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Keira Knightley & James McAvoy Do 'Entertainment Weekly'

Keira Knightley & James McAvoy Do 'Entertainment Weekly'

Atonement costars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy look downright sexy on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (Jan. 18, 2008, Issue #974).

Watch a behind-the-scenes interview of the pair at The video begins with James playfully socking it to Keira. Stick around ’till the end when Keira slaps James back in the face as revenge. Ouch!

“I wouldn’t have done this job if I didn’t know we’d win Oscars,” James jokingly said during the interview.

Atonement is in theaters now. Go see it!

The Hollywood Reporter: “It ranks with the best novel adaptations of recent times.”

Variety: “Rarely has a book sprung so vividly to life, but also worked so enthrallingly in pure movie terms.”

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  • tina ba bina

    she looks rally nice here

  • goz

    she looks hot!

  • goz

    she looks hot!


    she looks like a she/man.

  • nicole

    she looks great!

  • nicole

    She looks great!
    Love her

  • kay

    They were both great in Atonement. Very sensual cover.

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  • lu

    she doesn’t even look pretty, IMO. she looks like a drag queen and she REALLY needs to eat something before she breaks.

  • ricki

    Atonement is not heating up the race. It got looked over by all the guilds. I don’t think it will even get a Best Picture nomination at this point.

  • lola

    Very pretty!

    –read my blog at

  • 0037

    she looks like a man.

  • aquame

    they have zero chemistry!

  • mossy

    the hotness these two.

  • original Amber

    I don’t understand the appeal of Keira Knightly. Her trademark pout and bulging shoulder blades are the sum total of her talents. She is, without a doubt, the worst actress that Britain has ever produced.

  • musicisourhigh

    I didn’t even realize that was Keira.

  • ashley

    17th and yeah!

  • mariaa*

    keira is so skinyy!!!

  • lola

    Calm down. Britain has produced much bigger train wrecks. Keira is a true talent, constantly overshadowed by a pout that she comes naturally by via overbite and a few poor film choices. God bless Joe Wright for seeing that she was more than just a pretty face. Word.

  • Alexia

    YYYAAAYYY I looovvveeeee atonement!

  • Alexia

    YYYAAAYYY I looovvveeeee atonement!

  • jenna

    Nice to see her happy for once in that vid. She’s usually scowling!

  • Keira

    Can’t wait to grab a copy. Thanks for letting me know it existed! They’re both just gorgeous.

  • thestyleeditor

    I love Keira, but she wasn’t who I was looking at! Love James McAvoy, he’s a total hottie, the movie was so sexy and sad. Hope the Oscars happen this year, because I want to see more of him on the red carpet! And the Scottish accent….

  • kattttttttttnes

    they are both amazing actors!
    i suggest everyone sees the film, it definitely has a chance!!

  • csxyz

    She’s not usually scowling! Maybe she doesn’t always smile in red carpet pictures, but I’d get tired of constantly smiling too! If you watch her interview, it’s obvious she’s a very happy person. And to all the people who claim she’s too thin, I honestly think she’s naturally that way. I admire her because she always seems so comfortable in her own skin.

  • eli


    love her

  • anonymous

    she is gorgeous.

  • wicked youth

    James is soooooooo fukin hot!

  • Yuck

    Someone hand this girl a cheeseburger. No one likes skin and bones.

    She also needs to bath more. She admitted in interviews that she doesn’t and just covers up her stinky smell with Chanel cologne.

  • moviemadness


  • Birdie

    This is a really hot picture (James McAvoy’s hot too !)
    I think they’re gonna get the Oscar, but I hope the strike won’t prevent the Oscar ceremony from happening (I hope the problem’ll get solved before !)

  • Stephany

    shes sexy
    i wanna see the movie soo much


  • Masha

    She’s so ugly!

    And he’s so hot!

  • Vanessahudgens6

    New video pictures

  • Dany

    great picture

  • lily

    Why are all the comments about her? HE is gorgeous – he’s a versatile actor and super sexy. He may not be the prettiest boy out there but my god he can have me any day!

    I think she’s a good actress but she does look like a dragqueen in this picture.

  • lyla

    shes amazing in everything she does and so is he , they deserve to win the oscars, both of them and the movie too.

  • cameron

    can anyone upload all the photos from the story!

  • Shango_Hispanico

    I wanna bang James.. He is GORGE!!

  • simona

    james is so nice and funny.
    i think he’s a great actor, natural and tallented.
    he looks great every time.
    love you.

  • me

    Who cares about Keria….shes only average.

    james mcavoy on the other hand is perfect

  • jk

    atonement is one of the best movies i have ever seen. just great!

  • leprechaun

    Atonement was a b*llocks movie. total crap. i nearly burnt the cinema down and killed all the people in it, after watching this movie.

  • alex p

    they both look hot… but there’s really no chemistry between them on this photo
    can’t wait to see the movie

  • robcee4ever

    OMG! how gorgeous. They look good together. James McAvoy is very Hot! I Love him. He is like one of my favorite actor in hollywood. Atonement is one of the best film I’ve seen so far. I know it will have another Oscar nod this year.

  • robcee4ever

    Thanks Jared for the article.

    Hope they’ll post more articles of James McAvoy.

    This is probably the best article ever in

    I’m really very happy with the added video.

  • regm

    Everybody that says Keira is ugly has envy.
    The photo is wonderful.
    Keira is actually the most beautiful woman.


    bad, boring movie..

  • The Arab Aquarius

    LOL @ James. Hes funny. After seeing the clip now I will make sure to catch atonement

    The Arab Aquarius