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Katie Holmes: The GMA Interview

Katie Holmes: The GMA Interview

Katie Holmes dropped by Good Morning America this morning to talk about her family and upcoming film. Check out the interview video here or read up on some of the snippets from the GMA interview:

On her picture perfect wedding day: “I got ready and I was so excited. And I, you know, I looked at my dad, and said ‘Honestly, do I look OK? I mean, this is important to me.’ You know, he was really sweet. He said, ‘You look great.’ And the moment that the doors opened and I saw Tom, I was just locked in. I mean, it was so magical. It was perfect.”

On Suri growing up so fast: “Now she’s talking all the time. So she’s saying, ‘Who’s that? Who’s that?’ We were at FAO Schwartz last night (pictured left). We got in, running around, eating ice cream and playing with all of the toys. And Tom and I were playing with a lot of the toys ourselves. It’s fun for adults. You get carried away.”

On Suri’s characteristics: “She’s delightful. I mean, she’s very strong and bright. And she picks out some of her clothes, and she loves running around. She’s beautiful, very smart.”

On her costar Diane Keaton: “[I learned a] tremendous amount from her. “She’s obviously a great actress. I loved watching the way she prepared for scenes. She’s a genius. I mean, every take is different and perfect. And she’s also, you know, she just came out with her book and she’s a mother. She’s interested in so many things. What a life she’s had.”

On starring in Mad Money: “”I love, you know, working with a female director. A movie with all of these women. The three of us really got to know each other in the hair and makeup trailer. We had about 2½ hours every morning. We talked about movies, fashion, motherhood, designing. We listened to Queen Latifah’s new album ['The Sisterhood'].”

Mad Money opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, Jan. 18th.

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  • emch

    katie’s eyes-eye bag or have been crying whole nite??? she’s miserable…she’s lying to herself & have been pretending to be happy……Suri is happy-definately!!! Tom is the controller.

  • Helena

    Did you deliberately pick a bad picture? lol.

  • kate


  • God


  • Dancer

    She looks awful. Fake tan. And as usual they are pimping Suri out. You can’t tell me that Tom couldn’t watch her while she did interviews.

  • KarenA

    aw, Katie. That’s very sweet, all of her answers. She sounds very happy and I’m not sure why people feel the need to tear her (and most everyone else who’s happy) down. It’s so boring. Really, really boring.

  • fantomette

    Well, you know. I mean, you know…

  • pj

    #% That photisn’t form the interview. SHe took her to FAO Schwartz the day before.

  • pj

    #5 That photo isn’t form the interview. SHe took her to FAO Schwartz the day before.

  • stefanie

    I hope Katie can handle this movie bombing…because it’s going down like a stone in the ocean. All the PR isn’t going to bring the masses out there. She seems totally detached from real people at this point.

    And yes, her daughter is beautiful. Everyone’s baby is beautiful. That’s what babies do…be beautiful. But her strange “worship” of this child is disturbing.

  • roro


  • mystixraingenres

    she sounds so shallow. she loves her child and family but other than that, there is nothing interesting about Katie Holmes, whose career is so dependent on being Mrs. Tom Cruise.

  • Didi

    Suri is L Ron Hubbard reincarnated without a c*ck. thats why the kid is worshipped.

    look at the demonic look in her eyes and say it isn’t so peeps.

  • luckyL

    Well Katie might finally develop some friends outside of her “friends” from Scientology. Good luck

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    jared, i think you purposely picked the worst possible picture you could find. lmao

  • Michelle Depp

    AAHH, like, you know, I mean, you know,I am very rich & you know, I have a lot of money, you know, and I still talk like an idiot, you know!

  • uh

    exactly she sounds like she worships suri by saying she is honored to be her mother

  • so sorry 4 suri

    she sounds so dumb when she speaks.

  • ?

    she locked in all right. without a key.




  • hudgensvanessaofficial

    new pictures video

  • bim

    Michelle Depp @ 01/14/2008 at 12:11 pm
    AAHH, like, you know, I mean, you know,I am very rich & you know, I have a lot of money, you know, and I still talk like an idiot, you know!

    gosh u’re hiarious never laughed so hard in y life

  • oldkatie

    Katie is hiding something, she looks stressed out and haggard. I dont see real happiness in her.

    I thinkTom is really a controlling husband and could be tough on her, perhaps he cant stand Katie being really immature and dumb, coz I think that what she is based on her interviews. Another thing, I still think Suri is like more than 2 years old already. She really looks old for a 20 month old baby.

