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Christina Aguilera's Baby Joy Video

Christina Aguilera's Baby Joy Video

Christina Aguilera posted a little message on her official website celebrating the birth of her first son Max Liron Bratman. Watch the video below or download it here. It contains video footage from her personal wedding video! Here’s Xtina‘s message to the world:

“Dear fans,

Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan [Bratman] and I as we welcome our first son into this world.

In honor of our love for each other and our growing family, I have put together a special video for the song “Save Me From Myself” off my Back to Basics album. This video is very dear to me as it includes actual footage from our personal wedding video!

Just a little something to say ‘thank you’ for your undying love and support. It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!

Please download and enjoy…

With all my love,


Christina Aguilera‘s Baby Joy Video
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  • Sarah


  • diva

    Not too fond of her wedding outfit. I am glad she is happy though. She seems normal compared to a lot of others her age in Hollywood.

  • Kayla

    I love it!!! And her. I’m so glad she’s not keeping it all under wraps so we have to play guessing games about him.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    she is really beautiful but damn she got really ugly when she got pregnant, and it wasnt because she was gaining weight, her face changed, she got ugly for some reason, hope she goes back to being pretty.

  • xsleekx

    thats a really lovely thing of her to say, im really glad they are happy and hope they remain that way.

  • Haylie

    That was really cool, shes so awesome!

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    haha i bet when she gets a divorce in a year or so, and cant loose the baby weight, she’ll go crazy like britney, sorry i dont mean to be mean, or negative, but we all know its gonna happen, it happens with many child superstars……

  • fookyu

    you are being negative asshole! fuck you!

  • Anne

    One of my favorite song from the album. Beautiful vid! Congrats to the happy parents!

  • Sophia

    She’s so lovely. Congrats to her and Jordan!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    One of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I can’t help but think of the similarities or lack of between her and Britney. They both had similar lives but yet hers seems under control. And to think, people used to think she would be the has been. Congrats Christina!

  • Nessa

    thats sooooo sweet of her

    congratulations to her, jordan and max they will make wonderful parents.

  • kat

    she is GORGEOUS
    the clip is amazing… really moving.
    its so good to see her so happy.
    congrats on the baby boy!

  • claire

    omg she’s sooo great!!i really like her,she’s so much better than this crazy britney!and she’s more beautiful with less make-up on.

  • essie

    woah i thought she was bleeding

  • mrs.zebra

    She’s extraordinary, I love everything she does and this video was genius in its simplicity. I love her

  • dfdf

    amazinggg..she is mi GODD…is amazingg and congrants for the baby boyyy

  • velvett

    That was so sweet. You can tell she really loves Jordan not some PR stunt.

    As far as her looks during pregnancy. Try carrying a baby in your belly for 9 months with all the weight and water gain plus crazy hormones and see how wondeful you look. She looked like any other pg woman and that’s beautiful!!

  • dfdf

    amazingg…xtina i love you girll..she is uniccc..amazing wowow
    congrantss..for the baby

  • M.

    She’s beautiful and so is everything she does. This video is so sweet and moving, and ‘save me from myself’ is great song, i love it :)

  • Kat

    Not too fond of her wedding gown either, but for the vid: she looks really beautiful! So simple yet so sweet. Jeans, cute top, flat, less make up than usually (which really suits her) and a regular hair do… she’s so pretty when she’s not staged up! natural beauty…

  • fra

    Britney and Christina in their youth walked a similar path.

    Its too bad Britney did not find an anchor and safe harbor (i.e Jordon) as per peer was fortunate enough to do. Its possible to have a career and a separate family life when you have the love and solid support of someone who as she sings, can “save me from myself”.

    Congratulations to Jordon, Christina and welcome to the world Max.

    Our prayers to Britney that her anchor comes and finds her soon.

  • caravaggio


  • http://justjared star

    very cool. have always liked her. congrats

  • Helena

    So great video! She looks amazing :)

  • Diama

    wow! she is so beautiful. i love her

  • yobi loves xtina

    this video made my day. cuz now i gotta go to work. lol.

    i love xtina! :D

  • Melissa

    that was really pretty – congrats Christina!

  • cjean

    A class act all the way. I’ve never been a “fan” but having children, I respect and admire celebrities who are grounded and humble, human, good role models. Again, a class act. I wish the Bratman family all that is wonderful in this new phase of their lives together.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Yes prayers to Britney. Christina should reach out to her. Cause Christina really figured it out. But maybe it is all an issue of chemical imbalance. Maybe Christina was born with the right chemical make-up. And talent.

  • the_original_nika

    beautiful song and video. shes beautiful, why can´t she in her everyday life wear makeup like that. be simple.. Not too fond of her wedding outfit though, but nevermind that.. glad shes happy. can´t wait to see baby pics.

  • Brit4Ever

    Awwww how sweet!! I loved the video and congrats to the happy couple!!! =)

  • missp

    I am just happy she didn’t call the baby Jordie!

  • Vanessahudgensofficial65

    New video pictures

  • Kitten

    Hmm, didn’t see my first entry yet, so I’m just gonna send it again:

    Not too fond of her wedding gown either, but for the vid: she looks really beautiful! So simple yet so sweet. Jeans, cute top, flat, less make up than usually (which really suits her) and a regular hair do… she’s so pretty when she’s not staged up! natural beauty…

  • susan

    Christina is so refreshing, this video is really touching and lovely! I adore her now :]

  • bob

    She looks and sounds fantastic here!

  • amber

    I love this girl – she’s so talented and levelheaded. Congrats to her and her hubby on the new baby! (I love this song)

  • JulietBinoche

    Amazing, i fell in love with that song. Christina did great job, and she looks beautiful!

  • amber

    And to the a$$hole who said she’s going to be divorced in a year and fat – not everyone is like Britney, dear. Christina and Jordan have been together for 6 (count em, SIX) years and married for two. I’m confident they’ll be together for awhile. Maybe not forever, but they’ve made it this far and have been through hell and back with each other – they can be around for the long haul, trust.

  • kia

    You can say a lot of things about Christina, but she sure is talented

  • Glacier

    It’s so good to see someone normal and talented like Christina in this business. This song is brilliant i can’t stop listening to it:]

  • mary

    You rock girl! I love you:];];]

  • jaysiv

    she looks AMAZING when she doesn’t go so overboard on the makeup. Beautiful video!!!!

  • Daisy85

    What a surprise, it’s so nice of her to make this kind of video, it’s beautiful and so unexpected! Really a beautiful video;]

  • lola

    Hey, Jonathan, #4 and #7, stop being so negative about her! She seems to be leading a normal life, and although I dislike her as a singer, I’m very happy for her.

    –read my blog at

  • Lori

    It really is funny looking back that Christina was considered the slut that would soon fade away, while Britney was the big star. Christina sowed her wild oats and got it out of her system by her early 20s. Now she is the one with the big career, stability and family. Britney has mental problems, marrying some loser like KFed didn’t help. I think Christina will be a good mom. We can only pray for Britney, I don’t think that will end well, unfortunately.

  • salma

    she gor ugly because she puts on a lot of make up

  • can

    She is amazing! I know she’ll be the best mum! I love her soo much!!

  • FCUK

    totally fcukin awesome! congrats congrats congrats! it’s really nice of her to remember us fans at this time…we’re family too and she sure proved it to us!

    My Idol, the world’s legend!