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Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom: Doggie Bag It!

Orlando Bloom and a mystery male grab lunch together at Italian restaurant Louise’s Trattoria in L.A.’s Larchmont Village on Tuesday.

Peep Orly‘s plaid boxers!

The pair also stopped off at “Above the Fold” to browse the magazine section while Orlando carried around some leftovers from lunch in a doggie bag.

Mr. Bloom turns 31 this Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ORLY!

20+ pictures inside of doggie baggin’ Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom doggie bag 01
orlando bloom doggie bag 02
orlando bloom doggie bag 03
orlando bloom doggie bag 04
orlando bloom doggie bag 05
orlando bloom doggie bag 06
orlando bloom doggie bag 07
orlando bloom doggie bag 08
orlando bloom doggie bag 09
orlando bloom doggie bag 10
orlando bloom doggie bag 11
orlando bloom doggie bag 12
orlando bloom doggie bag 13
orlando bloom doggie bag 14
orlando bloom doggie bag 15
orlando bloom doggie bag 16
orlando bloom doggie bag 17
orlando bloom doggie bag 18
orlando bloom doggie bag 19
orlando bloom doggie bag 20

Photos: Dave/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Britgirl

    #145 Hmm let’s see he lives in Hollywood, he shops in Hollywood, he goes to clubs in Hollywood, he eats at Hollywood restaurants, he hangs out with other a Hollywood celebrities, he dates Hollywood starlets, gets chased around the streets of Hollywood by paparazzi. I think that qualifies as going Hollywood and living a far from humble lifestyle. He left his home country and spends all his time in a place that caters to celebrities and that lifestyle. He’s a sell out.

  • Name

    He looks like the Gay unabomber. So fem and he needs to cut his hair.

  • Katie

    i’m glad to see he has his head held up and smiling.

  • to 150

    you’re right, his success is in the past-thats why they call it a ‘has been’.
    Paris Hilton has money so I don’t think that says much at all.
    It will take nothing short of a miracle for him to be back on top again.
    He doesn’t have the acting chops to be a Leo or a Johnny and I’m not sure if he ever will. His name isn’t linked to anything and I doubt directors are banging on his door-especially if they saw Elizabethtown!
    Before they chose him anyway because they thought the fangirls would go in droves but he can’t rely on that anymore. I don’t think he cares anyway since he is just enjoying playing the Hollywood game-he doesn’t seem focused on trying to be the next Paul Newman.

  • K-Mart

    Remember when Orlando first began acting and he stayed in London and wasn’t really on the scene, and people said he was plain and boring? Now that he has a house in Hollywood and does other things in Hollywood–he’s a sell out. Why is the logic so lacking? Did I miss the memo where he vowed to never live anywhere other than London? Or where he vowed to only hang out with friends he’s known since back in the day?

    Are other celebs who live in Hollywood/eat in Hollywood/have Hollywood celebrity friends sell outs too? Or is it just because he’s acting normal now and not like some Disney Prince Charming that is non threatening in every way, which is threatening to some because it destroys the version of him that they’ve had in their heads of him since LOTR came out.

    Or maybe he’s just evil. *nods*

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    You’re just determined not to get it, aren’t you? Okay, I give. He’s a worthless hack who will never work again. His time has passed, and his luxury cruise has come to an end. Because everyone knows that if you aren’t Hollywood A-List you are worth nothing in this world.

    Please, people. I know you want more than anything to be famous and loved by all, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who chooses not to take that path is some kind of loser. There’s more to life than getting your picture taken.

  • ~k

    I’m just wondering why everyone around here is so rude to each other and to Orlando. After all: If you haven’t got anything nice to say, better say nothing!

    But it seems that politeness is a virtue…

  • 1985

    Ha. Sorry Attention-Hungry but those are manboobs. The hot guy next to him has pectoral muscles. I do know the difference. One is a bit saggy(No Job Orli) and the other is way up firm and high(white shirt hot guy)

  • Britgirl

    #155 That logic is lacking because I never said he was plain and boring. I said it was cool that he wasn’t into the scene and said he preferred his home. It’s not that he’s not living in Britain, it’s that he’s living in Hollywood the same scene he said he wasn’t into. But he likes being a celebrity probably moreso than an actor because he’s good at one and not at the other. That’s why he ran back to La La Land the first chance he got. Oh and he is not acting normal. Get a life just because he wears sweats and goes to the dog park doesn’t make him one of the more normal down to earth celebrities. And wasn’t he hanging out in the same club as Paris Hilton a few weeks ago? SELLOUT!

