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Alicia Keys @ BET Honors 2008

Alicia Keys @ BET Honors 2008

Alicia Keys (in Naeem Khan) is magical in magenta at the 2008 BET Honors at the Warner Theater on Saturday night in Washington, DC.

The 27-year-old nine-time Grammy Award winner took home the Entertainment Award for her achievements and contributions of as a leader in the entertainment industry. Congrats, Alicia!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alicia Keys’ jeweled neckline?

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72 Responses to “Alicia Keys @ BET Honors 2008”

  1. 1
    j Says:

    looks like a Beyonce dress,Alicias face and hair are horrid

  2. 2
    j Says:

    cleopatra redux

  3. 3
    jamie Says:

    this is terrible ,she is trying way too hard! looks like a drag queen.

  4. 4
    lily Says:

    i agree. what was her team thinking, everything looks really bad on her. Her mum looks good. Finally she is letting her come around for support.

  5. 5
    TRACY Says:

    Wow. They managed to make her look bad.

  6. 6
    toe u p Says:

    Alicia looks rough, wth happen, at least she shaved her stache, i think.

    Is that Amy Winehouse’s old bee hive on her head?

  7. 7
    vanessa Says:

    wow so gross

  8. 8
    Katie Says:

    Don’t get me wrong im a huge Alicia Keys fan and I think shes gorgeous! but…. the hair and make up on this is um interesting….. the dress is nice though I think if her hair and makeup were dif shed really be bangin in this one!

  9. 9
    nunny Says:

    unless you an egyptian
    hahaha one of the few first ppl to comment

  10. 10
    LOL Says:

    why’s she so ugly?!

  11. 11

    ew why does she look like a alien?

  12. 12
    Brienna Says:

    No NO NO NO. Alicia is usually very gorgeous but she looks horrible here. Whoever did this needs to be fired.

  13. 13
    star Says:

    awful, who did her makeup. what a shame

  14. 14
    lila Says:

    The dress is nice but her face (makeup and hair) is just wrong

  15. 15
    ak Says:

    great color, love jewels around her lovely decollete but ak, this is not working. top heavy (to say the least) and bad make up make her Alicia nefertitish….shame cos shes so talented, beautiful and smart.

  16. 16
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    I like the dress style, very egyptiona. But it needs to be in a different, softer color. That color is too loud for such style. And the makeup is too loud as well, it needs to be smiple, because the neck of the dress is too happening, so u cant add to it by bright makeup.

  17. 17
    zandvluver Says:

    i dont like how she looks I liher before she became really famous when she didn’t put so much make-up her face looked really natural she lookes beatiful i really think she shouldnt put alot of make-up because she just had natural beauty ♥

  18. 18
    Cynthia Says:

    She looks great, but Beyonce dress? B’s head can’t fit that dress, she’s fat!

  19. 19
    Amy Says:

    she looks waxy

  20. 20
    Amri Says:

    Too much of everything – bejewling, hair, and makeup. Ugh!

  21. 21
    goz Says:

    yeah she looks so much different

  22. 22
    tara Says:

    I’ve never thought she was pretty, I guess when she first came out she had the appeal of being new on the scene and she wasn’t ugly so she got attention. but this is terrible, it looks way too overdone and hard and her false eyelashes are on the wrong way, they make her top eyes look wonky and droopy.

  23. 23
    Jenn Says:

    Her face looks all contorted and damaged. She must have been on the crack pipe that night.

  24. 24
    my 2 cents Says:

    This is an event where she can get away with wearing something like this. It’s EVENT hair, makeup and dress. One thing I can’t stand is women dressing at black tie events with a simple dress and flat hair. and no jewels. Stay home with that “simple”.

  25. 25
    not that bad Says:

    she looks cross eyed though,

  26. 26
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    She has a stunning face but too much make-up here. I find it fascinating that her mother is quite average but maaged to have such a stunner of a daughter – I guess must be the mixed genes. She always looks butchy to me but she is quite stunning. Perfect features.

  27. 27
    Name Says:

    nice droplet of lip gloss on my top lip. look at the picture of her face at it’s largest.

  28. 28
    Name Says:

    EDIT: nice droplet of lip gloss on the top lip. look at the picture of her face at it’s largest.

  29. 29
    jade Says:

    I love Alicia,she is one of my favorites. I think the dress looks beautiful on her. I would rather see her hair down and not so much make-up,
    but I still love her.

  30. 30
    argg Says:

    she lukks soo fakee

  31. 31
    rae Says:

    I love the dress but the hair and makeup are awful.

  32. 32
    G550 Says:

    You’re looking at makeup for broadcast, photographed up close, so of course it looks horrid. On the telly it probably looked great. I like the look and the dress is quite ice. It’s retro like an old Eartha Kitt or Ella Fitzgerald or 50s album cover.

  33. 33
    Mad_Hatter Says:

    I like it, I think she looks like and egyptian goddess, Not many people would be able to pull off that look (Beyonce being one of them..sorry fans) but Alica pulls it off nicely :)

  34. 34
    http://beautyaddict1one1.blogs Says:

    hi pls check out my blog for fashion&beauty and the hot new trend

  35. 35
    alicia Says:

    thatas not droplets of lipgloss gross those are like herpes bumps

  36. 36
    clara Says:

    #34 your blog sucks, it’s one looooong page that takes way too long to load. it’s basically like a way too long live journal. before you try to become the next just jared get your skills a bit more sharp and come up with some fresh material.

