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Beyonce's Basketball Sandwich

Beyonce's Basketball Sandwich

Connect Four rivals Beyonce and Kanye West share a laugh during the New Jersey Nets’ NBA basketball game against the Seattle SuperSonics on Wednesday night in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Nets scored a 99-88 victory against the Seattle SuperSonics. Go Armpit of America!

Beyonce, of course, sat courtside and was sandwiched between her boo Jay-Z and Kanye. Their seats were emblazoned with “Rocawear,” the urban clothing label created by Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

Beyonce wears Christian Louboutin’s Ariella studded boots.

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Photos: Bill Kostroun/AP
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  • la

    CUTE. They look like they are having a blast.

  • la

    I am glad Kanye is having some fun with friends!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG the butt.

    Good to see him happy .

  • coalharbourqt

    Aww, good to see Kanye out enjoying himself with friends.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    it would be funny if one day someone pull that wig off of her head!

  • j

    Ihate Bey’s hair this dark

  • Ryanne;Brasil!

    thats cute!! ;]
    õ/ ;*

  • Rihanna Rocks the Louboutin’s boots before her and that wig is a bit too much. It’s very nice to see Kanye with a smile on his face.

  • mgalamb

    What the hell? Go ‘armpit of America?’ Is that a reference to all of New Jersey? Just goes to show you’ve never been here. Thats why I like Perez better, biatch.

  • ?

    #9 so why are you here? you’re such a dumba$$.

  • mgalamb

    And by the way, ‘armpit of America’ is a reference usually only reserved for Camden, NJ, which is not anywhere near East Rutherford. Good call though.

  • mgalamb

    #10 has obvi never been to NJ either. No great loss for NJ. And I can’t read more than one celeb blogger?

  • ashley

    Bey looks so pretty. @ number 8 Please do you really think Rihanna was rockin loubitons before Bee,please do your homework. Yeah and your obviously not black because that is so not a wig.

  • ?

    Yeah isn’t armpit of America used to reference Camden only?

  • hudgensvanessaofficial

    new video pictures

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    there goes a whole lot of money.

    i know chicks who would kill for those boots.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    Hate the boots. Ugly, expensive things are the worst

  • Beyonce’s so hot

    Beyonce looks good with any hair color, but I like her with this dark color. There’s also a pic of her signing some kid’s leg cast. They look like they had a blast. Jay looking good as always had on some hot sneakers.

  • Carline

    Those boots are hot shyt. I tried to find em in a 40.5, but i never could! Curses for having big ass feet!

    You know, i actually think its sweet that Jay and Beyonce are keeping him company now, and have been for a minute. You know he probably felt very alone and like he had no one but his girl Alexis after his mom passed. Its touching to me that his friend/mentor and his girlfriend have kinda stepped up like, ‘we gotcha back.’ Jay performed with him overseas right after his mom’s death, brought him out to two of his recent shows, B was playing games with him in Vegas, they both supported him at Donda’s funeral….i mean, half the battle is grieving but knowing you’ve got people there to hold you up and occupy your time. You really find out who your real friends are. Its so sweet to me that those two are Ye’s real FRIENDS and you can see it.

  • bitch

    beyonce is so fake it seem like she is trying to steal rihanna stlye and her jay z need to stop fronting they are not a real couple and its lame

  • ms. bigbreast


  • Hottest chick

    Beyonce’s always a trendsetter on the fashion front and looks beautiful all the time. You can definitely see her influence as far as style, hair, etc. in the newcomers of today. Still the Hottest Chick in the Game!!! Can’t WAIT for her next album and to see what style she brings. On B-Day, she brought a bordello type of fashion that people didn’t understand, but I did and I loved it.

  • i love beyonce

    I remember reading a quote from Kanye saying how he found Beyonce uber attractive, but he can’t look at her out of respect for Jay. If you notice in pics they take or if he’s presenting to her – he looks everywhere, but at her. It’s alright Kanye – everyone wants her. He may not feel that way anymore since she bust him in Connect Four – lmao!

  • Sara

    Im happy for himm (:

  • Precious P.

    I love to see Kanye smile again.

    Precious P.
    The hottest female producer out there

  • aymarius

    You know, since i started reading Kanye’s new blog I like him more. He’s a fun guy. Opinionated and a lil arrogant, yes. But nice guy. And he has a fun relation with Jay and B. Good for them

    The Arab Aquarius

  • ugybetty

    beyonce is wack, dying her hair black like rihanna, wearing black cloths like rihanna,and wearing Christian Louboutin like rihanna she’s a fake person beyonce is obsessed with rihanna.

  • T

    @ bitch. Ho sit down!

    Beyonce is the Queen and everybody calls Rihanna her wannabe so Rihanna is copying her. You must love those 50/11 Rihanna copies Beyonce videos on Youtube. LMAO

    Why would Beyonce who’s sold 130 mill records be jealous of someone who can’t even go platinum? Exactly I feel sorry for ya’ll Rihanna stans. LMAO She gets booed and all bad reviews so basically people think she’s talentless.

    Bey looks gorgeous and got all her wannabes trying to jack her style. Stay on top Queen Bey. Jay and Kanye look fly too.

  • krystal

    No ugly betty you are obsessed with Rihanna.

    Beyonce has been in the game 10 years and was rocking black hair, louboutons, and black clothes before Rihanna was even thought of.
    If you think Rihanna is original then you’re dumb as hell. Rihanna even admitted that she wanted to be Beyonce b/c she’s her idol. Besides Beyonce is the Queen not Rihanna.

    Beyonce looks gorgeous and people can’t wait for her new album!

  • krystal

    LMAO Uglybetty must be white.

