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Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom wears flower garlands and a red “tikka” mark on his forehead (local symbols of welcome) while visiting ethnic Tharu children and women at the Sayapatri Community Organization in the village of Dibyanagar in Chitwan district, Nepal.

In his role as an international ambassador for the charity UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), Orlando, 30, toured UNICEF-supported programs in the country’s western region November 30 – December 9, 2007, meeting with UNICEF staff, health facilitators and educators, as well as women’s and other community groups.

Nepal is still recovering from a decade-long civil war that left 13,000 people dead, hampered the delivery of basic services and restricted development of the nation. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of more than 60 per cent of child deaths in Nepal; an estimated 51 per cent of children under the age of five stunted in growth and 48 per cent considerably underweight. However, maternal mortality has significantly reduced from an estimated 539 deaths per 100,000 births in 1996 to 281 maternal deaths per 100,000 births in 2006. Child deaths are also on the decline, putting Nepal on track to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 (the reduction of under-five child mortality and improved maternal health).

Donate now to 10+ to-die-for pictures of Orlando serving Nepal inside…

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Photos: HQ07-2007/Brian Sokol/UNICEF
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  • rafaela temporim

    aaai como é lindo, queria se essas criançinhas *-*

    o orlando bloom é o homem que eu pedi a Deus :D
    lindo, maravilhoso e ainda faz as coisas incriveis.

  • princesseZ

    he really seems to care -I adore him.

  • tat

    Awwwwwwwww so sweet.

  • ricki

    those are nice photos.

  • londonsw1


  • Cromwell

    Awww look at Orlando keeping his fanbase happy by pretending to be a caring humanitarian. Get a movie you no talent hack. Leave the I-Love-Poor-Babies-Publicity to Brangelina.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    awww… looks so cute and hes having fun while raising awareness to an important issue. I say good for him

    The Arab Aquarius

  • touch of the cynic

    I just don’t get it. He flew in free, to a place he has already indicated he wanted to go. Got his pictures taken with some kids, and everyone is falling all over themselves about how wonderful he is. The good thing is he did bring attention to a problem, and no doubt he even donated some money. That is great and kudos to him, but it doesn’t make him wonderful, sweet or great dad material. No doubt he was touched by the plight of these people, as anyone with an ounce of humanity would be, and I have no doubt he was kind and caring to those he met, however, what about the people that show up everyday, with little or no reward, those are the ones who deserve all the accolades. And even if it is cynical, in the end, he did get some good press out of it, and of course no doubt his management team made sure the cute and cuddly pictures have been widely released. He is just a man, and this involved no great self sacrifice.

  • crazy like me

    Being a cynic is fine. Not accepting things being spoonfed to you is also a good trait. However, a few people here seem to be taking this a little far.

    You say that Orlando did a good thing by bringing attention to this plight, that you think he probably donated money, he clearly donated time (did they pay for him to go? We don’t know if UNICEF footed the bill or not but since most people around here seem to think he spends his time clubbing and doing drugs I’d think a UNICEF trip in a destitute nation isn’t exactly a vacation destination or a top priority. He talked about going to Base Camp to summit Everest, that is not what he did here, clearly.)

    It doesn’t make him wonderful or sweet, etc, that’s true. But neither do the things people like to point to make him the devil incarnate or whatever other epithet gets tossed his way if he goes to a hot spot or what not.

    Yes, he gets good press out of it. But exactly how is he supposed to avoid that. The whole reason UNICEF uses celebrity amabassadors is so that people who ordinarily pay no attention to these causes notice them and then donate money. There’s no way to do it otherwise. For Orlando to sneak in and out would serve UNICEF and the cause no purpose.

    And fyi, his people didn’t release these pictures. Are you daft? They came from UNICEF. They were in a press release from UNICEF and were distributed throught GETTY Images.

