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Hugh & Oscar are Straw Hat Buddies

Hugh & Oscar are Straw Hat Buddies

Hugh Jackman and his son Oscar, 7 1/2, wear matching straw hats while out and about Sydney’s Double Bay in Australia on Saturday.

Late last week, the 39-year-old Wolverine wonder took his family to the Opera House for Le Grand Cirque. Who sat nearby? Nicole Kidman‘s sister, Antonia.

Only a few weeks left before Hugh flies off to Queenstown in New Zealand to start filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

10+ pictures inside of straw hat buddies Hugh and Oscar Jackman

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Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Tyra

    lol, very cute!

  • Jessica

    hey the first to comment are you tyra banks? haha jk. this guy seems to be all around justjared!

  • stefanie

    What a sexy fun dad.
    Good that she’s spending alot of time with the family before he goes off to make Wolverine, which I really look foward to seeing.

    I luv you, Hugh Jackman!!!



  • luckyL

    His son is just very tan right? I’m not being an ***. He has always just looked biracial to me, but it is his biological son right?

  • Kitty Kat

    These standing by the car photos are a bit of a yawn.

    When’s Hugh going back to the beach?

  • lh

    luckyL – Hugh’s son IS bi-racial. He was adopted at birth by Hugh and his wife. They also have an adopted daughter.

  • lily

    #5 i think he has two adopted kids. Oscar looks biracial like Nicole Kidman’s son Connor but I love Hugh. he doesn’t have the “hollywood” wife but she is beautiful and he definitely is a family man. Gosh he is so hot. Makes him extra sexy.

  • lily

    #5 i think he has two adopted kids. Oscar looks biracial like Nicole Kidman’s son Connor but I love Hugh. he doesn’t have the “hollywood” wife but she is beautiful and he definitely is a family man. Gosh he is so hot. Makes him extra sexy.

  • stefanie

    #5 LuckyL, I believe his son is half-Caucasian/half-Aborigine…his daughter is his and his wife, biologically. They are a wonderful family and Hugh keeps them well protected.

  • carla

    #9 lily

    I beg to differ about one thing only that you wrote about Hugh. His wife is not beautiful…in fact I would go so far as to say she is ugly, dowdy, weird looking and so un-glamerous.
    Which makes Hugh even more wonderful…that he could love someone so ugly when he could have any woman in the world.
    How she got him I will never know or understand.
    But they are a beautiful family and the envy of millions around the world.

  • simona

    #10 stefanie

    I think they adopted their son in the States so I don’t think he is half Aboriginal.
    I do know for sure though that their daughter is also adopted. She is definitely NOT their biological daughter.
    How lucky are those 2 kids to be adopted by such loving and hands on parents.

  • HF

    #11 Carla – you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’ve seen Hugh’s wife up close and yes, she is beautiful. She often doesn’t photograph well, unfortunately. She has gorgeous peaches-n-cream skin, a beautiful smile and delightful laugh and personality that won’t quit. It’s easy to see why Hugh fell in love with her. She’s often photographed in very casual dress – but then so is her husband. He’s no fashion plate, either, unless he’s at a business function.

  • luckyL

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Thanks again for the celeb news Jared

  • Daisy

    Yes, Hugh & Deb adopted their children in the US because from what Deb has spoken out about the laws in Australia are so strict for adoption it was easier for them in the US. Their family is beautiful & loving.

  • stefanie

    I stand correct. I misunderstood about this issue because I just saw his children as his children…I don’t think in terms of adoption or biological.
    I thought his son was from Australia and his daughter was his own.

    Regardless, these are his children and he adores them. And we adored him. So it’s all good.

  • HF

    Hugh commented recently about the ethnicities of Oscar and Ava in New Idea magazine. Oscar was born in LA and is African-American, Caucasian, Hawaiian and Cherokee. Ava was born in Texas and is half Mexican and half German. He said they specifically requested bi-racial children because there was more of a need.

  • http://deleted flower

    ohhh!! I love how he spends so much time with his family, make him so sexy!!!! he is so handsome as well.I want pictures of him on the beach :)

  • nora

    @carla #11
    There is a saying over here in Germany:

    One man´s owl is another man´s nightingale!

