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Joel Madden: I Suck at Diapers

Joel Madden: I Suck at Diapers

Proud papa Joel Madden just blogged a fun entry about new life as a father on his DCMA Collective Web site.

Here’s what he wrote under the title “IT’S A GIRL!!!!!” (yes, with that many exclamation points):

“Well, I am finally home with my beautiful girlfriend and our brand new little daughter. Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born on January 11th, 2008 at 3:13pm. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces. She is 19 inches long and growing everyday already! She really is a wonderful addition to the GC/DCMA/DEADEXEC family. We are so blessed to have this beautiful little baby in our lives.”

Madden, 28, is quite grateful to all of his friends, family and fans: “I want to thank everyone for all the love and kind words they’ve sent our way. We apologize we weren’t accepting gifts/cards/calls at the hospital, but if you’d like to send something, we’d rather you make a donation to the richie-madden foundation, which we started in Harlow Winter‘s honor.”

Joel even wrote how much Harlow looks like mom Nicole Richie: “She looks so much like her mom it’s crazy! She eats like a little maniac and she’s really sweet. She barely ever cries, even when daddy is changing her diaper, and believe me, I suck when it comes to diapers, but I’m learning! I can’t wait to show off some pictures, until then, THANKS!! and GOD BLESS….. Joel

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  • Jennifer W.

    that was all sweet of what Joel said to the fans. Congrats and I wish you all the best in the future with your new baby girl. You’ll learn soon Joel on changing diapers. :)

  • anon

    Richir Madden Foundation? It’s nice to see that certain celebrities influence others. congrats……

  • anon

    I meant Richie Madden

  • brittany


  • Erin

    congratulations =]

    its a nice foundation they have up.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    how cute. I really hope they will enjoy and make the most out of the next years

  • j

    Well how sweet!!!!

  • nancy

    Dont worry about it Joel, even us moms have to get use to baby stuff.

  • Nicole Richie Fan

    the baby must be gorgeous!

  • sonitera

    I can’t wait to see Harlow

  • baja

    awww so sweet.
    Harlow has a big appetite.:smile:

  • kingston

    Oh, he is such a cute daddy already! I can’t wait to see pics of little Miss Harlow Winter Kate. I love how they use her first two names.

  • heather

    Glad to hear Nicole and the baby are doing fine. That’s a Good daddy ”Joel”.

  • reba

    She barely ever cries, even when daddy is changing her diaper, and believe me, I suck when it comes to diapers, but I’m learning! I can’t wait to show off some pictures, until then, THANKS!! and GOD BLESS….. Joel”

    yes pics please,,,,do not let herplex near Harlow, Joel. don’t be nice.

  • Jenna

    I can’t wait to see pics of her! I’ll bet she’s gorgeous

  • luckyL

    I really am happy for them. Nicole is changing for the better, unlike Paris. I’m glad I always liked her MUCH better.

  • terri

    Congrats to this young family. Cant’ wait to see baby Harlow Winter Kate. Go Nicoleeeeeeee..and Joel.

  • Mary

    Ahhhhhh that was so sweet, they are going to be great. Can’t wait to see beautiful Harlow pictures. Special prays to them.
    P.S. Nicole please*please stay away from Paris that girl is nothing to hang out with. She is a slittering snake.

  • alanna

    omg tht was so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
    excited about the pix !!!

    i bet she’d be the most stylish baby girl! jst imagining kingston and harlow !!!! (the cutest couple!!!!)

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    With the Ritchie-Madden , it’s Joel who gushes all the time about their couple. It’s a change from all the macho men who’ll never say such sweet things about their gal in front of their mates. Maybe if Joel want a celebrity he wouldn’t have to keep an image? oh well!

  • Elma

    I cant wait to see baby Harlow Winter Kate! must be soooooo cute!!!

    Im so glad for them!!!

  • Iris

    Sweet. Both Madden brothers seem like lovely down to earth people. It’s good to see that some of this sweetness has rubbed off on Richie. I used to cringe at The Simple Life was because she always came across so bitchy and using all that foul language for shock value was niether clever or original. It was sad that she had to stoop to such superficiality to claim the same level of attention as her famous counterpart, Paris. She probably would have gained far more respect from people if she’d relied on her talents (whatever they may be) rather than typical Hollywood tactics.

    However, it’s good to see her doing her own thing and looking so healthy and happy. The baby is wonderful news and the beginning of a new and exciting future.

