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Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom Serves Nepal for UNICEF

Orlando Bloom wears flower garlands and a red “tikka” mark on his forehead (local symbols of welcome) while visiting ethnic Tharu children and women at the Sayapatri Community Organization in the village of Dibyanagar in Chitwan district, Nepal.

In his role as an international ambassador for the charity UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), Orlando, 30, toured UNICEF-supported programs in the country’s western region November 30 – December 9, 2007, meeting with UNICEF staff, health facilitators and educators, as well as women’s and other community groups.

Nepal is still recovering from a decade-long civil war that left 13,000 people dead, hampered the delivery of basic services and restricted development of the nation. Malnutrition is the underlying cause of more than 60 per cent of child deaths in Nepal; an estimated 51 per cent of children under the age of five stunted in growth and 48 per cent considerably underweight. However, maternal mortality has significantly reduced from an estimated 539 deaths per 100,000 births in 1996 to 281 maternal deaths per 100,000 births in 2006. Child deaths are also on the decline, putting Nepal on track to reach Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 (the reduction of under-five child mortality and improved maternal health).

Donate now to 10+ to-die-for pictures of Orlando serving Nepal inside…

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Photos: HQ07-2007/Brian Sokol/UNICEF
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  • crazy like me

    You’re a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, reality. If you can’t see that then I’m sorry for you. To be so consumed with a person you hate. I pity you. There is no hysteria in my comments, I merely addressed your points. Show me the hysteria, please.

    And before you feel the need to come back with some sort of attack against me personally I’ll do it for you. I know you pity me because I am a pathetic loser who is blinded by the beauty and perfection of the clearly revolting evil b*stard Orlando Bloom. I’ll take my medication if you’ll take yours, how about that?

  • Cynic

    Yes, #58. Half PR/ Half Charity….
    …….though in a second thought, 60% PR /40% charity. People, normal sensible people, don’t need celeb’s pretty faces adverts to know that miserable state in the 3rd world. Most celebs do charity without pictures. Especially, posed ones like these. Especially when he alone, in one year , consumes more than all of Nepal children could ever dream of consuming in their whole years of poor life…….

    Few comments coming from his fans would be contextual. It’s not really about the inner dimension of doing charity itself, it’s not even about *the children* themselves. it’s just about how sexy, hot, cute, he looks near those little children.

    The children die, they don’t know what a toyota is, but his fans wet their panties. That’s what it is.

  • josh

    #150 You’re a psycho you spent all that time on someone that you don’t like, damn I didn’t know they had so much time in their hands in jail. The new president will have to do something for those losers. SERIOUSLY.

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    Wow, that’s a GOOD thing. SO glad he’s trying to help!

  • Tina

    My love and respect for him grew more after reading this…way to go Orlando….love ya lots…God Bless….

    btw, am nepalese and seeing this pics…how i wished i was there….lol

  • ⎛Manu⎞

    He’s so sweet….bless you Orly and happy birthday.


  • e

    Happy Birthday Orlando,
    I wish the best of everything for you.
    As you make all your birthday wishes, I wish they all come true…
    You are so talented actor, I hope that we will see you in movie for a long time…
    And I hope, joy,health,luck,peace always be in your life.( And kind-hearted person who never hurts to you and who without passion of fame)…

  • hope

    I’m an Orlando fan and he looks happier , more peaceful and unself-concious, than I’ve seen him in years! Close to that old Orli Joy. Hopefully he’ll find a way to balance what truly seems to bring him joy with those things that have clearly not brought him joy. I guess thats what I wish for him this birthday-happiness and new chances.
    And wisdom. We could all use a bit more wisdom.

    As for crazy like me, and Attention-hungry Netkook et. al.-

    On behalf of all the many quieter fans who, like myself lurk and only occasionally post elsewhere within the fandom,


    You’re nutjobs who INVITE the lobs from the “other side” of the aisle and you deserve every hit you take! And you’re no more witty or clever than they are. Pathetic.
    There are thousands of quieter fans out there who understand that not everyone is going to”get” or even like Orlando- and we’re OK with it.
    No big deal. WE can ignore them. But you blowhards….you’re the reason its sometimes hard to admit to being a fan. And I know you’ll never admit it, but Orlando’s fans reputations as zealots and nutjobs contribute to his being a bit of a laughingstock with “outsiders”.
    What’s wrong with YOUR”loser, low esteem, crazy fat cat woman,
    pathetic I-forget -all-the -other-tiresome -insults” LIVES that makes you come on and bully others as well?
    Just because some so-called “hater” dangles a worm in front of you doesn’ mean you have to jump on the hook!

    You give eveyone in this fandom a bad rep.

  • @159

    Great post.
    Except Crazy like Me and Attention-Hungry Netkook are most likely the same person which makes the whole thing even more of an embarrassment-or just funny depending on your point of view.

