat with somebody.

    Love you my Orly have a nice b-day this sunday.

  • ??????

    Don’t worry those a**holes will get tired. He looks good and happy It’s nice to see him with a friend.

  • FIRST!!!

    #97 Thank you for being my friend but why do you keep changing your screen name? Is it because you can’t come up with anything besides “pathetic” and that’s pathetic?

  • Ellie

    Wich japanese commercial this person is totally insane.
    It’s simply good to see him.