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Britney Spears + Adnan Ghalib = 2Gether 4Ever

Britney Spears + Adnan Ghalib = 2Gether 4Ever

Britney Spears and paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib shop up a storm in Los Angeles on Sunday, causing mass pandemonium. Watch the video below! Highlights are as follows:

The paparazzi all scream and chant, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” and then Adnan smiles.

Before he gets into his car and drives Britney away, a paparazzo pal affectionately rubs Adnan‘s head.

Translation: Good job, dude. You scored with Britney!

Towards the end of the video, Britney has had it and literally screams, “I’m f—— over it! I’m f—— over it! Out of my g—— face!”

Britney Spears + Adnan Ghalib = 2Gether 4Ever
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49 Responses to “Britney Spears + Adnan Ghalib = 2Gether 4Ever”

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  1. 1
    Keira Says:

    She’s just keeping it classy.

  2. 2
    Globe for BAMpzs Says:

    She needs major help.

  3. 3
    osmosis Says:

    “I’m ******* over it!” So are we, Britney. So are we.

  4. 4
    wow! Says:

    That video is amazing. Her patience is incredible. The way they hound her is insane – makes me sick to watch it. No peace at all. Big question – why doesn’t she stay home for a bit? How do the know where she is unless they are following her which makes it even worse.

  5. 5
    karen Says:

    thats scary on alot of levels

  6. 6
    Jane Says:

    Patience? She’s nuts. And it’s not like they just KNOW where Britney’s going to be. Someone in her camp (probably Adnan, now) calls all of their paparazzi buddies and tells them where she’s going to be. If she really wanted to be left alone, she wouldn’t wander convenience stores in the middle of the night. She’d stay at home. Hear the way she’s screaming at them in a British accent? I’d say that’s her second personality, at least. She’s an absolutely insane press-hound. As soon as they stop putting her in the papers, she’s no one. And at least, if nothing else, she knows this. She WANTS them to be all over her. Her talent is gone. All she has left is her name and “personality”.

  7. 7
    jade Says:

    It amazes me how many times a day Britney and her paparazzo boy-
    friend have to be out in public to buy something.They both love the attention.I have seen pictures of them buying 2 packs of cigarettes and
    they go through all that chaos. With all the money Britney has she could afford to buy boxes of cigarettes and stay home. We’ll see if she’s at court tomorrow. BTW,Adnan is enjoying all of this nonsense.

  8. 8
    pinkrose Says:

    You would have to very sick in the head to put up with this everyday. The fact that Britney leaves her house everyday, for virtually no reason, just to perpetuate the circus, tells me that she is mistaking this for true love and adulation.

  9. 9
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    Why the hell is she with him if shes so annoyed. I love her, but girl gotta use one braincell at least.

  10. 10
    sillyme Says:

    If Brit doesn’t want to be followed around by these folks the way she does, she needs to stop courting them. One day she’s complaining (or seems to), and the next day they’re her best friends. It seems they’re the only “friends” that she has. And, there have even been rumors/reports that some days she lets them know her schedule. She seems to love the attention. If they didn’t follow her around the way they do, she’d probably take it badly, because she seems to feed off all the attention.

  11. 11
    sarah Says:

    I really hope that she isn’t purposely doing all this to herself just so she can remain in tabloids. its better to fade out of the scene gradually than to become a freaking psycho for the world to see. I don’t know how she can put up with the paparazzi– if I had to deal with that on a daily basis, I’d probably lose my mind too. Part of me feels sorry for her, but I really wish she would just stay home for a while so she wouldn’t have to deal with the paparazzi madness and so we wouldn’t have to hear about her 24/7.

  12. 12
    why Says:

    Since when did Brit become a Brit!! Enough of the fake phony english accent! Stop trying to be someone else!

  13. 13
    Rose Says:

    Oh goodness, leave Britney alone!!! Paparazzi is tormenting her and is in no way cooperating with her mental rehabilitation!!!

  14. 14
    heaven Says:

    if she is so sick about the papz in her face, why doesnt she stay home. supposedly, they are going shopping…. i did not see any shopping bags at all, but one plastic one that he was holding… she seriously needs to go to somewhere far, for like 3 months, return a different person, make a comeback… to respect her again, she needs to change. i wish she’d just stay home and focus on healing herself so she can get her children back. Unfortunately, i do not know what her parents and family are doing, but they need to intervene… there is a great sense of loneliness inside her, and she tries to fill up that void with “people” that are “protecting” her best interest…. her actions are a cry for help.

  15. 15
    Anonymous Says:

    What’s up with her fake British accent? I guess that is one of her multiple personalities.

  16. 16
    heaven Says:

    also, Britney is popular not because she is an artist, she may be on tabloids and is constantly surrounded by pappz only because she is the most unpredictable person at the moment. it is sad, she has become popular only because she is what we call, a train wreck, we cant help but watch.

  17. 17
    kel Says:

    what’s the deal with the british accent psycho brit??!!!

  18. 18

    bahaha, da brit, what a character w/her british accent, i seriously think that da brit is addicted parading herself to the papz eventhough she acts like she hated it, she’s out every single day.

  19. 19
    Gobo Says:

    women have no common sense.

  20. 20
    He-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    I give a Hi5 to what everybody on this thread here is saying..I don’t feel sorry for Britney Spears anymore. She’s asking for all the attention knowing her talent has faded. I don’t have people on my payroll like Britney, and i only need to shop for groceries once a week. Most of these videos show that Brit leaves her house for nothing! She only walks around the store and gets out empty handed then pretend to be annoyed by the paps.At least if she’s shopping that many times, why does she need to come back the next day? And Adnan seems to be jobless now just so to follow Bitney Spears around like a goldigger, so is Britney footing the bill for all his living expenses? I hope what they have is real and they stay together, She does look happy with Adnan.

  21. 21
    omg Says:

    ive read shitloads of trash talking comments in this site but said nothing.cuz its the right thign to do and i dont dig trash talking…..but when u dont say wat u want to say,it builds up inside u and its funny,when u feel so much hate towards people u dont even know..its amazing how people in this site talk **** about britney as if they knwo her and know whats really going on in her life,just cuz u buy $3 magazines,read and see her on every tabloids doesnt mean u know low can you go,talking **** about people YOU DONT REALLY KNOW how old are you people?12?u still in high school? no? oh,apparantly u act like one.

    she is weak as **** for some reason,people criticise and talk **** about her all the time for their own luxury…no wonder shes a go pyscho on those paps asses if i was her too…i love getting peoples attention,dont we all? but omfg not the kind of attention that she gets all the time,thanks but no thanks.fucken hell how annoying are they…they are like what?? 5 inches away from her face…wtffff??they live in their cars outside her villa..stalker much?i understand,thats their proffession and they get shitloads of money by doing it but have some dignity.making other peoples lives ******* than ever just so that u can have a lot of dosh is just a low blow.

    just cuz shes a buhjillionaire doesnt mean she cant go out..if i was as filthy rich as her,why the hell should i stay at home and be emo…damn id go out 24/7 and enjoy life more! shes trying to enjoy life and live like a normal person as much as she can but everyone stops her from having that privilege.because they are being selfish and inconsiderate of her feelings…..wuda been bettr if they just take a picture….not stay too close and omg…they are noisy as ****,they stand so close next to her,they are like hungry pigs….hazard alert.jeesus chrissst!

  22. 22
    dru Says:

    awts… do u think they will last forever?

  23. 23
    dru Says:

    awts… i dont think they will last forever?

  24. 24
    CG Says:

    love Britney

  25. 25
    agathi Says:

    poor britney….i wolud have bitten them all if i was britney

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