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Keira Knightley & James McAvoy Do 'W Magazine'

Keira Knightley & James McAvoy Do 'W Magazine'

Spoken in true Chandler Bing-fashion, “Could they BE any hotter?”

Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are not only featured on this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly, the Atonement costars are heating up the pages of W Magazine in their February 2008 issue. Interview snippets below!

Keira on the things written about her in years past including anorexia and breaking the heart of her ex-boyfriend, model Jamie Dornan: “It’s like having piles of s— put on your head. As a teenager you put enough on yourself. You’re a spotty emotional wreck whose body is changing, and you’re just not equipped to deal with that sort of thing.”

James (half kidding) on feeling a bit more pressure acting. “I won’t lie and say that I’m completely unfazed by it all. I am fazed by it all. I want the movie to do really well, and I want it to win lots of Oscars and BAFTAs, and I want it to win the adulation of every single member of the human race. But at the same time I would hate to think that any of us should feel any less proud simply because it didn’t garner lots of awards. So it’s a strange conflict. There’s a part of me that wants to forget all of these things, and there’s a part of me that can’t.”

Keira on growing up fast for her acting career, but not in real-life: “From a very young age I realized that you didn’t get parts if you acted like a child. So even at seven I remember picking a way to behave, a way that worked. Though in my personal life I don’t think I’m particularly mature. I don’t particularly want to be mature! [My London apartment] always looked very transient. We were sitting on folding chairs.”

James on working with Keira: “She has smelly feet! I’m just kidding. Please don’t put that in.”

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Photos: Steven Klein
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  • vera


  • http://justjared hsc

    Not diggin the strong brows on Keira

  • Brittany

    He sooo HOTT!!! i can’t wait to see them in Atonement!

  • Noelle

    James is absolutely stinkin’ gorgeous! Keira, not so much…

  • LadyOfShalott

    God I can’t stand his hotness….unbearable… and I find myself puzzled over my own attraction, I mean.. WHAT is it that makes this man so damn SEXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYY???!!!!


    He was perfect in “Becoming Jane” as Lefroy

  • Kat

    oh my gosh, what an ugly photoshoot.

    And what is the point that you are first vera? I don´t get why people comment that they are first. That means that you are still online to wait for the new entry to post that you are first? Sad.

  • H

    James looks good but Keira looks like a drag’ .

  • Ha!

    Whoever was in charge of wardrobe and makeup for this shoot should rethink their career. Yuck.

  • dough


  • Helena

    I really would love to know why W Magazine have it in for Keira?
    If they turn such a beautiful woman into that…she must be embarassed. I feel embarassed for her!

  • Yuck

    can’t stand that bitch.

  • :D

    well man i dont know i like him he is great but keira i think that she got stocked in the pirates movie.. she got very succesfull and she says that she is overwhelmed by the anorexia comments and stuff but i think that if you are in a bussiness like that you should be ready for the worst. But i guess that she was young. And i hateeeee the fact that she hates acting and famee and that she complains a little to much about how bad her life is and shit.. girl you worked with orlando bloom johnny depp and gore, she is nominated for a golden globe, she made out with james, she has a healthy relationship with wanna-be Rupert Friend and she makes millions of dolars AND she is beautiful. So tell me, Keira, what is wrong with ur life?

  • Fattie

    They’re both so gorgeous … I wish they would date

    Atonement is the very most extremely best movie EVER !!!

  • duckie

    So, this James MacAvoy person he’s supposedly hot and we’re supposed to drool over him or something?! Tell me…I seriously want to know!

  • GGG

    Keira is always trying to pout her lips like…well you know..there are enough threads about her..but she needs to stop and stop now

  • Everlasting

    How can she just bloody stop pouting? It’s her lips! Leave her mouth wide open for the flies? God you people are so judgemental.

  • jken

    why are the clothes so ugly??

