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Katie Holmes is Purplelicious

Katie Holmes is Purplelicious

A solo Katie Holmes is all smiles as she leaves the luxurious Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday.

On Monday, don’t miss the 29-year-old actress on Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly and The Late Show with David Letterman. Of course she’ll be promoting her upcoming film, Mad Money (out this Friday, Jan. 18).

Katie also attended a luncheon this past Thursday, celebrating the 10th anniversary of V-Day, a global effort to end violence against women and girls.

35+ pictures inside of purplelicious Katie Holmes

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katie holmes purplelicious 01
katie holmes purplelicious 02
katie holmes purplelicious 03
katie holmes purplelicious 04
katie holmes purplelicious 05
katie holmes purplelicious 06
katie holmes purplelicious 07
katie holmes purplelicious 08
katie holmes purplelicious 09
katie holmes purplelicious 10
katie holmes purplelicious 11
katie holmes purplelicious 12
katie holmes purplelicious 13
katie holmes purplelicious 14
katie holmes purplelicious 15
katie holmes purplelicious 16
katie holmes purplelicious 17
katie holmes purplelicious 18
katie holmes purplelicious 19
katie holmes purplelicious 20
katie holmes purplelicious 21
katie holmes purplelicious 22
katie holmes purplelicious 23
katie holmes purplelicious 24
katie holmes purplelicious 25
katie holmes purplelicious 26
katie holmes purplelicious 27
katie holmes purplelicious 28
katie holmes purplelicious 29
katie holmes purplelicious 30
katie holmes purplelicious 31
katie holmes purplelicious 32
katie holmes purplelicious 33
katie holmes purplelicious 34
katie holmes purplelicious 35
katie holmes purplelicious 36

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  • angel~


  • paula ^^

    first? xDD

  • clive


  • juljus

    Where’s the picture??
    But she normally looks good and feminine so I guess that’s the way in this case as well.

  • emma
  • del


  • mimi

    beautiful girl, bad outfit………………

  • me

    Why can this girl get not get it together? It looks like she’s wearing Tom’s pants. And her top…how about a long camisole underneath. She’s just a big mess…no matter what she tries to do. Who could possibly take her serious?

  • me @ 01/13/2008 at 8:57 am

    It looks like she’s wearing Tom’s pants.


    Nope, they’re hers. Tom’s pants would have ended at her knees.

  • Helena

    Good god, she’s turning into a suburban mum. Compare this look to 5 years ago.

  • ???
  • Regina

    #11: Not only is she getting bald, her face is getting fuglier. Manman Tisdale’s nose job didn’t help her!

  • pj

    i think she looks cute, but I’m not sure abotu the outfit.

  • hoty

    agree with #11 and #12
    her face is getting fuglier day after day … she was pretty before but now with the nose job , the eye job and her new ugly extensions she looks scary

    Katie holmes looks pretty but don’t like the outfits too !

  • Didi

    I always knew she had a p*nis, look closely at the trousers people.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think she looks good.

  • Tom’s girl

    Katie always looks good. She’s classy.

  • Liv

    She looks very nice. She usually does. I love her.

  • jackie

    She looks nice, can’t wait fir her to be on TV. I am definitely watching her movie.

  • methinks

    The top that she’s wearing in the pictures should be outlawed.
    Look at the long cuffs and puffy sleeves, nobody can pull it .
    I agree, this girl just doesn’t get it.
    She has no fashion sense, maybe her stylists went on strike too.
    But, you’ve got to give her credit for not flashing her daughter to the papz now.
    This is the 3rd time that she didn’t prop her daughter for the spotlights.

  • Shari

    She looks like a robot under Tom’s control. I think thats why she dress so blan. She really don’t look happy at all. I bet she put out a tell all book in a few years saying how miserable she was with Tom.

  • katie why

    her face is off..more surgery has been done, her bangs are hiding it. face lift maybe ,dont know but the face is soooo different. and she’s starving to be thin.

  • Maybe her stylist is a Scieno

    That hair is just beyond terrible. I thought she would have figured that out by now and let it grow back. Well. at least the outfit is not a towel disguised as a dress.

  • Celebratty

    She actually brushed her hair today eh? Nice!

  • Pikes

    I’d buy that for 3 mill a year…

  • Nani

    She is beautiful inside and out and very classy.

  • jkjr

    OMG! Look at the photo where she is hugging the woman in the gray sweater (6th row, 1st photo). Now, look at the next photo (the woman’s face that she was just hugging). Look at the eyes on this woman….scary….like she’s possessed. She must be a cult member….Since giving her life to the cult, Katie goes nowhere or talks to anyone without them listening. Scary stuff….

    Not that she wants to get out of the cult, but if she did, she’d probably end up dead.

  • raye

    Katie is looking ugly these days! Without her designer clothes, shoes and bags, she would be like just you and me!

  • Vanessahudgensofficial65


  • CG

    Here she is looking like Suri

    And most of the time Suri looks like Tom Cruise. Suri is a good blend of them

  • Daisy

    What the heck are designers doing with pants??? You should be able to see somones shoes at least. This is as horrible on tall women like Katie as it is short women.

  • umbrella 5


  • to CG

    CG aren’t you the troll from the ”other thread” or least we forget.

  • enal

    she looks absolutely gorgeous!
    gd luck to her and HER LEGEND CRUISE
    suri pics plzz

  • nokia

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

    TomKat # 1

  • me

    Just received an email that the unauthorized biography has shipped. Funny this is coming out the week of the robot’s lastest attempt at acting.

  • liana

    she looks really great!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jake

    pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty katie

  • deca

    fantastic. always happy to hear from this lovely family

  • girl_20

    i see suri in her
    misssssssssss suriti !!!
    love tomkat

  • lola

    Not the best outfit- I usually prefer something slim with pants like that, but her hair looks absolutely gorgeous…

    –read my blog at

  • Daisy

    to CG @ 01/13/2008 at 11:08 am CG aren’t you the troll from the ‘’other thread’’ or least we forget.

    Excuse me? But I am not a troll! I don’t go around any thread insulting people. As you may notice I am not insulting Katie here at all. I am wondering what designers are thinking of making pants so long that people can tri pover them. Perhaps it is you who are a “troll” on the Nicole Kidman threads but like you I have every right to post anything I like on any thread. I have nothing against Katie Holmes.

  • DDc



  • ritali

    much love to her and her beautiful family!

  • tomkat lover

    thanks JJ for this thread

  • uh

    Her face is so different. My mom is younger looking.

  • live from LEBANON

    my best family~~~
    i have to say..she looks good here

  • tid bit*ch

    I think she’s starting to look like a man.

  • CG

    she looks gorgeous sometimes

  • emily santiago

    she looks like Michael Jackson, her face is melting and shifting. Gross.