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Madonna Spends $10K Per Month on Water

Madonna Spends $10K Per Month on Water

Is it Madonna-bashing week or something?

First, her Madgesty’s charity Running Malawi was under fire for syphoning money out of Gucci for Kabbalah. And now, her monthly drinking water expenses are under attack!

The Queen of Pop spends $10,000 per month on specially blessed Kabbalah water for her and her family of five, reports In Touch. A small bottle of the Kabbalah-blessed water costs $5/pop.

Madonna drinks a lot of water – that’s one of her fitness secrets,” her pal says. “And this is the only stuff she will touch.”

Madonna turns 50 in August. 50!

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    It’s her money

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    wow, she is insane,…. just think how many african kids she could help with that kinda money every month…

  • kate


  • CG

    4th :(

  • CG

    hello Krung Krung and everyone

  • Rose

    That is the one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. What a horrible woman. Instead of buying those ridiculous “Kabbala-blessed”
    water bottles, she should put that money to good use. It is all pure shenanigan!!!!! Blessed water, HHAAA, it is just normal water and they are a rip-off. Her selfishness and foolishness are beyond moronic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mother earth

    Probably fills her swimming pools with that sh#&! Think about how many little plastic bottles she’s throwing away every month! That’s good for the environment!

  • love

    DISGUSTING and she is supposed to be altruistic…I have no respect for her showboating whatsover!

  • sUNS


  • http://stupidfatfucks sad

    SAD……….mabey this blessed h2o is to help wash all her filth away…

    Sad just sad…..go buy yourself a Versace bag instead…. :)

  • crazyDaisy

    she is so stupid!

  • jeez

    That’s her business. At least she’s not spending her money on that poisonous drink called soda.

  • LOL

    An old Madonna is worth more than a young Brintey Spears. Britney will never be as clever as Madonna. She’s already a teen hasbeen.

  • think about it people…

    let’s think about this for a minute:

    $10,000 per month, at $5 per bottle = approx. 2000 bottles.
    2000 bottles of water per month divided by 30 days (about) per month = between 66 and 67 bottles of water per day. even for madonna, that’s an insane amount of water and totally unlikely.

    furthermore, if you assume these are 8 oz. bottles, that means madonna is drinking over 500 oz. of water per day. um, i think she’d be dead. (seriously, most bottles are normally anywhere between 13 and 18 oz. each, making this even more laughable)

    people will believe ANYTHING. our society is sad!

  • a fan

    I read somewhere she bathes in the water also – maybe that’s why she spends so much.

  • Anonymous

    That breaks down to 67 bottles of water a day…. just not possible!

  • ot

    this is a tabloid story. don’t drink the kool aid y’all.

  • Nando

    Her husband and 3 kids drink the water too….so, split the 67 bottles between that and maybe she has a chef use the water to wash the vegetables for meals. She might use it in teas or other stuff.

  • Nando

    Don’t forget that she might use it to fill ice cube trays.

    Maybe she uses it to water the plants. LOL!! Who knows. There are sooo many ways to use water.

  • amber

    I wish I had that kind of money to spend on useless stuff. I mean, “blessed water?” Seriously? Ok….

  • coalharbourqt

    Nando – you’re stretching. Even if you split the bottles by everyone in the family, that’s about 13 bottles each per day.

    Please remember to question the source – Outta Touch.

  • jmo

    Isn’t that about the same as most American’s ? lol Leave her alone. It’s HER money.

  • dude

    lol Does water bottles are given to her for free u idiots.

  • ace tomato

    This morning my daughter and I used our Music on Demand on cable and watched Madonna do “La Isla Bonita” live from her concerts last year. All I can say is WOW.

    There is a reason this woman is a megastar.

    “La Isla Bonita” is a cute Spanish flavored pop song. I remember the video had her dancing around in a traditional Spanish flamenco dancing dress. Okay – so last time i heard the song was some time in like 1991 – that was a billion years ago.

    The live, reworked song was genius, fascinating and the simple pop song ended up a rich, gypsy type number that was genuinely entertaining. A totally fresh, new sound. My two year old thought it was great, too. We danced around and had a ball.

    Say what you want about her, Madge is the gold standard for concerts for a reason. All this Malawi Kabbala water is obnoxious, but girl can put on a show!

  • fatima

    she is so ridiculous and she does look 50, which means she should stop dressing like a slut.

  • M0

    u people r truly stupid u u beileve it! first of all how could anyone ever know/caluclate how much she spends on water! besides she doesn’t drink ONLY kabbalah water! she’s constantly seen around with evian and other stuff!!
    AND WHAT IF SHE does it’s just freakin water people , isn’t is better than spending on drugs,alchol….. like some other “stars”!!!!!!!

  • MonkeyShines

    ITA with post #1 and that’s all that need be said. It’s her money she can spend it how she likes.

  • Bam!

    Who cares what she spends on water…it’s her money! Ok so maybe it’s a little weird only buying a certain water (which btw is ridicuously over-priced!) But hey it’s her body, her money & thus her water.

    Madonna still rockz though!

  • as

    She’s still a dried up B*tch. I guess the water is not doing her any good.

  • PJ

    Still stupid no matter how you look at it.

  • moviemadness

    what a waste….Also focusing on Madonna careerwise, I don’t think Madonna is even that good of a singer. She is only big for being a oversexed performer i.e Britney Spears

  • #

    I bet there are quite a few celebs, who spend that amount of money on drugs – water is a much healthier alternative.

  • aymarius

    I say good for her. Better spend on water (that she thinks is better than normal water) than spend it on alchohol or drugs. Water is good for the body

    The Arab Aquarius

  • craig stairs

    is this all in plastic eco-killing bottles or what?

  • gem

    thats with the whoile second thing? is it like im the 1st to comment or somethign cause if it is thats really really sad

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  • Madonna

    Money well spent I say!

    Madonna Yourself!

  • MiHay

    I used to love Madonna but she is just plain strange now! That “religion” has brainwashed the hell outta that woman!!

  • dita

    Nobody’s perfect!! I love her anyway!

  • jackpot69

    She’s old and ugly. no blessed what is going to get those wrinkles off her ugly hands n’ face.

  • LADY A1


  • marth

    She is the QUEEN! and she need drink a lot of water