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Kate Bosworth For Calvin Klein Jeans

Kate Bosworth For Calvin Klein Jeans

Superman Returns star Kate Bosworth is the new face for Calvin Klein Jeans Spring/Summer 2008!

Bosworth, 25, said, “To be featured in a Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, with its history of iconic imagery, is very exciting for me.”

David Sims photographed the 25-year-old fashionista in L.A. in simple separates – a metallic trench coat, a pair of white jeans.

“She is a true American beauty,” said Kevin Carrigan, creative director of Calvin Klein Jeans. “Her purity of style and sensuality are a perfect match for the natural, clean modernity of the Calvin Klein Jeans line.”

Thanks, Lydia!

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kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 01
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 02
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 03
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 04
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 05
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 06
kate bosworth calvin klein jeans 07

Credit: TFS
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  • roberta

    first! \o/

  • WOW!

    How cool is that! Go Kate

    I heard she is also going to be on the cover of Vogue for Feb. and then on Marie Clair.
    She is also modeling for Coach Handbags in Japan.

    Pity. I just heard that Miranda is no longer working for her other only big campaign Portmans and in Esquire Magazine this month they had all the VS girls except her. So I guess even they aren’t giving her that much play. I wonder if they saw her coming out of that other lingerie store with Brandon Davis. That can’t be good for business.

  • Helena

    Such a bore.

  • God


  • kate


  • [~F a m o u s~]

    cool picture, just not the face of the person in it.

  • Sliver

    I’ve never liked CK Campaigns they are so bland and white. They almost never add any color but Kate looks good mostly because her grotesquely thin body is covered.

  • KC

    Calvin Klein sure does love his anorexics. First Moss now Bosworth.

  • Lovelace

    #8 He likes his cokeheads too. Moss >> Bosworth lol

  • Melanie

    Beautiful! The girl has class.

  • to #9

    Then maybe we should expect Orlando to be the next male Calvin Klein model.

  • mollie

    This ad campaingn is beyond boring. At least they try to hide her fug face.

  • Lovelace

    #11 I agree. That’s why they broke up they didn’t want to share. SNORT SNIFF

  • white powder

    GREAT Another dumb cok*head!!!!!

  • PAUL v.

    Boring actress for a boring brand, NEXT.

  • stefanie

    I think she looks good…she’s put on weight, obviously, and seems much healthier.

    Acting-wise, I don’t know if anything is going on for her, but she seems to be putting it back together.

  • Lane

    Thanks for finding the rest of the pictures Jared.
    She looks amazing in these. Cool, Clean and lots of Class.

  • kitkate

    EWWWWW She’s so fuc%kin ugly, she looks like a stoned ghost.

  • HA

    Oh please this girl has no talent whatsoever. why her????, did she slept with Calvin klein’s wife to get this campaign.

  • ☠☢☠☢

    Ugly and boring that’s all I’ve got to say.

  • Mcfly

    She looks like a 12 years old boy for god’s sake can we have real women????
    Bosworth is so boring ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.




  • jk

    such girls sucks. they are the reason why so many girls are not satisfied with their bodies.

    I normal girl eats ! And she don`t look like she will die soon.

    Come on. I don`t understand this anorexics. In some countries people die because they haven`t got anything to eat. In Hollywood people die because they refuse to eat. WHAT A SICK WORLD !

  • lee2

    I don’t like her. I just don’t understand what’s the fuss with that boring bitc**.

  • P. Thetic

    Orlando Bloom fans are truly pathetic, aren’t they? And Orlando Bloom Haters. Not a fan, but I feel sorry for the guy having to deal with crazies on all sides of the aisle.

  • The Maven

    The girl needs a sandwich, then maybe I can consider the ad and the brand

  • bluebell


  • Love It

    This is just too great. Let’s get the facts straight.

    Kate ‘the boz’ Bosworth has more modeling campaigns than the Cabbage Patch Kid and it isn’t even her full time job.

    Kate was in Sydney over the holidays and got lots of great press and all the pap pictures that the CPK thought was coming her way when she debuted her new boyfriend who never showed up -even after she told the papers he was coming. All this in her hometown.LOL!

