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Hugh Jackman is a Kid Robot

Hugh Jackman is a Kid Robot

Hugh Jackman takes his 7-year-old son Oscar on a shopping in Sydney, Australia on Friday morning. The father-son pair rode in style in the family Mercedes.

At the end of this month, Hugh, 39, is set to jet off to Queenstown in New Zealand to start filming his latest Hollywood blockbuster “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

Oscar wears a Kid Robot logo t-shirt in red. Hugh wears a “Paspaley Polo in Albert Park” cap. (It’s an event from last month, which showcased some of Australia’s best professional polo players.)

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman‘s father-son bonding…

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hugh jackman kid robot 01
hugh jackman kid robot 02
hugh jackman kid robot 03
hugh jackman kid robot 04
hugh jackman kid robot 05
hugh jackman kid robot 06
hugh jackman kid robot 07
hugh jackman kid robot 08
hugh jackman kid robot 09
hugh jackman kid robot 10

Photos: Carlos Costas/
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  • TiaBia

    Cute kid!!! And Hugh Jackman is a certified FILF*!!!

    *Thanks Madonna (#6)

  • http://deleted flower

    OHH I love him!!! I want him all myself,he is a great father.

  • Dook

    The guy is absolutely ripped, but his right bicep’s blood vessel is WEIRD.

  • Sebastian

    those arms…fuck.

  • ra

    Hmmm….looks like the photogs were too close for comfort, because Hugh doesn’t exactly look happy. But he still looks mighty handsome and sexy!

  • slug

    Is the little boy adopted or his mom is black?

  • ra

    Hugh’s son is adopted. He and his wife also have an adopted 2 yr old daughter who is a real cutey-pie.

  • LOL


  • Nora

    @ ra: Yes, I agree, he really doesn´t look very happy. I miss this “inner radiance”. How do I describe it adequately? On all the other fotos he really seemed to “glow” with happiness, spending time with his kids and/or wife. Strange. But I suppose that I overinterprete it. He probably only has a bad day or the paparazzi are really getting on his nerves…

  • nicole richee love her

    Hot dad, beautiful child.:smile:

  • Serissa

    He didn’t look very happy the other day, when he was with the two kids in the park, and Deb wasn’t with them. I hope there is nothing wrong with her, if so, I wish her all the best… We want to see you smile again, Hugh!

  • Janeway

    Thanks for the pics, Jared. Hugh is the hunkiest dad ever. Great to see he spends quality time with his kids.

  • HF

    “….. and Deb wasn’t with them. I hope there is nothing wrong with her, if so, I wish her all the best… ”

    It was reported just yesterday in the Aussie press that while Nicole Kidman was working out in the private “Platinum” section of her gym, Deb was working out with her trainer in the public section of the same gym. Probably nothing wrong with her other than she’s a busy wife and mother and businesswoman. And of course it’s only a guess, but Hugh is probably not pleased to have the paparazzi in his face when he’s with his kids.

  • Dee

    Thanks again for pics of Hugh (*sigh*). Yours is the 1st site I go to looking for info /pics about Hugh. Keep them coming.

  • Maytook

    Oh my god ! I love Hugh !!!!!!

  • Serissa

    “…but Hugh is probably not pleased to have the paparazzi in his face when he’s with his kids…”

    That’s something I can understand and accept. I know it’s difficult to fulfill all the needs… we like to see as much as possible of our stars, but they, of course, should be allowed to go out in public without beeing hunted by paparazzi, especially when they’re with their kids.

  • Laurie

    where’s his wedding ring? he hasn’t been wearing it lately i’ve noticed. i sure hope he and his wife aren’t having problems.

  • HF

    Hugh often doesn’t wear his wedding ring, and it’s been like that for all the years I’ve been watching him. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he wears the ring and multiple bracelets, sometimes just a wristwatch, often no jewelry at all. Near as I can tell from photos, Deb is the same way. I don’t think jewelry or not has anything to do with the state of their marriage.

  • Brianna Palmer

    He’s so bulked up right now, it’s possible it doesn’t even fit him. But you’re right, he’s very inconsistent about wearing it, and sometimes he loses them.