    So who should dare to judge beauty or ugliness for all of us?
    Something you see with the loving eyes of a devoted person as perfect beauty might seem abyssmally ugly to me and else way around.

    Of course everybody is free to tell his personal opinion here, but in many cases I don´t like the choice of words.
    This is a public space and insulting people in that way in public does not speak of refined manners or good education.

  • RA

    nora # 19 — VERY well said. Thank you.

  • http://deleted flower

    Yeah nora wll said, I agree 100% with you.

  • Davilyn

    Beautifully said Nora. Thank you. Especially the comment about the lacking of refined manners. You hit the nail on the head. Sadly, I don’t think refined manners (or manners of any kind) hold much sway any more. Today it’s all about the “put down.”

    And to concur with HF, I too have met Deb in person and spoke with her for quite a while and she is a beautiful woman. As was said; the beautiful skin and bone structure, a smile that can light up a room and a warm, funny and adorable personality. And for the record, Deb is not fat. She has a terrific figure; round and curvey and surprise, surprise…some men actually prefer female curves to skin and bones (although if you buy into what pop culture is trying to sell you, any woman over 120 lbs. or wears a size 8 or more, is fat). But Deb wears lose fitting clothes and because of them, can sometimes appear larger than she is.

    One of the big problems of the internet is…people making harsh judgements based only on a still photograph. They just don’t give the WHOLE picture. And honestly, how many of us would like to be judged by a world wide audience when were caught in casual moments? But truthfully, I really don’t think Deborrah-lee Furness gives a rip about it. If she did, she wouldn’t dare step outdoors without having been put together by a stylist first. She’s her own girl, does her own thing and isn’t a victim of the whims of fashion or public opinion and how refreshing is that? And again as HF said, you only have to spend a few moments in her company to see why Hugh fell so hard for her. And yes, he could have any gorgeous starlet or super model in the world, but he’s got a little problem. The man doesn’t have a shallow bone in his body. Poor thing. All he can do is fall in love with a woman for who she is…not what she looks like.

    And one last thing and then I’ll shut up.
    I think EVERY new Hugh Jackman thread from here on out should start as thus…

    For the cognitively challenged and for the umpteenth time…HUGH JACKMAN’S CHILDREN ARE ADOPTED!!!


    Because on every damn thread, this question is posed.

  • nora

    Ra, flower, Davilyn:
    Thank you for your agreement.

    And Davilyn I am always especially pleased by your posts.
    They tell about a lot of thought.

    You are completely right:
    There is an unpleasant subculture of taking delight in bringing people down and hunting after any possibility to feed on their bad luck.

    Yes and it is really annoying to find that there seem to be people who only seem to look out for a chance to give a comment. No matter if they know about what they are writing or not.
    There is no other way for me to explain why on every thread about the Jackmans and their children the question about the kids being adopted comes up.

    And taking a look at the world wide rise of the divorce rate:
    There is surely more to the Jackman´s marriage than glamour and outer appearance. Being married without any scandal for over 10 years as a couple of actors of which one is into an international career is more than millions of other couples all over the world are ever able to reach.
    ( And I know what I am talking about, being married for over 16 years now – with all the gales and the sunshine that goes along with it )

  • Serissa

    Thanks HF, nora, Davilyn for pointing out so well what I wanted to say… Let me just add two things:

    Even if Hugh was married to an ugly woman (which Deb definitely isn’t!), it would be h i s and none of our f… business! Sorry, but it really makes me angry, to read these things about Deb over and over again! Who are we to judge other peoples` bond of affection?!

    And if anyone ever asks that question about their children again, he or she will be sentenced to listen to the Wildecker Herzbuben from here to eternity… (Sorry, only the Germans here might know, what that means…, and, please, accept my apology, all you who like the Wildecker Herzbuben)

  • Janeway

    Matching hats! How cute. Those kids are obviously loved and cherished. Lucky kids, lucky family. Hugh is hot because he radiates love all around.

  • hef

    God, can he grow a beard.


  • daniela

    @ Sarissa: Wildecker Herzbuben. Yeah, definitely punishment. ^^ God, I loathe them…. *shudders* Herzilein…du musst nicht traurig sein… O_o

  • Serissa

    @ daniela: You know, what I’m talking about…. *lol*