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Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom wears flower garlands and a red “tikka” mark on his forehead (local symbols of welcome) while visiting ethnic Tharu children and women at the Sayapatri Community Organization in the village of Dibyanagar in Chitwan district, Nepal.

In his role as an international ambassador for the charity UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), Orlando, 30, toured UNICEF-supported programs in the country’s western region November 30 – December 9, 2007, meeting with UNICEF staff, health facilitators and educators, as well as women’s and other community groups.

Nepal is still recovering from a decade-long civil war that left 13,000 people dead, hampered the delivery of basic services and restricted development of the nation. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of more than 60 per cent of child deaths in Nepal; an estimated 51 per cent of children under the age of five stunted in growth and 48 per cent considerably underweight. However, maternal mortality has significantly reduced from an estimated 539 deaths per 100,000 births in 1996 to 281 maternal deaths per 100,000 births in 2006. Child deaths are also on the decline, putting Nepal on track to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 (the reduction of under-five child mortality and improved maternal health).

Donate now to 10+ to-die-for pictures of Orlando serving Nepal inside…

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Photos: HQ07-2007/Brian Sokol/UNICEF
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  • kate


  • AS

    AWWW….so sweet!!!

    wts the point being 1st kate??? duh

  • Madonna

    Not hot, but at least he’s doing good!

  • sylvie

    orlando bloom.
    HAHAAHA hes gorgeous. and so so so sweet!

  • Didi

    i hate elves

  • rae

    I didn’t know he did this. Very cool.

  • lol

    7 th. he’s nice

  • laura

    so what if he’s doing it for PR. i don’t care for the reasons anyone does something good, as long as they do it anyway.
    and the pictures are amazing.

  • Vanessahudgensofficial55

    New pictures video

  • anon

    He’s been doing things for different charities for a long time. Last year he went to Alaska for global cool and made a documentry.

  • Anon

    #11, it was Antarctica. Orlando has a good heart and I would bet the bank this was NOT for PR – #8, it must be hard to go through life being such a cynic.

  • Anon

    (Sigh!) He’s a sweetheart and I’ve always liked him.

  • Sarie

    I love these pictures not only because they bring focus to UNICEF and the need in Nepal but also because they show someone who’s lifestyle is quite extraordinary, having a great time with children who aren’t as luckily.

    I knew there was more to his good looks, now if only I could be so lucky and meet him.

  • ls

    Love Orlando.

    God bless him always.

  • blueblood

    Great pictures and thanks for bringing attention to the needs of these Nepali kids.

  • shenanyginz

    :( I wanna play water guns with orlando…
    so adorable… he has such a huge heart

  • Sweet_ney

    SO sweet Orlando is a true LOVE.

  • meline

    awwwwwwwww he’s so sweet, helping children is such a nice thing to do.

  • ♡♡♡

    He’s so gorgeous and generous gotta love my Orly.

  • PauL

    I thought he was a moron but I have to agree this time Orlando is not that bad.

  • lovelily

    °He’s so hot and cute in a same time. I just love him well done Orly.°

  • delilah

    I am a Nepali woman – I am so proud of Orlando Bloom. He is another hero of mine besides Angelina and Brad. Way to go!!

  • mon amour.

    JE L’AIME he’s adorable.

  • nick of time

    PR-just in the nick of time. Did his press agent send these to you Jared?

  • (tiph)

    This is so cute, we need more celebs like him.

  • just_me

    looks like he had a lot of fun with the little kiddies very sweet…


    What a lovely man.

  • laura

    #8, not cynical, realistic. and what shoud have i said? “awww, orlando is soooo cute and nice!!” or something like that?
    i think that it’s good, what he’s doing and i don’t care for his reasons as long as he’s doing it. never said anything bad about orlando, calm down.

  • laura

    the comment was dedicated to #11, not myself, obviously. sorry.

  • Love

    OMG, I love him more and more each day. This is…wonderful. I bet he’ll be a great dad one day!!

  • missy

    wow beautiful pictures!!!!

  • WickedWench

    So sad…not Orlando, but the statistics listed above. I don’t know if I could do that without losing it. So much need, and not enough resources.

  • e

    So sweet. I love this man. When he was with children,he seems like an angel…

  • TO PR or not to PR

    There was probably a bit of PR thrown in there, but still it is a nice gesture. Although a free trip to a interesting, beautiful place with UNICEF guides is not such a hardship. I do think there may have been a bit of image reformation going on though

  • Julia

    Good boy! I love him! =)

  • to 34

    no kidding. How hard is it to fly in for free and get your picture taken with a bunch of kids? He said he wanted to go to Nepal and the base camp anyway. Looks like this way he got it paid for and got some free press.
    But really, what did he really give? Not much but he got some good press out of it.
    Now, go adopt a kid in need Orlando and then you might get some real kudos.

  • Love

    I totally agree with #32. The pics are to die for but the cause is more than sad and serious. I’ll donate today and I think everyone should invest some minutes to go, visit the unicef website in order to see what each and everyone of us can do.
    You know, of course this is PR – but I highly doubt that it is PR in order to reform Orlando’s image. I remember him saying he wanted to work with UNICEF for a long time – way before he actually went. The only PR I see here is a celeb using his fame to point out where help is needed. It’s PR for Nepal and for these children and families that need support.

  • to #34

    So he has to act like Brangelina fist before he gets kudos? What kind of person are you? And WHO are you to know that he didn’t donate, too? Jesus Christ, this man does more for Charity than most other celebs and you have nothing but this shitty comment?

    Still frustrated about the Miranda story much? poor you lol

  • Sarah

    Wow so much angst.
    Regardless of whether it was free or not, he showed up and thus drew attention to the problem. It would be nice if the rest of us had be offered an opportunity like that but we are not famous so there would be no point as we could not draw attention to it as a celebrity could.
    Why is it that we help raise celebrity by seeing, buying and promoting their movies, music etc. and yet when they try and give back it is seen as them promoting their own self image.

    To Angelina, Brad, Orlando etc. thank you for showing up in the very least. If I were famous, I would follow your lead and be honoured!

  • Bloomcita 4e

    Orlando es super sexii
    y con actividades como estas nos demuestra que tambien tiene un grandisisimo corazon pero ya lo quiero en el cine, pq tambien en buenisimo!

  • mossy

    beautiful pictures! so natural. he may not be working as much but at least he’s doin’ something good. i’ve always adored this man.

  • Aubrey

    He’s a pure angel….what a smile he makes my heart melt”.

  • Trendy Girl


  • poodle puddle

    so sexxxy.


    good Lord(or Grace or spirit of whatever you believe)!
    Don’t you just LOVE narcissistic altruism?
    So easy to pimp concern and respect in front of the cameras than to show genuine love and respect (“cherish” isn’t it?) to the just as real people in your everyday life.

  • Helena

    The stats are very sad. :(

  • Amanda

    Just when I think I can’t adore this man anymore!

  • yelle

    I have no words to describe this man , this is just wonderful!!!!!!
    keep the good work Orly.

  • VB

    he’s going to be a great dad you can tell

  • βεΤΤΥ

    so sexy.