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Wentworth Miller Reunites With Amie Bice

Wentworth Miller Reunites With Amie Bice

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller grabs lunch at “Quality Food and Beverage” on 3rd Street with female friend Amie Bice in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The pair drove off in Went‘s Toyota Highlander Hybrid. If you look closely enough, the car has a Texas license plate. He probably drove the hybrid from Dallas to Los Angeles since Prison Break shoots in Dallas.

Wentworth and Amy (both 35) caused quite the Internet commotion last April when the pair was spotted hanging out quite a lot. See examples: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

And whadda ya know? Prison Break returns with new episodes starting tomorrow, Jan. 14th @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

FYI: Read up on one fan’s encounter of running into Wentworth. He rubs some girl’s arm!

UPDATE: 25+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller and Amie Bice‘s lunch date

Just Jared on Facebook
amie bice wentworth miller 01
amie bice wentworth miller 02
amie bice wentworth miller 03
amie bice wentworth miller 04
amie bice wentworth miller 05
amie bice wentworth miller 06
amie bice wentworth miller 07
amie bice wentworth miller 08
amie bice wentworth miller 09
amie bice wentworth miller 10
amie bice wentworth miller 11
amie bice wentworth miller 12
amie bice wentworth miller 13
amie bice wentworth miller 14
amie bice wentworth miller 15
amie bice wentworth miller 16
amie bice wentworth miller 17
amie bice wentworth miller 18
amie bice wentworth miller 19
amie bice wentworth miller 20
amie bice wentworth miller 21
amie bice wentworth miller 22
amie bice wentworth miller 23
amie bice wentworth miller 24
amie bice wentworth miller 25

Photos: Karl Larsen/, Dave V/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • pete

    i love him! he`s sooo hot

  • Bre


  • Lyn


  • CG


    That’s OK :( :D

  • Mad_Hatter

    oh no here we go

  • Giulia

    OMG HE SO DAMN HOT! And she is the luckiest girl in the world today!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    She has a ring on her left finger. I bet she and Went are secretly engaged.

  • em

    He looks hot!

  • sandrine

    they’re not engaged. she isn’t enough good for him. HE’s SO HOT & SEXY

  • Giulia

    ps. Thanks Jared you are the best as always!!!! :)

  • sandrine

    SHE’S TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LL

    He looks really happy! I didn’t notice the ring at first (I wasn’t looking at her, lol), but if they are engaged I hope they’ll live a long and happy life together! :)
    Sandrine, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she’s not an ugly woman at all (nobody looks their best next to him). If she’s managed to get Went to propose to her, she must be special!

  • kate


  • Aylla

    UUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFF, sucha relief not to see him with this horrid teacosy on his head.

  • mimi 78

    He is so adorable! Went why don’t you have lunch with me sometimes? I? l would just stare at you and occasionally sigh, no crazy fangirl fits I promise!

  • no

    he is gay, everybody knows

  • LL

    # 16, no, everybody doesn’t know that. ;)

  • Um

    #16. People claim they know this, but never back themselves up with proof. It’s funny. Anyways, MOST of his fans don’t care if he is straight, gay, or sleeping with donkey’s. ;)

  • emmy

    Oh, please, she`s to old? He`s not 25.. I bet she is younger than him. So glad to finally se him smile on a picture! If they are a couple, you go Went! :)

  • Eathan

    He’s gay, this is just his friend!

  • ??

    WOW!! I missed him.
    Who is she?

  • LL

    so Eathan, you agree that a picture of him taking a walk with someone doesn’t prove anything, then? ;)

  • Um

    Right LL. lol. He’s walking with a girl, so this must mean he’s straight! Since many sadly think that walk with Luke meant he’s gay.

  • freak

    He is gay, and doing his monthly outing with a girl.

  • LL

    I know, when he takes a walk with Luke he’s gay, but when he walks with a woman she’s just a friend! Hilarious! :D :D :D

  • Eathan

    He’s gay, everybody knows that.

    He was never seen with this girl doing anything else but walking and shopping, check that video that was posted and you’ll see they act like two friends, not lovers.

  • LL

    my last comment was for # 23, but I think you got that…

  • mel

    That’s not an engagement ring. It just looks like an ordinary ring to me.

    And thanks Jared for these!

  • LL

    Eathan, were the photos with Luke were sexual in any way? Give me a break, he walks closer to her than to Luke, and during their last outing he put his arm around her. It’s not an established fact that he’s gay, it’s your opinion, dear, learn the difference. Everybody does not know he’s gay, or we wouldn’t have this discussion, dear. ;)

  • liz

    He looks happy, I’m happy, too. Be good Went!

  • Um

    #24 Freak – monthly? Nice try but it’s been pretty sparse for Went candids, and the last time we saw him out with a girl was Spring of last year, if I’m not mistaken. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. He is usually solo in candids.

    LL – people are funny huh?

  • mel

    That’s not an engagement ring…looks like an ordinary ring to me!

    Thanks for these, jared!

  • LL

    Liz, i agree, as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters! :)

  • dreamer

    I’ll pay to just hang around him like that and be able to stare at him all day long.

  • LL

    And now we know where he is! LA!!!! ;)

  • Vanessahudgensofficial65

    New pictures video

  • gag

    it’s just for show. he’s gay.

  • freak

    Seeing him walk with this chubby girl is even more indication that he’s gay. A straight guy with his status would want and be able to get a sexy girl. She’s obviously a fag-hag.

  • Amie bice – shaming twice

    Better Scarfalotta pics than no Went at all…

  • LL

    Most straight guys prefer slightly curvier women. It’s the gay designers that like stick insects! ;)

  • Um

    Freak – So, are you saying that he can only have sexy friends because he’s hot? Wow. How old are you?

  • samira


    That’s it, the debate is restarted lol !!!! .

  • dfwchick

    i don’t think those pics are in L.A. I think they are dallas by the look of the bus in the background and the fact that the vehicle he’s walking to clearly has a texas sticker on the window. unless he drove it to california.

    yay, so he’s in texas!!!!

  • emmy

    # 38, who are you to judge?? I think she`s sweet. Stop making comments like that, you are talking about an other human beeing…

  • audra

    He’s too hot for her.

  • LL

    Audra, she’s pretty, and there is more to her than meets the eye. She’s probably intelligent, she manages to keep Went entertained! Don’t judge a book by its cover… :)

  • Giulia

    @dfwchick: I don’t think he’s in texas, maybe that sticker is from last december while he was in Dallas shooting PB. Now the production is stopped so… those pics were taken in L.A. IMHO.

    And about gay or not gay..WTF that is not our business!! I think he’s a gorgeous man and a wonderful actor, his sexual orientation is not OUR affair so stop with those stupid comments.

  • Aylla

    freak-I just wonder why you think you can offend people (comment about Ammie Bice)? Just because you are anonymous? Also, there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks IMO, don’t judge people by their looks- it’s shallow.

  • Lilou

    Toujours aussi mignon Went !
    alors, ils sont ensemble ou pas ?

  • samira


    If you are a girl, I think maybe it’s jealousy that you say bad things about this girl.
    Grow up a little, instead of saying the stupidities, as he is beautiful, he should be with girls sexy. What is this mentality sincerely ???????.

    You would have preferred he is with a bimbo.
    That’s why I appreciate him, he remains himself, simple, modest, more open-minded and more intelligent than you anyway.