  37. 37
    BITCH Says:


  38. 38
    Shemp lugosi Says:

    The necklace looks like a Christmas tree skirt. And oh Alicia.. Aunt Bea called, she wants her hair back!

  39. 39
    Wedding Peach Says:

    The bejeweled neckline is chunky and clunky, yet eye-catching, and quite, quite accentuates the dress.

  40. 40
    Shar Says:

    Girl, just say no to makeup, Please!!!!!!

  41. 41
    belle Says:

    wow!!!she looks like a statue!!!!!!!!!!to much make up!!!!!it looks sooo fake!!!!!but i like her outfit!!!!!

  42. 42
    krisnaa Says:

    She doesn’t look like Alicia. Weird make up.

  43. 43
    scared Says:


  44. 44
    scared Says:

    ht ml on this site is a*s.. why allow us to do anything if we can’t do it all, it’s annoying.. almost as annoying as all the zac efron and vanessa what’s her fug face’s constant posts >:/

  45. 45
    Lady Says:

    #23 quote : ‘Her face looks all contorted and damaged. She must have been on the crack pipe that night.’

    Initially I thought the same but on close inspection I realized it was the silly jewelry reflecting on her face.

    I am biracial and I find when makeup artists apply my makeup I look like a drag queen! I don’t know if it is because they don’t know what to do with me lol…. I have seen Alicia before and she looks very gorgeous without the makeup – get another makeup artist Alicia!

  46. 46
    jill Says:

    she needs to lose the false eyelashes, they just make it evem more terrible!

  47. 47
    Vanessahudgensofficial55 Says:

    New pictures video

  48. 48
    Ely Says:

    She is just not a photogenic person. Ouch.

  49. 49
    ⎛Manu⎞ Says:

    Make-up, dress, jewelry, haircut,……..everything is horrid, I LIKE HER LAST ALBUM THOUGH THAT GIRL ROCKS.

  50. 50
    Maniston Says:

    Way too much makeup

  51. 51
    rena Says:

    tara @ 01/13/2008 at 12:00 am I’ve never thought she was pretty, I guess when she first came out she had the appeal of being new on the scene and she wasn’t ugly so she got attention. but this is terrible, it looks way too overdone and hard and her false eyelashes are on the wrong way, they make her top eyes look wonky and droopy.

    tara 22 ITA, never thought she was that great looking, she’s cute.
    Talent is what I like about her.

  52. 52
    stefanie Says:

    The dress is gorgeous, just on the wrong person.
    Too much makeup, and her face looks so uncomfortable.

    Very pretty girl, just wrong get-up.

  53. 53
    Christa Says:

    She usually looks gorgeous, but not in this picture. Everything is just wrong.

  54. 54
    say what? Says:

    How many layers of makeup is she wearing? It almost looks unclean.

  55. 55
    moviemadness Says:

    not cute

  56. 56
    agathi Says:

    i love her voice and she is beautiful

    but this is so funny ….she isnt her

  57. 57
    Amada Says:

    Beautiful dress but she looks HORRIBLE! She has on POUNDS of makeup and that hair looks like a HOT MESS!!!!!!

  58. 58
    anonymous Says:

    The dress is beautiful. A simple upswept ponytail would’ve done the trick. I can’t wait for her to stop giving us that faux hard-core ghetto smirk. She’s too beautiful and intelligent for that nonsense. It’s time to leave Hell’s kitchen behind.

  59. 59
    paris 1 fan Says:

    she is fat .

  60. 60
    andré Says:

    everything is wrong here.
    even her make up.
    i’ve never seen her this flugly.

  61. 61
    blueangel Says:

    Alicia is very pretty but you wouldn’t know that from these pictures. She needs to wear a different dress and put her hair down.

  62. 62
    just precious Says:

    hahahaha…she looks really…eh…special. i’m starting to think she’s a bit of an excentric. that hairdo doesn’t suit her face at all and although I actually like the neckline of the dress, the color and the cut just doesn’t match it…it doesn’t make it work for me. anyway…there’s just something about that girl that i find kind of off-putting. i’m not sure what it is tho…

  63. 63
    amber Says:

    She’s a naturally pretty girl – she needs to tone down the hideous makeup. And that hair is criminal.

  64. 64
    duckie Says:

    ahem…not her best look. I love Alicia anyway.

  65. 65
    oh no! Says:

    What happen to her? I mean she is a pretty lady, but here it’s painful to look at :)

  66. 66
    syl c. Says:

    What tomb did the archaelogists excavate………… to find this wannabe egyptian princess?

  67. 67
    Whyyyyyyyyy Says:

    I concur with all who said the makeup was crazy it was too bright around the eyes……..

  68. 68
    punta Says:

    I think she has a spray-on tan that turned her shin from caramel to orangy-mud.

  69. 69
    Jes Says:

    omg… ew. i hate her to begin with, she always looks like she’s stoned or lazy-eyed because of the way her eyes are hardly EVER fully open….
    this takes the icing on the cake though. the dress is really nice… the person wearing it is disgusting!!!!

  70. 70
    agent2k3 Says:


  71. 71
    bheng Says:

    alicia your the best!!!!
    your so beattiful, smart, kind-hearted, talented (a total package) person..

    your the best!!!!

    love you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 72
    D Says:

    f all you guys! stop hating

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