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Ashley Tisdale Came From Upstairs

Ashley Tisdale Came From Upstairs

Ashley Tisdale shops up a storm at Urban Outfitters in Studio City, Calif. on Thursday.

The 22-year-old High School Musical star wore a trucker hat emblazoned with “Over It.” BFF Vanessa Hudgens was just at Urban Outfitters last week with her mom Gina.

It was recently announced that Tizz will make her feature film debut in an adventure comedy called They Came From Upstairs. It’s about a group of teens who defend their Maine vacation home against aliens. ALIENS!!!!!

Production begins at the end of the month in New Zealand. Shortly thereafter, Ashley will film HSM3!!!

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale @ Urban Outfitters…

Just Jared on Facebook
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 01
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 02
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 03
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 04
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 05
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 06
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 07
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 08
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 09
ashley tisdale they came from upstairs 10

Photos: BM/JSM/Bauer-Griffin
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  • seriously

    she did nto break up with jared…they are so loving

  • london

    jared and ashleey what?? we don’t caree about them.. ZANESSA ROCKS and ashley just was with vanessa to get attention. the one that she didn’t have before hanging abou with her and abusing the fame of baby v

  • musicisourhigh

    I admit, the more I see Ashley the more I like her. She seems like she’s not trying to be too grown up. Isn’t over sexualizing herself. Just going through life doing the best she can. I wish her well

  • Melody

    Wow, she looks amazing, and the people who say that is sounds like a Bad movie, are probaly Vanessa fans, and are just Jealous because Ashley is in more movies then just HSM, I mean the only thing Vanessa is/was working on, was HSM, Her album, and some episodes of the Suite life (Just because Ashley lover her to be in the show). And ashley, she did soo much: Hsm, Her Album, Her OWN tour, Phineas & Ferb, Kim Possible, a Videogame, The Suite Life, Picture This, You Wish, And now this Movie.

  • person

    OMG she looks amazing she is officialy my idol
    she is so pretty
    i love how she wears comfy clothes and doesnt care what the paperazzi will see
    love you ashley!!!

  • emma

    ok people back off about her nose….its getting old….and dont compare her to vanessa …their both very pretty…and haters if you dont like her then dont come on here!!!

  • LOL

    london @ 01/10/2008 at 7:16 pm
    so true, so true. saves money from costumes! =p

  • noe

    i love her bag!!! i want one! she so pretty and haters back off!

  • almostover

    I can’t wait for her adult film to come out. You know she will have one. I give her 4 years until it comes out. 1 1/2 years of fame still ahead for her. Then 1 year for her to try and be famous by a xxx film. Good luck guy.

  • ferny

    my friend today said that ashley is 1000x prettier than “gabriella”
    in other words, Vanessa. DAYUMM is she everrr wrong! Ashley isnt ugly, she’s aiight. But vanessa is just gorgeous.

    okay well in these pics ashley is just ugly. :P

  • Haha

    Melody sweetheart, Vanessa is holding out for ACTUAL roles. You know… roles that can actually get her somewhere in the buisness. Did you even know that Picture This, is going straight to DVD? A bit sad don’tcha think?

    And what is up with the ‘Signs’ remake? I mean come on. How many movies are out there on aliens…probably hundreds. The director should be a little more creative and if he thinks that it’s going to be the next War of the Worlds(Tom Cruise one) than i have to say good luck.

    By the way, why is she wearing a hat, if she’s going to put her hood over it? Just a thought. On a positive note: i like her sweats.

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    hi pls check out my blog for fashion&beauty and the hot new trend

  • tisdale love

    She is beautiful ♥

  • tony the tiger

    Is that Michael Jackson?!?!? No?!?!? ITS ASSLEE TISDALE!!!!

    They had better cancel Asslee Tisdale’s role in HSM 3…otherwise they are going to have to market it as a horror movie instead of as a musical…she is so scary looking since that botched plastic surgery that Jared ought to put a warning label every time he posts a picture of her.

  • http://myspace Brittney

    Ash, is so much better than mannessa [vanessa]. Ashley is gorgeous and people that write stupid bullshit are just jealous. If you dont like her than dont post comments about her, you fags.

  • Andrea

    love her boots and her.

