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Criss Angel: How Britney's Performance Was Supposed to Turn Out

Criss Angel: How Britney's Performance Was Supposed to Turn Out

If magic man Criss Angel had his way, Britney Spears‘ 2007 VMAs Performance would have turned out much, much, much differently.

The L.A. Times recently spoke with the 40-year-old magician to hear his original ideas for Britney‘s VMAs performance. Here’s what he said:

“With Britney I presented concepts to create, within her performance, illusions that would happen in the open. You would see Britney and then she would split into two Britneys and then four Britneys with no boxes or covers. It would just be a visual effect using no screens. People in the past have used the art of magic in music performances but mostly in a cheesy way. Magic has not kept up with popular culture and technology.

“Other things I wanted to do with her was to literally transform her into birds and then for her to reappear in the audience. I also thought of having her levitate over the audience. It was going to be really visual moments that were all epic tableaux that were beautiful, artistic, elegant and, most important, unique — things MTV hasn’t seen in music. I wanted to captivate people in the moment. That was the essence of what I wanted to do with the Britney performance, because I think the performance she did with the snake was a highlight of her career and I wanted to trump that and I thought we had it.”

So, what happened?

Britney is really strong with her own ideas. And what I had planned wasn’t an easy thing to do and would have required a lot of rehearsals. Ultimately, I told her I needed 100% commitment or I wasn’t going to be able to do this. I told her that, ‘You have to feel comfortable.’ So, we explored it and she decided it wasn’t for her, and I completely understand.”

Sounds like it would have been an unforgettable performance to see Britney split herself into four. Not that her actual performance wasn’t unforgettable to begin with! If only Britney gave it her all…

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  • Manda



    stupid britney didn’t say Yes to Criss angel!
    That would be cool if that happend.

  • Manda

    haha i was first!

  • Amy

    FOURTH!!!! What Criss described would have been so AWSOME!!!!!!!

  • luke


  • Cynthia

    How many times is this douche going to talk about what if about that damn VMA incident with Shitney? It’s water under the bridge, I truly believe it wouldn’t have been any better.

  • zandvluver

    lol.. I could just picture that preformance!


  • The Arab Aquarius

    Ah…. would have been a magnificent performance.
    But its not realistic, maybe in a different time, but at that moment and till now, it would awesome for Britney just to function normally, less do all that hard work.

  • Princess Gavie

    OLD NEWS!!!!

  • emch


  • Jennifer

    you can see her armpit hair…disgusting!

  • Didi

    she’s already split into four Britneys. we can see all her f*cked up personalities

  • menna


  • goz

    way too crazy

  • cscs


  • Kendra

    omg if Britney went with Criss’s way then she wouldnt have such an aweful comeback!

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    that would have been the best thing anyone has ever done, she is a dumbass, i think it would have taken her into another level, that no artist has ever been……..i hope she changes her mind for the next album and does that………if she will make it alive out of her messed up life!

  • anonymous

    thanks for sharing, i was wondering what he actually had planned for her. it sounds like it would’ve been really impressive.

  • Silly

    It required work and commitment, of course she wasn’t going to do it. She’s too busy drinking, taking drugs, and hooking up with random people,

  • Denise

    Angel is living in the past. What a loser this pinhead is.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    sureeeeeeeeeee criss, whatever you say.

  • vitoria

    i can’t believe it hahaha i would say 28 or something like that!
    he’s hot anyways…

  • rae

    It would require actual work and time and he really thought he had a chance? No way would Britney go for that. She’s too busy being a trainwreck.

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  • Tina

    i dont hate Brit.
    she just needs to change her life around.
    it would have been cool if she went along with Chriss idea.
    she’s going through alot.
    cut her some slack.