    I wish them all the very best in their new family life. Congrats.

  • Sandbitch

    A foundation in her honor? Oh puhleese gimme a break – the kid is only a few hours old and already gagging on the silver spoon.

  • n.o.l.a

    that is so sweet!

  • pink ballerina


  • Iris

    And what is wrong with them honoring their daughter? Nobody is gagging on silver a silver spoon here. The money goes to children in less fortunate situations in case you didn’t know, not to their daughter. Who knows, maybe one day Harlow will be involved in this foundation started by her proud parents and do some great things. Is this not a worthwhile cause? I hope it is successful in achieving its mission and I think its a thoughtful and wonderlful idea no matter how great or small it might be.

  • Vanessahudgensofficial69

    New pictures video

  • Sandbitch

    Get on the planet. Parents are supposed to love their own but being born (into financial advantage) doesn’t deserve anyone honor from anyone. Honor and respect is earned throughout a lifetime. The parents have a job ahead yet. Let’s see them honor a two year old and see how far up the supermarket isle they get.


  • Iris

    The dictionary definition of ‘honor’ ;

    hon·or –noun
    1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions: a man of honor.
    2. a source of credit or distinction: to be an honor to one’s family.
    3. high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank: to be held in honor.
    4. such respect manifested: a memorial in honor of the dead.
    5. high public esteem; fame; glory: He has earned his position of honor.
    6. the privilege of being associated with or receiving a favor from a respected person, group, organization, etc.: to have the honor of serving on a prize jury; I have the honor of introducing this evening’s speaker.
    7. Usually, honors. evidence, as a special ceremony, decoration, scroll, or title, of high rank, dignity, or distinction: political honors; military honors.
    8. (initial capital letter) a deferential title of respect, esp. for judges and mayors (prec. by His, Her, Your, etc.).
    9. honors, a. special rank or distinction conferred by a university, college, or school upon a student for eminence in scholarship or success in some particular subject.
    b. an advanced course of study for superior students.

    As you can see the word ‘honor’ has many definitions. People set up foundations in memory of their children who have died at a young age before they have had a chance to experience a full lifetime and achieve greatness or do things that are on a grandueur scale. Do we not honor small children at birthday parties to celebrate their mere existence within the world and our lives? The Richie-Madden Foundation was born of the love that both parents share for their daughter and a celebration of the blessing they have received from her birth; hence ‘in honor of’. Why do you have a problem with this? Furthermore, I don’t see what supermarkets have to do with this discussion but I guess I shouldn’t expect more from someone who can’t obviously see reason and calls themselves ‘Sandbitch’ so with that, enough said.

  • paula

    I think it’s great their honoring their daughter. Iris ITA.

    Sandb*tch agree to disagree.
    Time for leaving a kind comment for a couple who are celebrating their new arrival. Joel is very proud.

  • tammy

    He’s smitten with his lady/baby girl, awww.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Awwwwwwwwww. One proud Daddy. How cute is he!

  • Chloe Hamilton

    “eats like a maniac”—– i do not believe that is one of nicole’s characteristics

  • david

    Hopefully Nicole won’t crack under the pressure and start using drugs again.

  • Compassionate Guy

    Harlow Winter? What a lame dumb name!

  • Resa

    So sweet, congrats

  • patricia night

    It’s so lovely :)
    All the best wishes for them!

  • stefanie

    I wonder if Nicole named her daughter after Jean Harlow, an actress from the 1920′s who was a sex symbol and slept around so much that she died from a horrible blood infection from one too many abortions (they were unsafe and unsanitary and Illegal back then…I am so glad that we have legal abortions in this country and we, as a society, should NEVER take away a woman right to choose and her right to have safe medical care).

    Harlow was a harlot in her day, so the name is just an interesting choice. At least she didn’t name her after a piece of fruit.

  • LOL

    cant wait to see her!

  • katie

    IRIS FTW! :] i agree with everything.
    lmao, what’s so HORRIBLE about having a foundation? or should i say, why is it so bad to help others? cause if you are against something like that, you’ve probably never even spent a cent on anyone before. jesus, some people bitch about everything. anyways, joel is a cutie as always.

  • Ellis

    that poor kid, watch nicole leave the kid in the car. as for madded he seems like he will be a great father, Nicole well im not so sure about her.

  • bataglio

    good 4 them; this is truly a great match, and they are on the same page. they’ll be great parents and partners.