  • alia

    good job Orli …………….

    I love u more than anything in the world !!

    I am arabian girl and I hope you visit syria in middle east someday..

    u r so kind & lovly man…. i love u sooosoo much!

  • interesting

    A friend of mine, just said that she heard the reason no one has seen Orlando for over ten days is that he has checked into rehab after an intervention by family and friends. They have worked very hard to keep it quiet because they don’t want to damage his image. Maybe it is true, maybe not, but for sure he has disappeared.

  • hmmmm


    Yes, very interesting indeed. And I’m not being snippy, so please don’t take it that way, but any clues as to how your friend might know this? I’m just curious, because amongst very recent discussions with my own fandom friends, we’ve been wondering about this very topic. Of course, we also realize part of this maybe in reaction to the Heath Ledger tragedy; an emotional extension of prior concerns I guess.

    Yes. Very interesting. And if it is true, I wish him all the best. Its been a long time coming.

    Also very interesting is all the Tabloids this week are running with the OB in Nepal pics and ALL of them-ALL- are saying/implying he was there January 10th onward…and he does seem to have disappeared…hmmm…VERY curious timing indeed.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a rehab like facility named Bennons or Badges or Bevins or something like that? Just curious for my own curious reasons.

  • noticed that too.

    I noticed that too about the tabloids all having the 10th as the Nepal date. Either they all just ran off of each other or they were given that date. All except People who had already ran the story in December so they know when he was there. Could mean something or could mean nothing but I did take note of that as well.

  • Oh man

    I was just coming over here to comment on all the UNICEF trip tabloid coverage myself when I saw your two posts!

    Personally I thought he had just disappeared because he wanted to, (and is perfectly capable of it when he REALLY wants it),but….I think I’ll just stick with my original thoughts for now.

    @163- yea,. I agree. All those tabs are saying he was there just a few weeks ago when we all know he was there in December. Interesting. I thiought it might be PR cover for what he really did for his birthday.

    Did you read all of that PR to go with the spreads!? Talk about heavy handed reworking of The Image ,man! Orlando isn’t the nothin’-but-another-fading mediocre talent-partying/clubbing/skanking-Hollywood prettyboy player-only beautiful starlets and models need apply-celebrity oh no! He’s a Romantic Humanitarian don’t ya’ know! A true talent and Prince among heartthrobs! Everybody wants him! He’d make a great faithful husband/father don’t you think ladies? Perhaps even with someone like yourselves yeah?(wink,wink) because romance(cough-PR-cough) is all in the details right? He’d make a great romantic lead, why yes he would…blah blah.

    Any delusional little fangirl (or dried up old raisin) who still thinks this UNICEF trip didn’t have ANYTHING to do with Blooms own self-promotion and reimaging needs their meds adjusted.

    Someone had an interesting question about who owned these photos to be able to sell them to these tabs…if it was UNICEF, well then ok, it went for good… but Bloom has certainly benefited.

  • TO #163

    hmmmm, indeed. Wasn’t January 10th also the day there was that odd mention in a Brazil blog about him being mobbed by the paps there.

  • Hide and Seek

    Well, some say he was spotted in London during that week.-the week of the 10th on.

    The blog site looks real but it is the only entry this person has-who apparently arrived there on the 9th and has already had encounters with Orlando Bloom and Huge Grant.How does a college student live on the same street as Hugh Grant-and does Hugh have a dorm on his street? It’s possible I imagine but interesting none the less. It says she is there from January 9th to April 19th. As of right now there are still no more entries. It’s doubtful anyone would go through that much trouble to a make a fake blog, would they? Of course that doesn’t mean he is in rehab. He might just be hiding for the sake of hiding.

  • anon

    LOL. I’m reading the entries for today and I’m not laughing at anyone here because i happen to agree w/some of the observations in your posts.
    I’m just wondering how quickly we’ll see some pap shots in light of some of these conjectures. It seems to be a bit of a game he plays with his public, yeah?

    I thought he was in London to help judge some film competition entries; was hoping he might then take a real vacation, not a “Hollywood celebrity” vacation.

    Of course, IF the rehab rumours are true, then I too,wish he and his family all the best; hope he’s serious about it. He’d have a second chance at buliding a healthier and stronger foundation for himself.

    And IF these rumours are true, then I think we should back off and give them the time and privacy they want and need.

  • alornon

    if that rumour is true, then time will tell.
    i think its just everyone being extra sensitive because of the Heath Ledger tragedy myself.
    i can’t see Hollywood Orli giving up any chances at hobknobbing and posing and partying during awards season. He’ll be back soon i’m sure.
    isn’t that global green vanity fair, oh excuse me, charity event thingy soon?