    Yes, he’s just a man, and maybe this is no great sacrifice. But it is also a good thing. And since usually his every move is used to point to his debased destructive existance I think you can suck it up and not be cynical for five minutes and merely accept that Orlando did a nice thing, something he certainly didn’t need to do. He doesn’t need free trips. He’s got more money than he could ever need. He could spend his time lying on beaches, partying with his friends and never bother with anything like this. Does it make him a candidate for a nobel prize? No. But it does seem to mean he’s a nice guy that gives his time to others when he doesn’t have to.

  • Girl Friday

    Oh XXXOOO stick a sock in it. How the hell would you know he shows no love or respect to the people in his life? That’s right, you don’t.

    What’s worse, blind love or blind hate? Neither extreme makes you balanced. And being negative doesn’t mean you’re smart. It just means you’re sour.

  • Dilletante

    Wonder if Brent/Jay (Kerr’s cuckolded Ex) thinks Orlando is such a great and caring, always thinks of others, kind of guy?
    Self-serving altruism indeed.
    What timing. Does he hope these pictures will cover-up his birthday party indiscretions/excesses this weekend? Oops, forgot, he’s “clean living”.
    Maybe he’ll donate all that big Toyota cheque to UNICEF(a well deserving cause, no arguments there) like Pitt just did. Somehow I don’t think so…..sure we would have heard about it by now.

  • crazy like me

    Oh for Pete’s sake, Dilletante. These pictures were released by UNICEF. Not by his PR. Why do you hate Orlando so much? Did he turn you down or dump your sister?

    You know, a lot of celebrities actually donate money and don’t inform the press. If Orlando donated money and told the press you’d say he only did it to make himself look like a nice guy, get good PR, rehab his image, cover up his evol ways.

    You can’t really say Orlando’s altruism is self serving and then use Brad Pitt as an example of complete altruism? LOL. There are no two more self serving celebrities alive other than Brangelina. They take a camera crew everywhere they go. There has been almost no coverage of this trip to Nepal Orlando took. Where has the big PR push been? A few paparazzi pictures a month ago? And now a few pictures released by UNICEF? Wow, you’re so right! F*cking famewhore!

  • sADIE

    Well said, Crazy Like ME! As for the opinions regarding whether Orlando is a good person or not can only be summed up best by people who actually know and spend time with him.
    He has said numerous times that his family and friends are extremely important to him and he is thankful and bless for the opportunities his fame has afforded him. I guess going to Antarctica to assist his cousin, lending his voice to a Peace climb documentary and playing with children in Nepal makes one a fame whore, then I want to be just like him!

  • lea

    Those last comments are totally out of place. Orlando do actually care. You’re just a bunch of morons. GET A LIFE!!!!!

  • doseydoes

    OMG! How keeewwttt!!!! Look at all those pictures! !!! He’ll be the best Daddy in the whole wide world!!!!!
    OH!!!! and that one where he’s kissing that babyyyy????!!! I think my left ovary just BURST!!!!! I bet he’d make the best President in the whole wide world too!!!!!

    well, it is an election year. Lambs to be led right and left…..

  • ysalia

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so damn cute!!!! anyone who help the children has my vote.

  • diaf th

    doesydoes——-drool over those fugly german twins and sod off.

  • orlando uncensored unite!

    Everything orlando does is for publicity and anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t know anything. I’ve got super duper insider info and I know better. My next door neighbor takes out the trash for an executive assistant who works for Orlando’s hairdresser. That means I automatically know more than anyone else out there.

    It’s all PR, he’s really stealing from those little kids. Once the cameras are gone, he takes food from them and all their toys and laughs at them when they cry. He’s the devil. He probably got them to also use Coke because as he’s an actor, he automatically must be snorting. He just hides it better than anyone else out there.

  • crazy like me

    Maybe someone can enlighten me. Why do some of you care if fangirls squeel and think Orlando’s wonderful and perfect and cute? How does this impact you at all? Why even bother mocking them? That’s usually how bullies behave. Cutting down other people because of their own self esteem problems.

