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Lauren Conrad: No Kristin Cavallari on 'The Hills'

Lauren Conrad: No Kristin Cavallari on 'The Hills'

Lauren Conrad has set her foot down, clearing up rumors that her boyfriend-stealing nemesis from Laguna Beach Kristin Cavallari will NOT be joining the cast of The Hills next season. Watch the below video, which has a mini-interview with LC and her Hills costars Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

In related news, Lauren is getting too big for Teen Vogue and may be leaving for a new magazine partner next season, according to WWD.

Although Lauren has helped increase newsstand sales by double digits over the last two years, MTV is on the hunt to mix things up.

“The girls have moved on from Teen Vogue,” a spokesperson for the mag said, declining to say whether or not Teen Vogue will be part of the series next time (which probably means it won’t be).

UPDATE: Whitney reportedly has accepted a job at fashion title W Magazine.

Lauren Conrad: Kristin Cavallari is not joining The Hills
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  • june

    There weren’t doing anything at Teen Vogue anyways, working there was a waste of time for them.

  • Andrea

    awesome, I love them.

  • emma
  • hello

    I read on Jezebel that Whitney got a job at W Magazine.

  • vogue

    Oh I wish the girls will infiltrate Vogue, the mother God of all Magazines, and get on Anna W’s and Andre’s last nerve, that will be an awesome episode. I loved it when Andre appeared in a episode in S2, it was classic.

  • apple


  • funny

    I love them. esp that drop dead amazingly gorgeous audrina

  • seriously

    i love audrina, i think she is amazing.

  • adrian

    So Kristin just wanted some publicity, shame, shame, shame.

  • lenny

    Didn’t someone say Whitney was offered a job at W magazine?

  • edwina

    Teen Vogue is whack.

  • lovely

    I wish all these teen mags will shut down, they don’t offer anything new or interesting, just gibberish.

  • molly

    Teen Vogue has nothing to offer them, they should be glad their sales increased in the last two years, they would have shut down by now if it wasn’t for the hills.

  • lawrencia

    yeah, i think Whitney is working for W mag now.

  • magaret

    Why is she always in the news?

  • kate


  • agnes

    She needs to hire a publicist to talk for her, she can’t be going on a rampage denying all the rumors about her. It’s called being a celebrity and the BS that comes with it Lauren.

  • jennifer

    I like LC’s dress, can you id it for me please.

  • chris

    Kristin and Heidi belong in the same category — publicity WH@RES.

  • katie

    You honestly think LC gives a rats A@S about being an intern at Teen Vogue, she has her own clothing line. I would rather watch her dressing some model with her clothes than her sitting in an office and chatting with Whitney about her life.

  • zoe

    She is getting to bit too big is an understatement, she is big (and I don’t understand why). She doesn’t need to sit in some office and clean up people’s mess.

  • jane

    So who planted the story, Kristin’s publicist, is she that desperate?

  • hudgensvanessaofficial

    new video,pictures

  • patience

    hudgensvanessaofficial this is not a vanessa h post, I’m sick and tired of her obsessed fans posting in every post. Why don’t you email Jared and give him the link.

  • ben

    I’m glad somebody pointed it out, this is not the Vanessa and zach website.

  • Astrid

    How is Kristin the boyfriend-stealing nemesis when Lauren is the one is who always interested in Kristin’s leftovers (even before they’ve left)?????

  • goz

    double wow

  • passion fruit

    Totally agree #26. LC was always the one stealing or being the other girl with Kristin’s boyfriend. Not the other way around! Obviously we know how biased this interview was. Too bad Kristin wont be on the show, it would have been the only reason to watch. LC is boring.

  • passion fruit

    Totally agree #26. LC was always the one stealing or being the other girl with Kristin’s boyfriend. Not the other way around! Obviously we know how biased this interview was. Too bad Kristin wont be on the show, it would have been the only reason to watch. LC is boring.

  • aettress

    Blah blah, don’t watch the show if you don’t want to, nobody is holding a gun to your head. Love Lauren.

  • lily

    That’s what i thought too#26.

    these girls though, don’t deserve the money, the show, the attention nor the opportunities that they have gotten (like LC’s own clothing line) They have not worked hard for any of it. and just because they lived in the right area etc they got it.

