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Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom and a mystery male grab lunch together at Italian restaurant Louise’s Trattoria in L.A.’s Larchmont Village on Tuesday.

Peep Orly‘s plaid boxers!

The pair also stopped off at “Above the Fold” to browse the magazine section while Orlando carried around some leftovers from lunch in a doggie bag.

Mr. Bloom turns 31 this Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ORLY!

20+ pictures inside of doggie baggin’ Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom doggie bag 01
orlando bloom doggie bag 02
orlando bloom doggie bag 03
orlando bloom doggie bag 04
orlando bloom doggie bag 05
orlando bloom doggie bag 06
orlando bloom doggie bag 07
orlando bloom doggie bag 08
orlando bloom doggie bag 09
orlando bloom doggie bag 10
orlando bloom doggie bag 11
orlando bloom doggie bag 12
orlando bloom doggie bag 13
orlando bloom doggie bag 14
orlando bloom doggie bag 15
orlando bloom doggie bag 16
orlando bloom doggie bag 17
orlando bloom doggie bag 18
orlando bloom doggie bag 19
orlando bloom doggie bag 20

Photos: Dave/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Love

    First, why are you always trying to attack me? Did I do something to you other than liking Orlando? FYI I have a good job, I studied hard and long, I have a working relationship and a kid that loves me and that I love to death. She has lots of friends in kindergarden, I have lots of friends at work. You know nothing about me except the fact that I once in a while surf the net for the actor I like. Why don’t you spend your time with attacking people like pedophiles or these that REALLY do embarrassing things on the net? Who are YOU to judge me? You know, I tried to be nice to you but you have nothing but hatred and cold in your stony heart. Go back to the hell you came from and try to get a life. A life like the one that I lead because you know what? I know how to behave, I know how to work, I know how to love and I fucking know when it’s better to stop. You know, smartypants, the cleverer give in.

    Meaning I’m not going to comment on you anymore. You’re nothing but a rude person, filled with hate and you certainly would need someone to hug you, I guess.

    Oh, and the fact that you know about Orlando’s recent commercials just shows how desperate you are to hate someone. Spending so much time on him and not even being a fan? Tsk tsk tsk. You know, I at least spend my time on something I LIKE.

    So all I have for you know is a huuuuge L O L and my hand you can talk to from now on. Psh!



  • *taniaΩ


  • @lovelace

    what makes you think Penelope ditched Orlando?

  • Miss Chanel

    I like Orlando I hope is going to put is **** together. I want to see is sexy butt back on screen.

  • FIRST!!!

    #101 The clever don’t give in they either come up with a good retort or they ignore. You are doing nothing but whining and getting emotional and even worse your using those weak traits to try and guilt trip me, now that’s pathetic. And the talk the hand reference is over 10 years old. I’ve got an even older reference for you. If you can’t take the heat get a$$ out of the kitchen. Bye bye.

  • FIRST!!!


  • Love

    I love the fact that he’s growing his hair again! =)

  • e

    Sweet… Always smile please…

  • 110

    First=106/107 is going to be here for quite a long time please ignore this moron.




  • fanbase

    reading this thread you get a real sense of what the current fanbase of Orlando Bloom is. Not very high IQ.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    EAT S— JESSICA, IT’S A CARROT!!!!!!111!!!

    Sorry, just trying to fit in.

    I do agree that 1.) First is a loser and 2) Orlando Bloom is one d— fine-looking man.

  • FIRST!!!

    Good advice #110 but some moron like yourself with no willpower will always respond or acknowledge.


    FIRST!!! has totally turned this thread into a joke which I love because it’s the same thing Orlando fans will do to Kate thread.

  • not lovelace

    I don’t know why they broke up but I wonder if there was truth to the rumor that Penelope broke up with him because she wanted to go public and he didn’t .

  • FIRST!!!



  • c@t

    Is it me or does the other guy look like a grown up Devon Sawa????

  • nah nah, I’m telling

    I know you are but what am I!
    I know you are but what am I!

    I thought the kids were back in school already?