  • brian

    this guy is so full of sh*t. i have friends who live in vegas that have been at tapings of his show. one time he did some stunt on a bike where he was supposed to go off a cliff or some garbage, the people there saw him do some ground work and no “in air” stuff and were told to “look up in awe” like they saw him up there.. they added in the rest of the stuff later. another time when he “walks on water” in the pool, there are glass plates under certain sections of the water.
    he’s a modern day scam artist, but it’s nobody’s fault but his fans for making him so successful.. good for him, he’s got everyone fooled. people will believe anything they want to believe in. it makes people think there’s more to life then we see.

  • blah blah

    #24 your blog sucks, it’s one looooong page that takes way too long to load. it’s basically like a way too long live journal. before you try to become the next just jared get your skills a bit more sharp and come up with some fresh material.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    # 26, you really are stupid arent you?, do u really thought he could levitate? or do all those things for real? do u think all the magicians have special powers? damn ……

  • jasmine

    i think #26 was just sick of hearing chris angel talk about himself like her was seriously magical when he apparently does very little to hide the fact that he isn’t

  • remember da truth

    Cynthia #6 is your life so empty you have to trash someone, anyone to feel better? He hasn’t talked about Britney at all, ever, except to deny he was sleeping with her. IDIOT!

    And when the LA Times is asking you about your entertainment concepts for a nationally televised show that people are still talking about — yeah, you answer.

    What exactly is your problem?

  • remember da truth

    ROFL!!! Brian #26, you mean he doesn’t REALLY walk on water?!?! Oh my, I thought real MAGIC was happening! Oh, you sooooo totally blew my hopes and dreams!
    What a fool you are! yeah, there are TRICKS, it’s all an ILLUSION! LOL!!! Get a grip on reality, dude.

    Of course Britney wouldn’t do anything that required work. She couldn’t even handle the rehearsals for the simple show she did. To devote time and effort to something? She can’t even do that for her KIDS.

  • SillyImp

    I think that we can all agree that ANYTHING would have been better than what she did. Britney doesn’t want to do any hard work, whether in her career or her personal life. I’ve thought for a long time that she’s crazy, but I also think she’s a spoiled brat prone to tantrums and laziness.

  • Vanessahudgensofficial55

    New pictures video

  • kelly jerk

    It needs a song: One Britney disturbs many people, two Britneys disturbs, disturbs much more…FOUR Britneys would be the hell on earth

  • Mandy

    I’m pretty sure that now she wanted to go back in time and do what Criss Angel said…
    Shame on you,Britney!

  • lola

    Sounds cool…but who cares about that anymore?

    –read my blog at

  • Cynthia

    Drop dead rememba the tooth whatever your effing name is, what’s your problem, do you have a life IMBECILE? I look way better than Shitney, and every thing I say about her in this blog or any other blog is justified. That fraudulent, ugly douche nozzle Chris just want to extend his five minutes by using her name. I’m sure he volunteered for the 100th time that what if to anybody that was willing to listen.

  • nikkicole

    HES 40?!!!?
    well he is smokin hot to be 40!!

  • WTF

    2, 4 Britneys? One is way too many as it is.

  • Galina

    i think she has just lost her way and deserves one more chance without being accused all the time. dont you think EVERYONE deserves that???

  • Alysa

    check out my blog at

  • salma

    what future is there for children and their names when they get older

  • http://http// marilou r

    is that what tabloids says.

  • a person

    she is just messed up in the head and every one knows it!

  • http://blah! heloves meeee

    you guys are so lame,
    he doesnt love britt.
    he loves me
    your all jealous.

  • lala

    she needs to shaveee (:

  • K J

    I’ve never been more disappointed in my life than reading this. God, that would have been amazing. I’d still love to see that. I just hope no one snaps Criss up first. He’s such a ho that I’m surprised he hasn’t done this performance with some other singer. :) But then again, who out there actually does what Britney does. She’s so much more talented and unique than anyone remembers because she’s been so crazy for the past few years. I hope she can get back to that. I can’t think of a better performance that the one above. Hmmm…