  • crazy like me

    Maybe someone can enlighten me. Why do some of you care if fangirls squeel and think Orlando’s wonderful and perfect and cute? How does this impact you at all? Why even bother mocking them? That’s usually how bullies behave. Cutting down other people because of their own self esteem problems.

  • oh please

    Those pics were taken by UNICEF but UNICEF did not give them to people magazine or to Just Jared to post. That was the doing of Robin Baum most likely.

  • lowesteeme

    You’re wrong.
    Not Lambs to be led.
    More like fish in a barrel.

  • crazy like me

    UNICEF released the pictures in THEIR press release. They are distributed through Getty Images. Where ANYONE with a getty account (legal or otherwise) can download them.

    You know what’s funnier than people pretending to have insider information? People who think they’re so savvy and are so not.

  • orlando uncensored unite!

    What a publicist gives photos to a blogger. Who would do that? Who else would do that? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……………………………….

  • grace

    Love him!
    These pics make me :)

  • lol@#67

    Now that you mention it that kid he is holding does look a bit coked
    out, don’t you think? LOL

  • maniuplatng

    Hey, I’m just sayin, it was win/win for him. Interesting sights to see, good publicity. It’s not like he was cleaning up sick, or doing the really hard work. If it helped some people great, but it does not make the man a candidate for a Nobel Prize. And Brangelina, those people are crazy. They may do good things, but I always wonder what is going to happen to those poor kids, when Angelina reinvents herself, as she seems prone to do every so many years. The kids they have adopted probably need special care, and how can they give it to them, while they are hauling themselves all over the world, making movies and posing for cameras. It is hard enough for regular people to interact closely with their kids, and with their schedules, I am thinking the nannies are the one who are emotionally nurturing their kids.

  • dan%nie

    Gosh he looks so good thanks for the pictures Jared.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    #67, that’s not true, he actually roasts and eats the children. I have a super secret source that told me that. Oh, and I forgot to say before that I once observed him taking two USA Todays from the machine when he only paid for one.

    But seriously, it’s good to see anybody doing good works, celebrity or not. I wonder how many charities the sanctimonius twits doing the bashing are working for and donating to. I guess miserable people need everyone else to be miserable as well so they show up on perfectly innocuous threads like this one and start spewing venom. I guess they didn’t get enough hugs as kids. I’m so glad I don’t know anyone like this in real life.

    Seriously, believing that someone really is doing good things, even if it’s just a little bit, is “being a sheep” and “believing whatever we’re spoonfed?” Heaven forbid there should be someone in the world who is *gasp* a good person. I’m all about the snark, but when you start spewing real venom at a person you don’t know that’s messed up. Really messed up.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “Maybe someone can enlighten me. Why do some of you care if fangirls squeel and think Orlando’s wonderful and perfect and cute? How does this impact you at all?”

    Because miserable, joyless people absolutely hate it when they see someone else enjoying themselves. Maybe hurling abuse at people makes them feel good. They must get beat up a LOT in real life.

  • liz

    i love Orlando!!
    he is such a sweetie!
    he is so hot

  • erika

    why are some of you guys bring such jerks about it at least he did something i don’t see you doing anything but complaining

  • Pot, meet Kettle


    Sure, like Orlando fans never show up on Kate threads and bash her.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “Sure, like Orlando fans never show up on Kate threads and bash her.”

    Dang, it took you a whole 82 posts to drag her into it. Get on the ball, people.

    And no, at least in my circle of online friends, we don’t comment on her publicly at all because it gives her attention she doesn’t deserve.

  • craig stairs

    that’s good orlando, let’s hope you volunteer for the civil war that’s sure to breakout in the u.s.a shortly.

  • Attention-hungry Netkook

    “that’s good orlando, let’s hope you volunteer for the civil war that’s sure to breakout in the u.s.a shortly. ”

    Oh for pete’s sake, WTF are on about?