    Then we have to try and decipher some sort of coherent sentence from their spacey talk. I mean these girls are airheads.

    Lauren is always trying to blame everything on Kristin and Heidi for her humdrim life and Audrina needs to get a backbone. I like Whitney though. If she is given a chance I am sure she alone without these two clowns can make for a more interesting show.

    OH. Doesn’t anyone else think that Whitney looks and reminds you of Jennie Garth?

  • no fair!

    ok im really confused, i love the hills but is it fake or not, i know they shoot scenes sometimes if its already happened so they have to do it again like a phone call but i never thought the vogue thing was fake!!!

  • anna-mills

    The vogue job is not fake, they worked there. TV just doesn’t want to associate themselves with the show anymore.

  • jordan

    Are there fact-checkers at justjared? Kristin never stole Lauren’s boyfriend. Lauren TRIED to steal Kristin’s boyfriend, but failed, and then went after another one of Kristin’s exboyfriends…she is sad.

    Kristin should join the Hills, it would be exciting. I guess she doesn’t want to.

  • nidyzylc

    i totally agree with aettress..the show survived 3 seasons and a 4th season on it’s way without a 5sec appearance from k.cav so its ok that she’s not part of it..if its boring that k.cav is n0t in it then d0n’t watch it..

  • lilliana

    I hope that Lauren isn’t deluded enough to think anyone watches the Hills to see her happy with her besties. Kristin would be good for the show, good for ratings and good for drama, which is what the show is about.

    If she’s not going to interact with Speidi anymore it’s going to be a boring show. No one cares about her fake dates with Brody whatshisname.

  • Jo

    I love The Hills !!! I’m so sad LOL Just luv the girls and all the going’s on !

  • Paul

    Lauren and Whitney look so pretty in that video. I love LC ‘s dress. Please ID someone.

  • fan

    Extra needs to get it right!! Kristin was with Stephen and beef curtin opened her legs out to him..of course he didnt decline…so NO kristin wasnt the stealing bf one…LC was!!

  • Ellie

    Actually, Lauren tried to steal Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend, Kristin wasn’t the boyfriend stealer, just thought I’d clear that up.

  • taylor

    Actually Kristin was cheating on Stephen (she admits) and when they were broken up he hooked up with Lauren. That’s the facts, coming from Stephen himself in an interview. So go ahead and hate Lauren, but don’t call her a boyfriend stealer.

  • pineapple

    #41, you are wrong. LC was always jealous of Kristin. Its obvious fromt he majority of the posts here….LC was the boyfriend stealer. Yes, kristin may have hooked up with other guys, but that was only when steven cheated on kristin with LC and then they broke up. Of course Steven may “sway the truth” for obvious reasons…everyone kisses LC’s a## because she is on TV. LC is a loser and always has been!

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    “Whitney reportedly has accepted a job at fashion title W Magazine.” – OMG, that’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!! Well, it would be fun if Kristin join the cast, but I don’t like her at all, uh. Anyway I\m glad for Whitney, I’m wondering what about Lauren. Anyway can’t wait for new season.




  • Kayla

    How is Kristin the Boyfriend Stealing Nemesis…it was HER…

    Whatever, i still love Kristin, always have..I would be just as pissed if my boyfriend and his “friend” had a thing going on too..damn..ppl call her a bitch..well she might be a bitch but it was HER man…

    i love Lauren though, can’t wait for the hills to premiere again!

  • Jaime

    I love watching Lauren Conrad. I think she is a very good role model. People like to take advantage of Lauren and her friendship. I do not think it’s right. I am a mom of 3 children. I am glad Lauren is pursuing her dreams. Heidi and Kristen are big B#$%&*%! Heidi deserves what she gets from Spencer because she was warned by Lauren and Audrina on how Spencer was in the beginning! Love Ya Lauren!

  • Jaime

    Also I wish Lauren and Brody would hook up. Brody doesn’t see what a good thing he has right in front of him. I want to see Lauren in a relationship. She deserves for someone to love her like she wll them. I wish to see another season of the hills if only!!!! Please another season!?