  • Amy

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEY CAME FROM UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seriously

    Brittney @ 01/10/2008 at 9:20 pm

    lol~ who look like a man more???? lmao i think they both gorg! bt ash look abit manish! i thinkk ur the 1 who look she/male

  • Amy

    Luv ya Ash! You rock!!!!!! Luv Urban Outfitters! Ash! You’re the best!

  • uglybetty

    d a m n its official justjared are obsessed with these disney b i t c hes annoying as hell disney gotta be paying justjared lots of money

  • tony the tiger

    Asslee Tizzzzzzzdale will be posing naked in hustler in a desperate attempt to revive her career in just a few years…trust me….she is too fugly and trashy for playboy so she’ll have to settle for hustler

  • anna

    ashley and vanessa are both pretty.
    they’re best friends so PLEASE stop comparing them, it’s getting way old.
    just so you know, they come on this site. they probably read these things and how would you feel if you read shit about you? probably not too good. if you don’t like ashley, don’t come to this post. you people who come here to criticize clearly have no lives at all. it’s pretty sad. i hope that you’ll grow up and move on to bigger things, things that don’t involve criticizing people.

  • Mariana


  • magaa

    Aliens?!! lol

  • deni



  • trish


  • daisy

    hey just because people are talking trash about ashley dont bring BBV into it let it go..jeez..hey JJ more BBV and zanessa PLEASE..THANX =)

  • sweetpea

    the movie sounds like crap
    sucks for her
    she should learn how to pick good movies that’ll be successful

  • mariee



    i ha in your face HA HA HA

  • audrey

    Aw, I missed the Tiz! I’m really loving her hoodie. “Over it” is a phrase I use to describe how I feel toward so many things. At least these batch of photos were taken from a reasonable distance away so she hopefully enjoyed her shopping and day in peace. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Absolutely nothing but love for this girl…

  • anamalia

    THAT BAG IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    new zealand? cool.

  • ashley

    movie sounds dumb. but congrats to Ash for getting to do a movie. and going to New Zealand. I want to go there so bad.

  • Yuck

    That movie sounds even worse than the one bushy beaver girl is going to be in.

    Why doesn’t she just admit that she had a nose job because her honker is ugly and way too big? I would have respected her for that.

  • LOco

    Movie looks lame. Can you say Direct to DVD?? Come on Ashley you can do better. Ashley needs to wear makeup she looks kinda ugly without it. She ruined her face with her new nose.Deviated septum my butt. I couldn’t breathe riiiight. If that was the case she would of gotten it done ages ago. And what is she over?? her nose??

  • me

    Who will be playing the alien? Ashley coz she’ll be perfect for the role. No need to put any make-up or anything.

  • Hannah




  • Vanessahudgens6

    New pictures video

  • magen

    i love ashley so pretty but i love vanessa more shez more beautiful & has an amazing voice & shez a better singer ,
    i love ASHNESSA , VASHLEY they rock!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    Love Her..
    Great That her And Vanessa Are Doing Different Types Of Movies Outside Disney.
    Sounds Good.
    I Do Love Her, But Why Does She Always Have Her Fingers In Her Mouth Nowadays.
    Anyway Great Girl.

  • Madonna


  • donna rector

    All this half-wit can do is shop and get surgery. great role model. shop, get fake hair extensions, a fake face and lip synch. thanks disney.

  • summer

    Yay! Im so happy for Ash that she’s doing other stuff now. Love her casual look, she manages to not look like a chav, unlike Vanessa when she tries to do casual.

  • kate

    love vanessa more

  • emma
  • dany tisdale

    I LOVE ASH!!! :)

  • dsa

    i am huge v fan!! if v love ash! i love ash too….bt v more :P

  • nina

    Ashley looks great.
    && love her clothes.
    Stop making everything about her surgery and lip synching.
    Vanessa has done lip synching as well, and you can’t say she hasn’t.
    Gawd, Vanessa pretty much got herself exposed to the world no matter how long ago that was….she’ll always be known for it.
    But Ashley had health problems, goes and gets her self a “new nose” as you people say, and all of a sudden she’s the most hated person in the world….that’s just dumb.
    Well, rock on Ashley.