  • Love

    U FAKE U FAKE! I read in an interview that Orlando likes BROKKOLI best! u r a loser u do not know Orlando eat sh*t and die!!!!!!

    Ahh…good old times…

  • to blue to be true

    Why can’t we all just get along?
    F.I.R.S.T is a loser and Orlando is yummy . it’s as simple as that.

  • charlene

    Orlando is wonderful I want him so bad.

  • londongirl

    I Love him so much. Happy Birthday Orlie.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “U FAKE U FAKE! I read in an interview that Orlando likes BROKKOLI best! u r a loser u do not know Orlando eat sh*t and die!!!!!!”

    Hee! The look on Orlando’s face was priceless. I think later those girls will look back on that and laugh nervously then quickly change the subject.

  • Will Turner is hot

    Good to see him I thought he was dead lol.
    Happy Birthday O.

  • Down With the CPK!

    Happy Birthday Orlando!

    ***Boxers…yum!..make me think dirty thoughts…”91/2 weeks”..*grunt*…”Monsters Ball”…*grunt*…”Debbie Does Dallas”…*grunt***

    You bring out the perv in me, Orly.

  • Love

    #124 True!! I just loooooove his nervous giggle and his whole reaction on it… “Shall I leave now?” LOL Gotta love him…

    I bet Jessica and Miss Carrot either have an own fanclub by now or totally left the web and emigrated to Nepal or Sibiria or something.

  • erikA

    aw cute =] happy birthday

  • Ali

    his smile make me swoon.

  • eden

    Happy Birthday Orly.

  • better than you

    At least he’s not making crap movies that get overblown and over hyped like so many blond tartlet wannabes out there! And anyone who doesn’t like his sweats and sunglasses is nothing but a jealous loser. You’re just upset that you don’t have what he has.

    He looks perfect enough to walk a red carpet. he’s got the face of an angel and has the most perfect skin ever. And all the most beautiful women in the world are throwing themselves at him. If you can’t see why, then you are just a jealous fatty hater.

    He also smells like roses when he farts. I have that under good authority.

  • Oooba Dooba

    Who’s the blond guy? Hubba hubba! Where’d he come from? Is he single?

    For the sock puppet conspirators, you have to look at the possibility that one poster is posting under several names from BOTH perspectives. In other words, one or two Orlando fans could be posting under different names, building up this thread and talking about how great and hot he is. These same posters could be fans who post on other boards as well and come here to defend him, etc. Then again, one or two posters who want to bash or criticise Orlando could be posting under different names as well. There could be maybe only five or six people on this entire thread. Also, you have to look at the possibility that Orlando’s own family, friends and PR people may come here, lurk and make comments. I’m not laughing at the conspiracy theories, but you have to look at it from ALL perspectives, not just from one perspective. To assume that any and all negative posts are coming from only one or two people is, in my opinion, not being realistic. If true, then the nice and complimentary comments are coming from only one or two people as well. Like I said, there are at least two perspectives, possibly three if you include Orlando’s people.

    To the five or six people having conversations with themselves here, cheers!!!

  • pat

    happy birthday Orly luv ya.

  • JJ

    He might going to do a movie by the end of this year fingers cross.

  • vaness’

    happy birthday Orlando!!!

  • Shannon

    It’s been a long time welcome back mr hottie.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “I bet Jessica and Miss Carrot either have an own fanclub by now or totally left the web and emigrated to Nepal or Sibiria or something.”

    At the very least. I can’t be too mean about them, though. I was a teenager once myself, and let’s just say thank Xenu that the Web was still a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye, because there would probably be a lot of stuff I’d never live down.

    Seriously, I hope Jessica and Carrot are able to laugh about it someday.

  • totally random

    anyone reconize what magazine he might have been looking at? It isn’t the vogue but the one to the right of it. You can only see a small bit of the blue left corner. Must be a fashion magazine since it was next to the others.
    totally randon I know-just wondering.

  • K-Mart

    Orlando looks gorgeous as usual and I’m digging the longer hair.

  • Bess

    Am I the only one that thinks these two look like a couple?

    Can people pz stop bagging out his ex? I doubt he has any negative feelings towards her so why should u?

