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Zanessa @ Urban Outfitters

Zanessa @ Urban Outfitters

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted shopping at one of their favorite stores, Urban Outfitters, on Sunday afternoon in Studio City, Calif.

Zanessa looked cute as ever–Vanessa wore the same outfit she wore to the music studio earlier in the day and Zac wore a blue plaid buttondown over a white t-shirt.

The couple took the time to greet an elderly fan before driving off in her Audi convertible.

No pictures yet, stay tuned!

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zanessa urban outfitters 01
zanessa urban outfitters 02
zanessa urban outfitters 03

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  • sara


  • Liki

    I want to see some pics!

  • nett

    Thanks JJ !!!! Zanessa pics coming soon !!!!!

  • thessa

    first! can’t wait for the pics!

    zanessa rules in the philippines!

  • hillary

    i love zanessa!
    can’t wait for pics!
    i’m in the 1st 10 comments!

  • Zac Fan

    No way! I never get to be this early in the comments. Aw…an elderly fan…they’re sweeties…looking forward to the pics. :-)

  • nett

    LIVE in LOVE ZANESSA !!!!! We love you soooooooooooooo much !!!

  • hillary

    wow, #4. i guess i have good timing.
    i love zanessa!

  • RAE

    i love them! PICS SOON ASAP

  • Renan


  • ShOo

    sheee’s soo pretty finally zanessa!! i love them she’s the best girl in te world secooond

  • nett

    Thanks JJ !!!!! You just made my Sunday night exciting ! Waiting for ZANESSA pics………………………………..

  • DEE

    Zac’s back in plaid!!! Love it:)

  • wildcatgirl

    I hope there are some pictures soon :)

  • nett

    #9 Go away !!!!! We LOVE ZANESSA and you just can’ t stand it !!! I pity you so much !!! You need a hug desperately !

  • brianna

    i luv zanessa!
    and im finally in
    the top 20 to comet!
    cant wait 4 the pics!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Finally. Jared, you just made my day. Zanessa Zanessa Zanessa !! I’ll be waiting for the pictures to arrive. Hopefully sooooooon !!! In the meantime…I’ll be listening to Ashley Tisdale on The Beat !!! ( A radio station in Canada, British Colmubia. )

  • *obsessed with hp & hsm*



    Zanessa sighting! But no pictures =( yet…..

    Hope there are some soon!

    U rock JJ!

  • nett

    C’ mon JJ we are waiitng……… Finally ZANESSA sightings !!! You guys are awesome !!!

  • narf

    Glad to hear they were spotted together. Take your time with the pictures jared, we can be patient.

  • San


  • KAitlin

    AWww elderly fan tthats cute. Can’t wait.

  • Natalia


    Now i cant go to beed. sheet. welcome coffeeeee =)

  • Awee.

    OMG! i love Zanessa they are SOOO cute together.

  • Steph

    No pix yet, but i’m sure they both look good. I just saw Hairspray for the first time and boy does Zac look hot in it. He did such a great job playing Link. He’s so talented and a great singer too. Vanessa is so lucky! Of course he’s a lucky guy too. What a couple!!! :)

  • Z & V Fan

    Glad to know Zac and Vanessa can find time to be together with their hectic schedules. They are truly adorable together.

  • nett

    Zac and Vanessa are blessed with true love in their hearts. We are so lucky to admire them and share the happiness they feel for being together.

  • Steph

    anamalia… meaning… is a little tart stupid freako (websters) LOL

  • Daniela

    I agree with Anamalia!
    God! Reality Check People?
    Why did everyone obsess about HSM!
    And that BIG nosed/Butt Chinned Vannessa Shameless?
    She has NO talent, her voice is SO fake and her acting is WORSE!

  • narf

    Hey Anamalia, as I said to Fred in the last thread, if you are going to say nasty things at least try saying something we haven’t heard a million times before. Originality is always a plus.

    Also, please don’t say we when you are doing so, because you do not speak for anyone but yourself on this thread.

    Ok, thanks for listening.



  • A Logical Person

    # 9 anamalia @ 01/13/2008 at 11:14 pm
    who cares about those two trashy lemons. We all know that it is just a media thing, zac is a man who likes men, and he is only with her because they want publicity for hsm3 and vanessa is a little tart stupid freako
    People who say bad things about others have a deep hatred for themselves. I’m truly sorry that you dislike yourself so much.

    If these two nice kids rouse such anger in you, why not skip this post and chose the one for Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson. Some other celebrity that you might like? Or do you post rabid comments on all posts as a way of purging your anger?

  • nett

    #28 you too GO AWAY and join #9 in sadness !!!!

  • narf

    Daniela # 28, please read the comment directly below yours. Thanks!

  • andi

    Can’t wait for pics!!

  • Steph

    Daniela @ 01/13/2008 at 11:31 pm
    Wow! You sound so green with envy. Usually one can tell when one is not jealous, but is heartless and calous by nature. But let me guess… You’re in love with Zac Efron, probably have pix of him all over your wall… and can’t believe that he’s dating Vanessa Hudgens, who looks nothing like you. Did I hit it on Vanessa’s beautiful nose? LOL

    Listen, don’t be so mean towards people. Saying nasty things about another girl is bad form and it’s a reflection of your green with envy character. You need to lose that, it’s not very flattering. :)

  • Juany

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! fotos fotos fotos fotos

  • zanessa110


  • zanessa110

    funny, how the two thread under this one, and on above ar all about

  • elliott


  • Elizabeth

    jared!! i need to see the pics fast cuz i need sleep!! please!!

  • Elizabeth

    jared!! i need to see the pics fast cuz i need sleep!! please!!

  • kelly

    he probably hasn’t found pictures so stop rushing him to post them

  • dadaly

    Aww… is very great to hear that…….Haha Zanessa hanging out again……..well then I cant wait to see the pictures……..hurry up Jared…………

  • daze

    thanks for the artilce this must be our day cause the chargers won and now we have update on our favorite couple zac and vanessa

  • zanessa110

    i have a test tomorrow,but now i caant go to sleep.

  • narf

    Those of you who need to go to bed, go ahead and go. The pictures aren’t going to disappear after JJ puts them up. They will still be here when your alarm goes off tomorrow.

    Have a good night, and we will look forward to your comments later.

  • nett

    We love ZAC and VANESSA !!! LIVE in LOVE ZANESSA !!!!!! More power to both of you !!!

  • lola

    i want pictures!!!

    but YAY for a zanessa sighting

  • Steph

    daze.. wow, I didn’t know you’re a chargers fan!!! Me too!!!!! Do you live around here?