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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Peep Our Matching Tennis Outfits!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Peep Our Matching Tennis Outfits!


Nicole Kidman stays fit during the beginning stages of her pregnancy.

Kidman and country music superstar husband Keith Urban (both 40) were seen arriving back at their Australian home in Darling Point after a tennis match.

The cute couple wore matching white tennis outfits. Cute!

Nicole has said that she thinks she’s due in July.

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nicole kidman keith urban matching tennis outfits 01
nicole kidman keith urban matching tennis outfits 02
nicole kidman keith urban matching tennis outfits 03
nicole kidman keith urban matching tennis outfits 04
nicole kidman keith urban matching tennis outfits 05

Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures
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  • Brittany


  • ferbritzio

    first! and they look so cute! il them! : ]

  • KAitlin

    AWww they are matching how cute.

  • kate

    Awww, if only the papparazzi weren’t there to feed the losers who read this site

  • Sandbitch

    How much peroxide can a fetus stand?

  • b

    Damn she looks so fit!

  • Princess Gavie

    they look good to be 40


    she better slow down, she’s in her 40′s and prego, lots of complications there Nicole, hmmm.

  • anon

    Aww…they look cute!

  • muggie

    He’s carrying a big honking bag and yet he’s carrying his jeans on his arm. Didn’t she leave him any room in the bag for his stuff? They are each carrying their own tiny bag, probably lunch. LOL

  • j



  • anon

    her hair is so think you can see her scalp. they look fit. I would be careful if I were Nicole. She already had one miscarraige. Why can’t she do yoga instead of tennis?

  • lily

    She should NOT be playing tennis since she would be classed as a high-risk pregnancy. I agree, she could do baby yoga or walk or something. “Be smart Nicole”

  • r

    Ein süßer Fratz…

  • G550

    Oh, pulleez!! You are joking, right? Women can exercise during pregnancy, even women who are considered high-risk. The benefits of increased circulation, cardiovascular and musculature fitness, not to mention stress relief far outweigh the benefits of staying at home and knitting for nine months.

  • shimmeringdew

    she ‘thinks’ she is due in July? my daughter is due in July and she looks pg. How far along is nicole supposed to be? my daughter is tiny but she looks pg…nicole seems to not be showing at all yet. maybe more like august or sept.????

  • G550

    If her OG-GYN says she can go out and hit a few lobs with her hubby, then she can, and we should STFU with our opinions that have never been to med school.

  • samara

    keith is fine as hell but short.. great musician and i dont even like country

  • eli

    oh, I hope she stays ok. Wanna see this baby!!

  • Carlie

    Nicole K. and brown legs — an oxymoron!

  • Isabella

    Keith looks like such a putz. This is Nicole’s real hair, very thin, so when you see all of that full, flowing head of hair remember, it’s as fake as Keith’s love for his fans.

  • Isabella

    I wonder if any fans who have signed that petition whining about the paps have been looking at these pictures? You know they have, they live for pictures of their idols, dontcha’ mate?

  • Elaine

    #4 Kate – “Awww, if only the papparazzi weren’t there to feed the losers who read this site” So you are a LOSER too!

    Nicole has an incredible pair of legs!! Ha …. all you haters: eat your heart out!

  • 2doves

    yes, Isabella … the very ones who SCOUR the net for ANY and EVERY pic of their ‘prey’ … are the very ones to damn the ones bringing them the pics, which absence they describe [at NKU for one] as producing ‘withdrawal’ symptoms … hypocrites!!

    i saw boycott the crap

  • 2doves

    i meant to say:

    i say: boycott the invasive stuff

  • Elaine

    What an incredible pair of legs and well-toned body! She’s in better shape than some of our 20+ year old “celebs”.

    Congratulations Nicole and Keith!

  • JoAnn

    They are so cute!!!

  • Erik

    Perfect physique, Nicole!

  • Jo Lo

    Definitely fake tan on Nic. She had a skin cancer removed when she was younger so no way she baked for that colour. Suits her. She’s just gotta fix the hair colour. Too blonde.

  • Claire

    Not really the early stages, she’s in her second trimester

  • eli

    im happy for her. Shes gone thru so much, her bad marrage with Tom, him dumping her, her kids calling Katie Mom and her Nicole, miscarriage, Keith went to rehab right after the wedding and her movies arent doing so well.
    wow can she get a break!!!!!!!

    I hope all is well with her and she gets all her happiness finally!

  • jilly

    I don’t know why, but her face is looking different! Better than usual and she’s not so stick thin anymore! Nice legs too! Pregnancy suits her well!

  • cricket

    She;s gonna be p1ssed about that petion.She goes to all this trouble to get some attention and Keith’s fans are trying to steal it from her.Keith better duck she’s going to be throwing things at his head if he can’t contol his fans from messing up her PR.

  • Eva

    So cool! adorable.

  • Madonna


  • The Arab Aquarius

    thats so cute and sweet. Nice to see them being active and happy.

  • http://justjared e

    look at those legs. she looks so tanned, healthy and happy.
    shes has to be over three months or i really dont think she would have offically announced it.

    im so so excited for baby urban. and nic hasnt said when the babys due. her mum and dad said “we think july” but no official word.

  • Raichill

    I agree, it’s a fake tan. She is normally so pale. Her hair is too blonde. It doesn’t look right with her auburn eyebrows. Plus very blonde hair on older women can be very ageing. Her legs look well-toned and she actually looks healthy.

  • Suzz

    She looks great with those killer legs! WOW!

  • natalie

    When you use a bronzer, shouldn’t you be applying it to the whole body? She looks ridiculous with tan legs and white arms and face! As for Keith, my God what has she turned you into?

  • viva nicole

    #11 j

    Nicole has NOT had a still born. She had an eptopic pregancy. Very different. She has also had a miscarriage.

    God bless her pregnancy.

  • viva nicole

    #11 j

    Nicole has NOT had a still born. She had an eptopic pregancy. Very different. She has also had a miscarriage.

    God bless her pregnancy.

  • clary

    how is possible a woman with 2 miscarriage and 40 years old with lots of money,,,,plus her dream is to be a mother……and with few weeks pregnancy …….she need or she want to play tennis………common!!!!!in must be crazy………..i thought only britney was the one…..but nicole you …..deserved rest……….stay in bed enjoy the view of our beautiful sydney…….relax!!!!!!!!!

  • clary

    also what the kids, think about this new brother or sister…..i hope she can have these with her at in June…..

  • clary

    also what the kids, think about this new brother or sister…..i hope she can have these with her at in June…..

  • June

    When I was pregnant I always done many fisical activities. It’s better for a woman to do always sports in the early stage of the pregnancy.
    Many ignorant people must know that before attack Nicole.

  • no-nick

    Cute. Tennis is ok for her. Maybe she joins the Aussie Open these days.

  • Dextra

    I’d have thought she’d be too “in fear” to play tennis. LOL

    But seriously, her face looks better because she isn’t using botox right now. Although I think exercise is a good thing in pregnancy … tennis might be a bit high impact, depending on how you play. She’s working out for 3 hours a day right now. That is too much. She’s too worried about gaining weight and not worried enough about having a healthy baby. She should stay home and take it easy, with her OBS history. Do some baby yoga…take a walk, but she seems to be taking it to extremes, if the recently published articles are accurate.

    And Keith…good Lord, you look dorky. What is God’s name has she done to you?

  • kufan?

    Oh Keith….You use to have so much self respect…now you are her dress up doll..come back to earth.

  • Shelby

    Nicole’s legs are in fabulous shape. They look cute. I’m sure neither can play tennis and it wasn’t a very strenuous workout.