    It’s funny how you can tell the difference b/n white people and black people on this site. It’s obvious white people don’t be knowing shit about black celebrities. Beyonce is the most popular and successful black female artist. Why would she copy someone who’s beneathe her? LMAO Ya’ll white people are too funny.

  • yerboylc3

    Nice to see my three faves enjoying themselves! Im really loving her hair that dark!

  • uglybetty

    i ain’t no rihanna stan but h e l l beyonce jealous a s s copying rihanna style she’s fake and she jealous of rihanna beyonce is insecure rihanna is a trendsetter she got b i t c hes like beyonce copying her style rihanna is just that fly

  • uglybetty

    i ain’t no rihanna stan but h e l l beyonce jealous a s s copying rihanna style she’s fake and she jealous of rihanna beyonce is insecure rihanna is a trendsetter she got b i t c hes like beyonce copying her style rihanna is just that fly

  • uglybetty

    and that bitch didn’t sell no 130 million record damn beyonce stans are a mess and believe anything mathew knowel say her dad bought her awards,albums her whole d a m n career is fake she didn’t become a big star the fair way and she no it beyonce is insecure and jealous i don’t give a d a m n how long she been in th industry she still copy rihanna style she’s a fake b i t c h

  • krystal

    Yep this Ugly Betty person is definitely a crazy delusional Rihanna stan. LMAO

    You obviously didn’t watch the AMA’s when they honored Beyonce for selling 130 mill records among other things. Rihanna can’t even sell 1 million.

    Beyonce is fake? Yet Rihanna is the one who said with her own mouth that she wants to be Beyonce b/c she admires her. And there are a lot of Rihanna Copies Beyonce videos on youtube so obviously a bunch of people think Rihanna is a fake Beyonce wannabe.

    And Beyonce has 150 awards which she earned b/c unlike Rihanna she has talent. That’s why Rihanna got booed at her own concert and why she gets all bad reviews. People are telling her to her face that she can’t sing or dance. LMAO Poor Rihanna stans ya’ll better enjoy her while she’s hear b/c she will definitel be gone soon since she can’t even sell c.d’s. LMAO

  • Queen

    Beyonce looks so beautiful and those boots are hot! She got everybody talking. Jay and Kanye look fresh to death too. Nice to see Kanye smiling.
    And why do Rihanna stans cough *ugly betty/bitch* cough always bring up Rihanna. Who cares about Rihanna anymore? She was a knockoff Beyonce anyway who’s 15 minutes are up. Have you seen her album sales? Enough said. Go Bey!

  • uglybetty

    the same beyonce stan keep posting under different user name a mess

  • krystal

    Ummm no there’s only one Krystal and the only stan here is you talking about some damn Rihanna like anybody cares.

    LMAO I’m the stan yet you’re the one acting like a dumb lesbian bringing up Rihanna on a Beyonce post. LMAO How pathetic is that? Rihanna should pay you for real. LMAO So sad. Beyonce must be doing something right.

  • Sean

    That Beyonce is sexy as hell. Jay should tip her. LOL

  • Ashley

    Wow Beyonce is so beautiful. I love the dark color on her. She’s had it like this plenty of times but she never keeps it for long. Jay looks good too. Looks like they all had fun. I’m happy to see Kanye surrounded by his real friends.

  • uglybetty

    solange ,beyonce and angie be on jusjared taking up for big ear baby teeths big gums stank break no personality beyonce a mess

  • uglybetty

    solange ,beyonce and angie be on jusjared taking up for big ear baby teeths big gums stank break no personality beyonce a mess

  • coalharbourqt

    Whoa Krystal – back up there a minute! I’m white and I LOVE Beyonce and totally back up what you say in your post #29. Ya I like Rihanna’s music too, but Beyonce will always be head and shoulders above her.

    I think what the real difference may be is that I have friends from MANY races, cultures etc. and have a pretty broad interest when it comes to music, movies etc. So please don’t be assuming that someone’s opinion and knowledge is based on their skin colour. That’s just not fair.

  • http://beautyaddict1one1.blogs

    hi pls check out my blog for fashion&beauty and the hot new trend

  • krystal

    Okay coalharbourqt I didn’t mean all white people. Just the dumb ones like “ugly betty” who probably is ugly as hell. LMAO

    She’s on here stanning for a big fivehead flat ass no talent Beyonce wannabe named Rihanna and this post is suppose to be about Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye. LMAO Obviously she ain’t got no life and she’s probably just a dumb lesbian b/c we all know Rihanna ain’t got no damn friends. That’s why she’s always by herself. LMAO

    Ugly Betty aka Rihanna’s #1 clit licker you’re obviously stanning for Rihanna b/c you know her 15 mins are up and nobody’s talking about her ass. LMAO

    I’mma go watch one of those great “Rihanna Copies Beyonce” videos on youtube. There’s so many to watch. Obviously people see right through Rihanna’s fake Beyonce wannabe ass. LMAO Go Queen Bey!

  • ariel

    She looks so cute there, I’m loving the black hair.

  • kimmy

    Beyonce should keep her hair that color ALWAYS (or at least longer than a minute). She looks SO much younger. And she needs to ditch the bright makeup and stay with the blend she’s rocking now.
    And I’m sorry, but I saw those boots upclose and personal in Neimann Marcus months ago-UGLY!

  • Carol

    Hi ! my name is Carolina and i’m from Brazil …

    in Brazil Beyonce is cery very very Famous !

    All people in Brazil love her ,,,,,,

    Love Carol

  • ☆TRiSHA☆

    Awww so cute! It’s nice to see everyone happy and giggling.

  • yaya

    just because she wearing black doesn’t mean she copying Rihanna wtf y would she want to copy Rihanna she 10 times more successful than RiRi