  • Karen

    My dear ‘Attention-hungry Netkook’,

    I love you.
    If I was male, I would want you to bear my children.
    That really made me smile.

    Thank you.

    As for Orlando……MY GOD!!! THE HAIR!
    I just want to run my fingers through those returning curls.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “I love you.
    If I was male, I would want you to bear my children.
    That really made me smile.”

    Aw, thanks! You’re going to give me a big(ger) head. I’d have to pass on the children, though, because if I were to get pregnant, the gyn that tied my tubes has a lot of explaining to do.

    “As for Orlando……MY GOD!!! THE HAIR!
    I just want to run my fingers through those returning curls.

    I’m so glad he’s letting his hair grow. At least to Paris of Troy length. That sexy was off the charts. Not that he wasn’t hot with the shorter ‘do, I’m just a total hair sl*t.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “The sad thing #57 is that Kate is not attractive or talented yet she’s doing better than him. She’s actually GASP working. She’s getting paid to advertise Calvin Klein while he’s getting paid to advertise shampoo and cheap cars. lmao Stick a fork in him girls, he’s just about done. ”

    I couldn’t let this one go.

    Um, you obviously need the concept of success explained to you. He has participated in two of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time, continues to have his name linked to high-profile projects in the works, is one of the most searched celebrities and if you were to just say “Orlando,” a most people will know who you’re talking about. Plus, he may be “done,” but he’s worth millions and could buy and sell you. He doesn’t have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. He can spend the time narrating documentaries, doing theater, traveling to Antarctica to see first hand the effects of global warming, working with UNICEF and other ventures, which he has actually been doing for the last several months-though I’m sure you’d insist that doesn’t count because it’s not a movie or magazine cover. I’d say objectively that he has had a tremendous amount of success, especially for someone his age.

    But yeah, Kate is the more successful one.

  • ricki

    Ommmpa dumba, thanks for representing Orlando Uncensored here at JustJared. I’m sure it’s a relief not to have Virgo edit your posts, hense the posting of every little thought that comes into your head, even if it has no bearing at all on the post here.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    Okay, so I’m finally catching up on this thread now that I’m home, and I see so many points I want to address, because I really need a new hobby.

    From Tiptoes:
    “It’s sad to see that he has moved to Hollywood. – the land of plastic people. That place is nothing but trouble, and I hope that he steers clear of the usual vices in that town. At least he isn’t hanging-out with Paris Hilton and L. Lohan. The day I see that is the day I know that he is DONE.”

    I think that he will be all right. There really hasn’t been any indication yet that he is becoming Hollywood trash like so many others. He’s nice to everyone, he’s relatively low-profile and he’s probably the only celebrity I’ve ever seen who will leave the house wearing sweatpants and a hoodie when he knows the paps are out and about. Plus, I think his mama would smack the brown right out of his hair if he started to go Hollywood.

    He’s got it together, it seems. I think if H’wood was going to get him, they would have gotten him very early and the damage would be obvious. The fact that at the very peak of his popularity he went back to London to act in a small play says to me that he’s got his head on straight and at least has an idea of what he wants.

  • 1985

    dude is looking old. You can see the beginning of manboobs already.
    what’s with the ’80′s glasses?

  • becky

    that Mystery Man looks like Nick Carter?

  • Sparta

    Glad to see he put on a few pounds because I was not a fan of the “manorexia” look. Now he needs to tone up so he doesn’t develop manboobs. I pissed myself a little with excitement when I saw how ripped he was in Kingdom of Heaven. Rowwrrr!

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “dude is looking old.”

    At 31?? Trust me, kid, there will come a time when you think someone is a just a baby at that age. BTW, those “manboobs” are called pectoral muscles.

  • Jamboree

    #143 what a delusional little fangirl you are. All of Orlando’s success is in the past, his name is not currently linked to any high profile projects and if you say Orlando to someone in America the first thing they think is Orlando Florida? There are plenty of rich and formerly successful celebrities who’s star has faded and Orlando is headed in that direction. And he couldn’t buy or sell me because I’m priceless baby.