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Amy Winehouse & Kelly Osbourne: BFFs Forever

Amy Winehouse & Kelly Osbourne: BFFs Forever

Amy Winehouse lets her newly blond hair down while visiting BFF Kelly Osbourne for lunch in London on Sunday.

Wino was looking quite sporty wearing a pair of classic Reeboks and matching tracksuit.

When asked what they were up to, Kelly said “Amy is popping round for Sunday lunch.”

Keep poppin’, ladies!

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  • Choco*


  • Brittany

    ^ who cares

  • Rachel

    What’s with the NEW BFF title?

    Jared do your homework these two have been friends for years.

  • ah

    Kelly looks nice.

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-


  • Omgchocowelldone

    Congratulations Choco!

  • :)

    eww…shes looks scary

  • eva

    amyy ñlooksss horrible..
    she looks better with black long hairr…
    i don’t like her now…
    but she sings so goodd

    she will have to die her hair anotehr time to lack
    pleaseee back to black! lol

  • nicoleee

    omfg she is so freakin scary i dont like either of them!

  • kathy

    The voice and person just do not match

  • Tauros

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…Kelly looks fine but i really don’t like her as a person.

  • Tauros

    I forgot! I was #11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jk

    poor amy. i like her songs, but she looks so bad. stop with the drugs and try to take controll of your life again, girl. you are very talented.

    it`s just so sad.

  • Vanessahudgensofficial65

    New pictures video

  • Tauros


    Liron means my song
    Max means Greatest

    Max Liron = My Greatest Song

    Sweet girl.

  • Alya

    is Amy a man????

  • Alya

    is Amy a man???

  • rae

    Kelly looks fine but Amy looks awful. Wow.

  • nana

    Amy is horrible
    If I have been walking in street and found her I think I will die of scared

  • Laura

    Amy looks like a charva

  • Helena

    #14, GO AWAY!

  • erika

    ew amy winehouse is just scary
    kelly is a little better

  • anonymus

    I like her pants :D But otherwise scary..

  • nina

    Freakin scary.
    I hope she never goes out on Halloween.
    Someone would really catch a heart attack.

  • Angi

    q chicas mas feas!!!!!! LOVE THE PUG

  • blueangel

    Amy looks worse than ever with blonde hair. It looks overprocessed like she dyed it herself. It’s atrocious.

  • Anna

    amy looks sooo ugly!
    she doesn’t even look human!

  • Myra

    Kelly looks good, but I’m not so sure about Amy. One word: Woah.

  • Sandbitch

    In the best interests of the species, those two individuals should be prevented from breeding.

  • gabby*

    OMG! amy looks sooo uuuglyy!! 0.0
    I don’t like her blonde hair!!!

  • frida

    i would be scared if i saw amy on the street the hair and the make up is just to much for me to handle
    kelly is not a fashion icon but hope she can give her some advice:)

  • steph

    It does look overprocessed. :\

    I don’t think it would’ve looked as bad if she had kept it a little longer and had had someone professionally dye it.

  • http://deleted Z

    OK; amy isn’t beautiful but, her voice IS.

  • SC

    Amy is just looking like a mess now. Why is she wearing all the fitness/sweat gear, does she think she needs to exercise? Good grief! I’ve read that AW is a role model for pro-anas…..why would the way she looks be inspiring to anyone?

    KO is a stunning looking girl. Just because she is not a “classic beauty” doesn’t mean shes unattractive. She certainly could teach AW a thing or two about rehab and eliminating demons.

  • elli

    wow I think she is officially the ugliest girl ive ever seen

    like how even her “friend” Kelly is shocked in pic #3 over her hair

  • elli

    wow I think she is officially the ugliest girl ive ever seen

    like how even her “friend” Kelly is shocked in pic #3 over her hair

  • jamie

    amy is in desperate need of a makeoverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she looks like a crack whore! her hair is a messsssssssssssss

  • lola

    Umm…well, at least Kelly looks nice…and human. Too bad I can’t say the same for Amy!

    –read my blog at

  • andrĂ©

    it’s gotta be the ugliest and junkiest double ever.

  • lololololol 696969

    ewwwww wtff!!! her hairs disgustingg!!!@#!$!%$#^

  • remember da truth

    Jeez, is this two posters changing names or do you all have the inability to come up with an original thought?

  • lily

    a chav and a junkie rolled into one= Amy.

  • luckyL

    Kelly’s hair and makeup tends to always look well done. Amy, poor dye job sweets

  • none

    anyone know where I can get that tracksuit?

  • The Arab Aquarius


  • buckeyegurl

    I didn’t think it was possible for AW to look worse than she did before, but I was clearly wrong! She looks like a crack who*re now, damn that is sad. All that talent going to waste.

  • Nicole

    Kelly,leave thet poor dog alone at home!!!

  • Bruna

    at least ay chopped off that nasty hair of hers.


    she looks so nasty ….gross


  • alyssa

    ohmy.. her hair looks like a mop.. and all fried and fake.. yuck