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Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton!

Happy Birthday, Kate Middleton!

Kate Middleton celebrates her 26th birthday without her royal lover at the Tom Aikens restaurant in London’s Chelsea on Wednesday night. The birthday girl was accompanied by her parents Carole and Michael and younger sister Pippa.

With no Prince William in sight, the Middleton sisters then took the party to Kitts Club in Sloane Square with younger sister Pippa.

Earlier in the day, the birthday girl worked it out in a plaid skirt near her West London home.

26… and still single. Maybe!

20+ pictures inside of Kate and Pippa partying it up…

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  • CG

    Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY :smile:


    first!! i love her white coat :D

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I don’t find her newsworthy. JJ please stop posting about Kate Middleton. She do whaterever she likes with the ugly Prince!

  • He-who-shall-be-named

    I think the same…there’s nothing to post thread about Kate Middleton…please Jared you dont need to post about this bullshit girl

  • kittyonthecatwalk

    i love her so much! she’s so classic. keep on posting about her! =)

  • anon


    What? b/c Paris or Nicky Hilton is so much more interesting …

  • anon


    That was aimed at “he who should not be named” not “kitty”

  • marisleysis

    She looks way older than 26 to me.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    I LOVE her trench.

  • Beautiful

    Why can’t more young American women look like this

  • viki

    stupid boring bitch. please stop posting about her

  • jeez

    Thanks JJ. I’d rather read about these young bright things in the UK than the stupid ghetto trash like Britney any day.

  • Iowa Girl

    what is up with her thumb? is it a hangnail?

    You know they always said Harry was the ugly one….but you know, as time goes by it’s quite obvious who’s going to look like dad and who is going to be the standout.

    I agree, her coat is fab

  • Mya

    I love her white coat!

    I would rather see pics of these two very classy sisters then see the trashy Hilton sisters.

    Nice to see pictures of how young girls should act.

  • melissa

    Prince William isn’t there as he is training with the army and i think she is fab and may be our queen someday (in england obviously)

  • Laila




  • amber

    I love how classy she is. I hope she and William get married (although Harry turned out to be the cuter prince).

  • K

    I love her. She’s seems so classy & mature.

  • Brooke

    Loooove her!!! Thanks Jared! She’s refreshing compared to celebrities here!

  • Milli

    She stands for everything I don’t have, so I should despise her. But, I like her very much. She has a quiet charm.

  • CMoo

    Hmmm … classy Kate or:

    Spitting Avril
    Crotch fire Paris
    Snorting Mischa
    Preggers Jamie Lynn
    Manic Britney
    Disheveled Mary Kate and Ashley
    “Look at me” Jessica
    Anorexic Amy
    Loose Lindsey

    Hmmm … I’ll take classy Kate any day.

  • Lucy

    Lol, Totally Agree With You CMoo !!
    Haha, I Love The Way You Put It Also (=

  • Lulu

    OKAY, I MUST HAVE THAT COAT! Is there a website that tells you where to find things like that? Of course, I’m looking for the Target, TJMaxx, or Forever 21 version

  • Eliz

    well CMoo, since Kate has flashed her undies more than ones last year while clubbing when her temporary Prince dumped her. She’s no better than most trashy celebrity who got famous for who they sleep with, at lease this time she looks half decent.

  • http://beautyaddict1one1.blogs

    hi pls check out my blog for fashion&beauty and the hot new trend

  • Dr Jube


  • xox

    26? holly cow… i am 39 but look younger than she… anyway, fab coat… not a beauty but she looked lovely & seemed to be a nice person…

  • Please dump her already!

    When you really think about it Kate Middleton is hardly any different than Paris Hilton:
    - has no job
    - no desire to help others
    - shes famous for who she sleeps with
    - lives off mommy and daddy
    - materialistic
    - socially conscious (putting it nicely)

    The only difference is that Kate Middleton doesn’t make it so obvious (and that she dresses classy which seems to make people think she is classy).

  • Please dump her already!

    oh they both clearly enjoy the attention

  • niousha

    gosh i dont no why but i hate her so much and i dont hate people untill i meet them but the first time i saw kate i stared to hate her well i wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    cause i’m not that bad to people

  • niousha

    gosh i dont no why but i hate her so much and i dont hate people untill i meet them but the first time i saw kate i stared to hate her well i wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    cause i’m not that bad to people

  • Carolyn

    Kate Middleton is a lovely lady, please continue to post her pictures.
    Good luck and best wishes I love Kate and Will.

  • Jolie

    I don’t think Kate is that attractive, but her sister is totally fugalicious. I wonder if she hates Kate b/c Kate got the few decent genes.

  • rae

    I just can not see anything interesting or especially attractive about this girl.

  • Michael

    She’s a high end, manipulative SLUTT. She has her fingers gripped around Prince William. Until only recently, she courted the press. I think she is hoping for that engagement ring… so she could become a princess and really get even more public attention. She doesn’t deserve it. The only thing she has done is “bed” Prince William.

  • Jeremy

    If you actually bothered to do any research on her ‘Please dump her already!’ you’d actually find out shes working for her parents company Party Things, you and I dont know her personally so how the heck are you meant to make judgements about her?

    Answer that before you start having a dig at people, Kates actually a very kind person, yes she gets it wrong in the way of aristocracy, as was the Roller disco but in the sense that she doesnt help out that was a charity event for a friend of hers that died, a charity event to raise funds for what he died of.

    Sorry others but I find it most irritating when people say what they shouldnt with no knowledge of what their talking about, if you dont like her because shes dating william just say it!

    I think shes gorgeous and so is her sister

  • Big pimpin

    Her sister is so pretty.