  • oops they did it again…


  • ✿lucy✿

    I Just love him he’s one true heart.

  • Samara

    Orlando proves the theory; the world is bigger than me. Love and peace can be achieved if you just show up and do your part!

  • xxxoff

    Oh for G*ds sake!
    It’s not like he did anything that actually got his hands dirty! He got to see some of the sights, and went to look at some poor and destitute people like they were animals at the zoo! Like most celebutard dilletantes. Including Brangelina. Then came the photo ops with the healthiest and best fed children in the area. Can’t have Mr. Movie Star return to his Hollywood life with any communicable diseases now can we? At least none that he doesn’t get the good old fashioned PrettyBoy way. And let’s not get into the security detail probably conveniently cropped from the photos.
    I doubt Mr. Blooms presence has inspired any rich individuals or corporations or governments who haven’t already donated to UNICEF(believe me, they’re quite popular) to open the coffers more. You know, the people with the REAL money. This was mostly for Mr. Blooms personal interests and gains. Believe me, the monetary returns on these visits, charades an old friend of mine calls them, is very little, if anything, compared to the costs to cover them.

    “Special Ambassador” is an empty but coveted resume title for the social elite/status seekers.

    a Fifteen year International Relief Organization Fundraiser. And Veteran -I’ve done my field work too.

  • @xxxoff

    My sentiments exactly! Give credit to the people who really do the volunteer work, and risk their lives and health. Good for people like you, and I bet no one sent photos of you doing the dirty work out, so you could look could did they?

  • he’s doing more than you

    #89 and #90 why do you care so much? Is it because you are out there in the dirt feeding starving orphans yourself, volunteering for the Peace Corps and giving as much money as you can to worthy causes?

    Nope, didn’t think so.

  • Lainie

    Exactly, I still think the point is being missed here, I though the idea of humanitarian work was to help others, not for recognition. Unfortunately without the help of celebs like Orlando these issue would be ignored. Remember the commercial, would any of us bought the bracelet or even paid attention if it hadn’t been for those stars, probably not.

    Again volunteering and/ or visiting to show you support is far better then sitting on your couch, so lets commend those that do, hands dirty or not.

  • OMG



  • Yay!

    …Carmen is back! Wooot!!

    I still wonder what Kate, Miranda and her Ex have to do with these kids in Nepal… *eyeroll* I guess you guys believe that Orlando did this all to SHOVE it RIGHT into the exes faces. Oh, and make Miranda totally fall for him. Like, OMG, he’s a douche bag for sure! Working with UNICEF! Oh, teh evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111


    You people never fail to amuse me. Thanks for that.

  • orlando uncensored unite!

    Pot, meet Kettle @ 01/11/2008 at 3:42 pm >

    Sure, like Orlando fans never show up on Kate threads and bash her.

    So in other words, you are admitting that’s what you do. Interesting. Of course, being a true Orlando fan means that you must love unconditionally any person attached to Orlando. He would never stoop to bearding for some lesbian cokehead. No way! He would share the coke with her and turn her straight. That way he could parade her around to the paps tweny-four seven and call them up to know where he’s going to be. Even when it is to give her the walking papers at a restaurant two months before it was announced publicly. His hairdresser’s assistant’s told the executive assistant who told my trash picking neighbor that who told me.

  • sally struthers is that you?

    No one needs some has been celebrity to tell them about the plight
    of poor children. Who,besides teenage girls, is going to listen to what Orlando Bloom has to say about poverty or the enviroment? I doubt they’re the ones with the deep pockets who can do anything about it.
    But hey, he got in people magazine for doing something other than leaving the scene of an accident with his bleeding friends in the car so I guess it will pay off for him.

  • Z-list

    #96 you’re are stupid beotch, you should go out and get some fresh air for your dead brain.

  • Z-list

    #You’re a stupid beotch, you should go out to get some fresh air for your dead brain.

  • orlando uncensored unite!

    Ur just jealus fatty haterz.