    Kate had Orlando when he was at his hottest both in looks and career.

  • Nancy

    Let’s get the facts straight.

    Kate is still not interesting enough to talk about her by herself. Fans still need to bring up Orlando Bloom, his alleged girlfriend, his alleged girlfriend’s alleged friends, in a vain attempt to find something remotely interesting about Kate because there is nothing interesting about her at all without her past connection to Orlando Bloom.

  • mary*

    #28 who care about KATE BOSWORTH? has she been in any good movies lately?

  • Nancy

    Kate hasn’t been in a good movie since Blue Crush. And that is if you define ‘good’ in the loosest possible way LOL!

  • Hey Nancy

    at least she had a connection to Orlando Bloom and you never will!
    His fangirls get so silly. You know they wouldn’t have anything against her if she hadn’t dated him. If she is so boring than why bother with her either way? She wouldn’t provoke you otherwise.
    She is looking good. So happy and healthy these days. These post Orlando days!

  • amber

    Just think – they went from Brooke Shields to this, lol. Please eat more, Kate. Although I have to say she does look a lot better than she used to in her heavy eating disorder days.

  • Celia

    OMG she doesn’t look good. very scary I want the other c0ke-Kate back at list Kate Moss was looking good in it.

  • priss

    she looks like a grumpy pig.

  • Misty

    I think she looks lovely

  • applevanilla

    Kate is boring, gross, talentless and it goes on and on and on.

  • CK

    I don’t want to be mean but has she been in a good movie since Blue crush? it seems like she’s not taking her movie career very seriously.

  • lol

    Boring snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze :(

  • heeheehee

    @#2 and #28-

    Yea. Heard the same thing about Kerr’s contracts. But she is BooBoo’s girlfriend now(fangirls desperate denials aside)which means she has to give up her life and career to follow him all around the world whenever he snaps his fingers. Hope the PR’s worth it. Although he’s already let her fall on her face in Oz.. She better get used to that-Bloomie hides behind his women and lets them take all the hits. Orlando’s All about Orlando. I’m sure she’ll end up thinner and blonder too.

    Who knows. Maybe she has other contracts pending. Or not. Certainly makes you contemplate things like fate and Karma….

    Good for Kate. She certainly seems healthier and happier(although, yea, a few more pounds wouldn’t hurt.).

  • hahaha

    He did let her fall on her face. She told the world he was coming and he never showed up. Then there was a new DT article with her and there was no mention of her British Beau at all.

    what was that she said to Paris? I think it was “that’s karma for you darling.”

  • waxy

    did she had any plastic surgery?????
    she looks like a wax figure.

  • lemon juice

    I don’t like her at all and this ad is boring as hell.

  • BLAH.

    fug to the max do they really think they are going to sell jeans with this skinny boy?

  • Yay!

    @ WOW!

    What the f*cking sh*t has MIRANDA to do with Kate at ALL?!? Can’t you just let it go or are you nothing but stupid? Who are you?! Did Orlando break up with YOU a long time ago or what is this sh*t about?!? JESUS CHRIST, the next person to mention Miranda and/or Orlando and/or BOTH in a thread about a complete different person that a LONG TIME AGO finished that chapter of her life I’m going to break some bones in here!!!

    And now do the world a favour and TIE YOUR GODDAMN TUBES!!!!!!

  • erikA

    does anyone else think that fifth picture is a little creppy how skinny she looks with the huge jeans

  • e

    She is so photogenic. Go Kate!

  • WOW!

    I’ll talk about what I want to when I want to.

    Since you asked here’s some more Miranda information for you.

    Not only did she not make it into Esquire Magazine with the rest of the VS girls but VS is set to have a big superbowl commerical and have the girls host parties BUT MIRANDA ISN’T IN THE COMMERCIAL OR HOSTING ANY PARTIES!.
    It makes you wonder if that contract is almost over too.

  • mossy

    haters gon’ hate.

    kate looks awesome.

  • no secret

    #48 Thanks WOW Miranda “cabbage” face is too vulgar for the vs show. I’m glad that her greasy face didn’t make the cover of esquire.