  • agathi

    he is very talented and so keira is but not hot i dont think they are sexy….i think they are only beautiful people

  • moviemadness

    in the words of Tyra, she looks fierce…however I don’t think she always looks that good

  • natt

    in these pictures i think she looks kind of like ellen pompeo, but she still looks gorgeous.

  • Lindsay

    James looks hot!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    Keira’s fcuking ugly.

  • Jules

    I have got to get me to Scotland, Gerard Butler and James McAvoy!! Hot dam*…

  • please

    Keira has classic beauty. People saying she’s ugly are just jealous… or just want to pretend that no one comes close to AJ. Wrong. Keira is certainly one of the best in Hollywood.

  • Didi

    james is a funny guy. keira, i cant stand. in reality, she might be a very nice person but unfortunately she has an unlikeable persona like jessica alba and that other stupid b*tch, i cant remember her name…the one who used to sh*g jude ‘nannyf*cker’ law.

  • Laura

    I’m not really feeling the photos but I’m not going to bash on them. Both are very hot people, just bad clothes, they should be smiling :)

  • nicoleee

    ahh, i hate her hair its too flat, and hes not cute!
    all around ew!

    read it before you start hating please[:

  • Masha

    Hate Keira.
    Love James – his wife is so much prettier than Keira!

  • lol

    I think they both look pretty cool, but I think the stylist was trying to be a bit too ‘edgy’ and James looks a bit gay in that jacket in the main shot and plain uncomfortable in the one where he’s standing next to KK – he looks slightly embarressed in that one IMHO :D ;)

  • matt

    Boring photoshoot but IMO they both look good.

  • savannah

    She looks a bit Cindy Crawford-ish in these pics.

  • selwyse

    hmm, not sure I dig James’ extremely furrowed brow . .. he looks good with just a relaxed expression

  • Virgin

    # 9 Kat @ 01/11/2008 at 6:23 pm
    And what is the point that you are first vera? I don´t get why people comment that they are first. That means that you are still online to wait for the new entry to post that you are first? Sad.

    That’s not what it means. Let me put it to you this way: A new thread is like a virgin. Everyone wants to be the very first one to “deflower” it. :)

  • KC

    Wow! another magazine cover.. I can’t really get enough of James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. They are both perfect together. I wish they would date or something unfortunately he’s married. *sigh*

    I love Atonement! Best movie of the year!

  • Kelly

    I love Atonement! Very great film. Hope the movie will gather lots of nominations and awards especially in GG and the Oscar.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Hot damn, the combo is so hot, my eyes are hurting from the hottness. The Arab Aquarius

  • Bratz

    Love James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. I really am very appreciative of They really post articles that are really good.

    Hope jared, you’ll post more of the duo.

  • r

    keira is gorgeous; i think the reason she often comes off as cold and rude is prolly cuz everyone w/ half a brain seems to think they have the right to criticize her! shes prolly tired of it! she is human too ya’know?

    and ewan mcgregor is still the hottest scottish actor; maybe some of you tweeny bitches shud check him out, or is he before yer time? i mean hes no zac efron haha!!

  • Cynthia

    James looking sexy as ever, love Keira one of the best actresses of this generation.

  • julie

    love james mcavoy

  • cee

    I love the movie

  • zoe

    boring photoshoot…kinda disappointing. keira looks awful here…those eyebrows, expression and clothes! i wish they did more of a subtle photoshoot than trying to go all ‘edgy’

  • kathastic

    man he’s one hottie!

    love their movie
    anyone who hasn’t seen it….do see it :)

  • Birdie

    I think they’re pretty hot together !

  • Vanessahudgensofficial55

    New pictures video

  • Kirsten

    Wow! a lot of people are really jealous of Keira. How can they say she’s ugly and unattractive.

    McAvoy is simply the hottest Scotsman for me. McGregor is okay, I also love him in Starwars trilogy.

  • M

    Love them – brilliant actors. James McAvoy is amazing!