    I think she was born around Jan-Feb 2006 and not April. She was already pregnant when Tom was getting crazy on Oprah’s couch in May-June 2005.

    They hide her real birth not only to coincide with Tom’s M3 promo but most of all to show that Tom’s baby being brought up as a scientologist born to scientologists is a super smart baby and and an advanced (in development) baby. Look how they talk about her as a strong woman, she runs fast, she talks a lot, she is a grat mimic, blah, blah…

  • stella

    JJ picks out the not so pretty pics for the Cruise so his beloved Angie and Brad wont be upstaged.

  • Nancy

    Adorable mom and baby……

  • Tdani81

    I am so tired of the media hanging all up in Katie’s face as if she made the movie. She is only a SUPPORTING actress. Queen Latifah made the movie! Where are her pictures????

  • tom c

    There’s that word “magical” again. I wonder if her Scientology -mentor was talking into an earpiece, reminiscent of her W magazine interview (when her “mentor” told her “you adore him[Tom]“, filling in an answer for her.
    I agree with the other posts. She worships Suri and loves being married to Tom b/c he’s rich and famous, but other than that, she loves no one else or cares about anything else. Shallow.

  • hs

    ewww. the only reason this girl was on gma and live with regis & kelly is because she’s married to tom cruise. not because her movie is worth seeing or because she can act

  • laughing

    Because the public and media are
    fascinated and obsess with Katie Holmes. Even trolls cant live without TomKat and Suri.

  • Emma

    Katie’s time will come and she will have the Oscars too, smart of her to expand her filmography getting versatile roles.

    She and Suri are so freaking cute.

  • emily

    go away KH, you are STUPID, don’t you get what everyone is trying to tell you, even your Mad Money co-stars, just go away, stay home & bake cookies or knit or just keep shopping. you are a nit-wit.

  • Agnes

    I heart Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trista

    Ever lovely and uber talented. Cant wait for Mad Money but Katie shouldnt have left Batman. She’s ;erfect opposite Bale.

  • AJ

    class act but she should do those male magazine for us guys.

  • Gina

    I wonna pinch Suri’s cheeks.

  • $


  • dog lover

    Looking forward to Mad Money for Katie and Diane.

  • bim

    Trista @ 01/14/2008 at 1:10 pm
    Ever lovely and uber talented. Cant wait for Mad Money but Katie shouldnt have left Batman. She’s ;erfect opposite Bale.

    ahh sweetheart she didn’t leave, she was fired, i’m she wasn’t even signed up for d next batman the contract was if she could deliver on the first endorsment she’ll be called back, and as we all know she was d WEAKEST LINK on dat movie, bad choice

  • Donna

    altogether awwwwwwwww

  • dean

    She can’t even put together a simple thought for fear that she will say the wrong thing and be punished.

  • mj

    Donna @ 01/14/2008 at 1:17 pm

    altogether awwwwwwwww

    to wat exactly her fugly face, nah don’t think so

  • gotham

    no.37 Read on Superherohype Batman forum on Nolan’s Wizard new interview because Nolan said Katie left Batman so they had no choice.

  • pixie

    Im all smiles now to see Suri & Katie.


    Hats off Jared.

  • Rona

    God bless them ! ~~~

  • mj

    gotham @ 01/14/2008 at 1:19 pm

    no.37 Read on Superherohype Batman forum on Nolan’s Wizard new interview because Nolan said Katie left Batman so they had no choice.

    if she left, and chose to do this(mad money) instead confirms she is d dumbest

  • gotham

    According to CNN entertainment,Daily New of NY,Variety Katie is making tough risky choices of career but it will pay off because its time to see her in different roles. Entertainwent Weekly said the same thing.
    Maggie Gyllenhaal finally admitted her role in Batman is just a typical damsel in distress.

    Well duh, this is Batman. You dont see female love interests saving Superman,Spiderman and Batman.


  • pam

    Jared, thanks for all the hard work.

  • Faye

    such dolls

  • aaww

    CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    According to New York Post Katie dropped out of Batman because Cruise is afraid of her getting close to Christian Bale for 9 months of filming The Dark Knight. Remember the MIA sex scenes in Thank you for Smoking with Eckhart? Katie dropped out of Factory Girl too because of the sex scenes and drug scenes.

    No worries with Latifah and Keaton as her friends on set.

    Reuniting with Eckhart,Ledger add Bale on the mix as her set buddies for Batman is a BIG problem.