  • alornon

    LOL! forgot to add this reminds me of last year around this time he disappeared too. we found out he was on a boat bound for Antartica! so who knows!?
    you know, i always thought there was more to that trip than mere opportunity, you know? he was looking really rough then even more so than recently and always wondered if maybe it was a chance to get him out of LA, dry him out quietly and save face. ironically isn’t Antartica the driest place on the planet? of course he went straight back to Hollywood anyway.
    well as i said, i don’t believe this new rumour myself, but suppose time will tell.


    Where is this runour??? Please show where it says he is in rehab. Whats the betting you cant.

  • Diedre Rachid-barlow

    You lot are priceless!

    God forbid that the guy has just gone somewhere where there are no paps! This isnt the 1st time he has dissappeared for ages either, he entitled to be “out of the spotlight” occasionally.

    Not everything is cloak and dagger. I’m not saying he has never took drugs/drink to excess, but I really have never seen any evidence of him needing rehab.

  • Breathless

    I have to agree with Diedre. So Orlando has stayed out of sight for two weeks and people imagine some diabolical reason? And again people take the word of an anon? I have read a livejournal entry that someone saw Orlando. A theater student in London said her friends spotted him on Kings Road. She posted this the day after his birthday.

    I can’t understand how fans believe eveyrthing they read. Be it in a gossip rag or an anonymous comment. Are you really all this stupid?

  • Breathless

    and wtf are you talking about alornon? people don’t go to antarctica to dry out. and he did not look “rough” before he left. He actually seemed quite happy and looked great if you saw any of the pictures of him right before he left. seriously, everyone needs to get a grip and stop believing everything they read. and no its not about being a fangirl, its about using your brain. do you really believe orlando could enter rehab without someone blabbing? according to our anon someone has a big enough mouth that it got out to a friend of a fan, but not to anyone in the media? riiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Stupid

    C’mon guys.
    You don’t believe everything you see on the net, do you? Especially things posted by an ‘Anon’.
    The guy was in Nepal a month ago, and was photographed looking healthy and happy in an LA dog park just a few weeks ago.

    Are you so missing the opportunity to call him a “famewhore” because he hasn’t been caught by paps in a while?

    The guy just can’t win, can he?

    Next, people will start blaming Orlando for Heath’s death…..”they were friends, why didn’t Orlando help him? He should have known Heath was in trouble. Some friend you are Orlando!!”.
    Wait for it.
    The ‘Karma police’ will show up any time now.

  • Katie

    I think the day Orlando goes in rehab is the day I start doing drugs.

  • oooba dooba

    I think it might be a good idea for some fans and non-fans to just take a deeeep breath. Slow down.

    Observation: An actor, specifically Orlando Bloom, has not been seen or photographed in a couple weeks.

    Conclusion: He’s in rehab.

    What kind of thinking is this? What proof is there besides someone’s word on a message board? Unless I know and trust that source, I’m not automatically taking it as gospel.

    There are hundreds of possibilities here, one of which might just be that he’s been overexposed and knows it. What’s interesting is that some people are so accustomed to seeing him every 10 days or so in pap shots that when he drops off the radar for a couple of weeks, some people flip out. Orlando may need to retrain some of his fans – by getting them used to seeing him less often so they don’t worry or jump to conclusions.

    I hope he stays out of sight for another couple of weeks. He doesn’t have to put on a show for his fans, the paps, or anyone else. IMO.

  • WTF?

    Whats wrong with ALL of you?
    Both those who accknowledged that the rehab rumour was most likely Internet flap but still proceeded to speculate about it


    Those of you who then come on here indignantly defending him and trying to make a federal case against gossip bloggers who already seem to understand its just Internet rumours…defensive hysteria doesn’t do the guy any favours.

    With sicko-fan-ts like all of you, I don’t blame the guy for wanting to disappear.

  • Elli

    soooo sweet :-)
    I love him for doing this :-*

    (sorry my english isn’t so good *smile*)

  • santos

    really cool bro.Namaste

  • http://justjared Gerda

    Orlando Bloom is my hero and proves that there are still celebrities out there who care for people less fortunate than themselves.

  • sharmy

    isnt thhat sweet!!! of him. him and mirranda are part of charities like this and its good 2 c that they r doin this.i gotta say in the 1st, 3rd,5th,10th,12 & 13th pics he woz fine!! n he still matter how he ages he will always b good lookn’.lol! he is such a awsome actor in all his movies. it is such a bummer that he has only 1 2 awards he deserves millions for his acting…and charm!i would totally play water guns with him 2!!! his shirt+ water=see through=mussel=me drewling!! i luv ya orli im 1 of ya biggest fans and i dont care wot u do ..ur fine!!! u r so hhhoooottt! xoxoxoxo


    nice job orlando…you are a real hero..I am also from nepal and one of your greatest fans…