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Rosie O'Donnell Learns to Share Her Toys

Rosie O'Donnell Learns to Share Her Toys

Rosie O’Donnell makes peace with her former “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck sending her baby gifts for 2-month-old son Taylor Thomas and 2-year-old Grace.

“I sent something for him and something for his big sister,” said Rosie. “Because, as the mother of four, I know that when the newborn arrives, the most important thing is a sibling gift. For [Taylor], it was a lot of clothes, because babies spit up a lot. I go to Baby Gap. There is a standard newborn gift pack – as much as you can buy at the Gap without being arrested. And a learning gift, a soft shape sorter. And then for [Grace] who is older, I got a tea set that she loves.”

On her relationship with Elisabeth these days: “We e-mail back and forth,” she said. “She seems good. She looks like she adopted, like she didn’t give birth. She looks perfectly fit and gorgeous already.”

What in the world is going on? Is our dear Rosie getting SOFT?

Read more about Rosie & Liz here!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Rosie these days? YAY or NAY?

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  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    I wouldn’t take any thing from Rosie, don’t trust her.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.


  • nay

    I don’t trust her. She’s got major problems that Rosie

  • Bae

    You know what I would say yay because its never too late to reconcile with someone. Not only that but it shows Rosie is the bigger person here

  • lOL

    That’s one of Rosie’s 3 personalities, Glenda the good witch. Tomorrow there will be another one. Poor Elisabeth having to deal with the different personalities of that fat slob.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Bigger person my A S S.

  • anon

    didn’t rosie say that because she was pregnant that she would no longer “fight” with elizabeth? then the complete meltdown on air happend with Rosie quitting on the spot and trashing her makeup room? will the real rosie please stand up?

  • liza

    I think it was a very generous gift and how nice of Rosie to also think of Taylor’s sister Grace. I don’t have kids but I also love the Gap. When i buy for one of brother’s kids i usually buy at least two sizes too big. That way the kid can grow into the outfit and wear it for awhile.

  • Eathan

    YAY all the way!

  • ann

    That was nice of her. But, I still wouldn’t completely trust her.


    Why tell the media every thing you do? Did she do it for the publicity.? Hard to tell how sincere your someone is when they do something nice for you and then tell the media.

  • Ralph

    I love Rosie. She and Elisabeth were good friends and both sort of got screwed over by the producer of the view who used them for ratings. I’m glad they’ve reconciled. Unfortunately, the show bites without Rosie on it. I stopped watching months ago.

  • roxy

    It was nice BUT I still hater her politics. I don’t listen to any celebrities views on politics. I want them to entertain me – not tell me who to vote for. I do think that being named the most annoying celebrity may have prompted her to do this – it gives her good PR.

  • ra

    I really doubt that Rosie “told the media” about the gifts. She mentioned this in her personal blog, and the media watches that for things they can slam her about. I like Rosie a great deal – I don’t always agree with her, but that’s okay. She’s got a huge heart and does so much for kids through her charities. I was very sorry when Rosie left The View.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Its not going Soft, its being a good human being. I say kudos for her. Better live happy and steer away from drama
    The Arab Aquarius

  • B

    Good for them. I agree with Ralph, I think the producers constantly pitted the two against each other.

  • Anne

    Jared, the picture of Rosie as compares to Elizabeth is so unfair. Why put up a picture with her mouth wide open? I know she is a loud-mouth but come on! I’m not a Rosie fan, infact she often annoys me, but it’s never a bad thing to reconcile. I agree with those of you who say the show used them for ratings.


    Putting something in one’s blog, as a famous person, is as good as a press release. That’s the way it works.

  • bandaid

    ms.faux perfect fake fug elizard b*tch-

    send elizardb*tch a muzzle rosie…

  • Rog

    Love Rosie, not crazy about Elizabeth, but a baby is a great reason to let things go. Rosie is so distorted in the news. She does so many great things for children and those in need, too bad the press does not focus on that.

  • Ely

    Never cared much for Rosie O’Donnell. Dont like her, dont hate her, but I have to mention that she’s corny for speaking about her ‘good deeds’. Is it really necessary to mention all that, unless you want some publicity, huh Rosie?!

  • blair

    Yah! I enjoy Rosie. Sometimes I don’t agree, but I do like her and she has a good heart.

  • Denise

    E l i z a b i t c h

  • Vee

    Oh, C’mon, Denise! Rosie has been snipiing at everything since she started with the Donald. I really used to like her, but not after she went on The View and thought she was the “it” girl. Her attitude is so self-adoring.

  • Astrid

    Rosie is such a fat sloppy pig and Elisabeth is a closed-minded neurotic airhead. They deserve to be friends.

  • lily

    I think people and elisabeth couldn’t seperate the political differences from the personal. I don’t think that Rosie ever hated Elisabeth but everything got blown out of proportion.

    Rosie YAY.

  • Brutally Honest

    i liked it when rosie and elizabeth was fighting on tv and split screen they should of kept that going it was entertaining.. too bad they both are so WEAK ! thats right rosie an elizabeth ARE WEAK!! HAHAHAH! could of been like crossfire….

  • A


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