  • Sarie

    Hopefully Orlando is pursuing other options, like more theatre work as he did in September. Although he had a big start in the industry, I think it is great he returned to his roots and hope he does it more often (so I can see him). He always appears as a genuine sincere person and I hope he continues to keep a balance in his life and not fall into the prestige of fame.

    Orlando, happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya!

  • TO #156

    In your previous statement you were using his fame and popularity as a reason why he’s successful. Now your trying to turn it around and say getting your picture taken isn’t everything. No it’s not but Orlando is not a respected actor and all the good roles are going to other guys so what does he have besides his celebrity? He needs fame and he needs to get his picture taken to stay relevant on the path that he’s chosen. The Hollywood path. And as far as this statement goes saying

    “I know you want more than anything to be famous and loved by all, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who chooses not to take that path is some kind of loser.”

    You are presumptious and wrong. I personally believe in what Kant said “Seek not the favor of the multitude, it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few, and number not voices but weigh them.”

  • birthday boy

    according to this it looks like he is in Brazil for his birthday.,,MUL253951-5877,00.html

  • julian

    Orlando Bloom is GAY.

  • K

    @#163 That’s a year old, that story but thanks for the try…

  • to 162

    that might be an old article about Brazil. The same exact story was printed in 2005.

  • birthday boy


    I saw where something similar happened with Kate a while ago but Idon’t thin the story was exactly the same. It might be that he really likes this place so he is going back again for his birthday with friends.

  • Ondrea

    Orlando is so down to earth I really like him. He’s very sincere and he’s not into the L.A. scene at all.

  • Nancy Drew

    Its a long way from Hollywood to Brazil. No way could anyone get there that fast. It’s something like a 25 hour trip with a few changes of planes and even then you’re still 500 km away from Itacare.

  • Linda

    Nancy Drew some flights can get you to Bahia Brazil where he supposedly is in about 17 hours. If his picture was taken Tuesday that means he had all day Wednesday to fly there. But who knows really? (((waits for more pictures sightings)))

  • Linda

    “If his picture was taken Tuesday that means he had all day Wednesday to fly there”

    Actually his picture was taken at lunchtime so he had Tuesday night and all day Wednesday to get there.

  • Nancy Drew

    17 hours? OK. If he left Tuesday night he wouldn’t arrive in Brazil until late afternoon/early evening Wednesday. And then had to drive out to Itacare. And then had time to get into a fight with some paparazzi. And this story got out there so fast that Thursday morning it was already reported? It sounds too much like the old story from 2005 to be new. But nothing is impossible.

  • ????

    If it isn’t new than how do these stories get rehashed in the press?
    What would be the purpose? There isn’t a need to plant something like that and if they did you would hope they would at least try to be a little more creative.

  • the gap

    He must still be getting free clothes from that Gap commercial he did
    years ago.

  • minnie

    Do you mean the Gap Ad he did with Kate Beckinsale? He was so gorgeous in this ad.
    But I don’t think Orly gets his clothes for free he’s just not like this.

  • a goner

    Wow, how the mighty have fallen, even the little fan girls don’t sound too sincere. If he were smart he would duck the spotlight get some work in an production where he could earn some respect and try to rebuild a career that is based on talent and not just how nicely the camera man lights him and the make-up people do their job.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “Wow, how the mighty have fallen,”

    Yeah, totally done:

    And could you do me a favor and sound a little more smug and condescending? You’re not quite at the point where I want to reach through the screen and smack you, and I have some aggression to work off today. Thanks, doll.


    Wow. The best you could come up with was an over photoshopped still from his cheesy -nonhybrid!- car commercial and the simpering fangirls acting like it’s Academy material?
    Some career. He’s going onto the “I’m Elvis in Asia man,. Bigger than Elvis I tell you!” even though he’s rapidly becoming C(D,E,F….)-list everywhere else- downhill section of the ride then.
    Maybe he shouldn’t have dissed Hasselhoff so early. They both seem to be bringing the same plate’o'cheez to the party lately.