  • Davilyn

    I think you might be right Brianna about it not fitting him at the moment since he’s trying to get to 220 lbs. or so. Also, he’s supposedly in that gym at all hours of the day and night getting sweaty, so it’s probably just easier to leave it home. And yes, he has lost it before. I think he said three times, all while swimming in the ocean. The last time it disappeared, I noticed he started wearing a silver bracelet and I wondered. And sure enough, I was right. Deb bought him a “wedding bracelet” which would be harder to lose than a ring. I tell ya, if he were my husband and he lost three wedding rings, after I’d brained him (LOL), I’d just have the damn thing tatooted on his finger (like his character did in The Fountain). As for the paparazzi…

    It’s a conundrum. Some of my favorite pictures of Hugh are those candid shots taken with his wife and kids because those are the ones that truly capture HIM. Studio shots are nice, but they’re all posed and trying to convey an image. But since I am a right to privacy advocate, I struggle with this issue. I should look the other way when these ‘unauthorized’ photos surface. But I don’t and therefore, I guess that makes me a hypocrite. And no, he does not look very happy. He once said that he knew what he was taking on when he sought stardom. But his children did not and he naturally feels this very strong desire to protect them. I suppose he could just tuck them away from the world behind closed doors, but thus far it looks like he’s trying to give them as normal a life as possible. And the little doodlebugs are just going to have to learn to deal with it. But it’s not fair.

    Maybe they’ll get some relief when they return to the states. He’s dogged in his homeland because he’s quite the big fish in their little pond. But here in America? He pretty much flies under the radar and that’s because he doesn’t live a trashy, celebrity life. He’s still with the same woman he showed up with and didn’t ditch her for a starlet as soon as stardom hit (as almost EVERY damn one of them have), no DUI’s, no drugs, no sex tapes leaked, no affairs with nannies, no re-hab, no scandal of ANY kind. I don’t think it’s ever been heard that he’s said something nasty about anyone. What in hell would the tabloids here in America write about him?…”today Hugh Jackman went to the grocery store, then played with his children in the park, then went home to his wife of a dozen years or so.” That is a lifestyle that the tabloids simply cannot sell.

    And as much as I want him to take his place along side Clooney, Crowe, Depp, etc. (and he deserves it because he’s as talented if not more so, than any superstar you can name), I would hate to see him try to live his life under that intense microscope of fame that superstardom brings. My fear is that with the one-two punch of the upcoming “Australia” and “Wolverine”, superstardom may at last be his and all the life scrutiny that it brings.

    But since he lives such a “boring life” (his words, not mine), maybe they’ll leave him alone no matter how big a star he becomes. One can only hope.

  • MiHay

    I love him!! And when he’s with his kids he is even sexier :P

  • MiHay

    I love him!! And when he’s with his kids he is even sexier :P

    And regarding his wedding ring..I saw him on Letterman a short while back and he said the reason that he doesn’t always wear his wedding band is because he is so bad with losing them. He is on like his 3rd band or something.

  • Serissa

    “…maybe they’ll leave him alone…”

    I’m afraid, at the moment they would leave him alone here in Europe. In Germany you hardly find anything about him in the magazines, maybe this will change after “Australia” and “Wolverine”. Right now he could spend some nice and quiet days here, if he wanted to…
    Although I wish he’d be more recognized as what he is, a terrific, versatile actor, singer and dancer, and I’d love to read more about him here, I’m also afraid of the effects on his life if he is one day. The attention that a certain group of “big” stars get (no matter what they do or say, some like Paris Hilton haven’t even done anything that is worth metioning) is kind of horrible… But maybe you’re right, Davilyn, some of them “feed” the press with their way of living, their scandals and affairs, and maybe Hugh really doesn’t lead the “right” life to be interesting eough…

  • daniela

    @ Serissa. How true! I’m from Germany too and it really sucks that he’s hardly known here.
    If someone asks me: Who’s your favorite actor and I say: Hugh Jackman and Johny Depp, the reply is:

    Hugh Who??

    If you say: X-Men?! the reply is: Oh, that Wolverine guy…

    So, he could really come here and have a quiet time. LOL

  • http://deleted flower

    Serissa and Daniela: I agree with you,I’m from spain and he’s hardly known here too.I hope he could come here so I could know him ;)

  • nora

    @Serissa & Daniela: As far as I´m concerned I really don´t want a Hugh-Jackman-Hype over here in Germany. No way. What a dreadful thought that he might be “common good” like so many of these other Hollywood-Creatures. No, thank you. I like it just the way it is. Let him be known to a lot of people as Wolverine or maybe for another blockbusting movie, but I don´t want him to be getting into treadmill of being everybody´s darling or item of interest.
    P.s. Serissa, is it possible that we know each other for quite a while?;:)

  • Serissa

    @ nora: I agree with you, that’s basically what I wrote, too. But I don’t want him to be known here only as Wolverine, because I think, he has more to offer, and that should be acknowledged (although, of course, I l o v e Logan!)
    And, yes, you’re right, we know each other… :)

  • Daniela

    and that’ s what i meant. i nvere said anything about becoming a hype here. what i mean is, it sucks thast he’s only known as wolverine.

  • nena

    how i wish to see him in person.

  • nena

    how i wish to see him in person……..

  • Lucas

    @HF: i have to agree. Hugh has been around enough to know what Paps can be like and is probably very cautious when they turn up and the kids are around.