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Keri Russell is Wonder Woman

Keri Russell is Wonder Woman

Keri Russell has been cast as Wonder Woman, according to TV Guide.

Unfortunately, Keri will only be voicing the title role in a straight-to-DVD animated feature from Warner Bros coming to stores in late ’08/early ’09. BOO!

DO YOU THINK Keri should also be cast as Wonder Woman in the live-action flick?

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43 Responses to “Keri Russell is Wonder Woman”

  1. 1
    Amanda Says:

    yea i think she should :)

  2. 2
    WTF? Says:

    bad casting!

  3. 3
    Sare Says:

    Yeah she has like the hair and she is also a good actress.

  4. 4
    WTF? Says:

    oh I thought it would be for the movie

  5. 5



  6. 6
    johhnythecarzymothafucka Says:

    i guess for the voice over she is good , but for the real movie MEGAN FOX is the best for the role!!!

  7. 7
    johhnythecarzymothafucka Says:

    And to Sare what the **** does her hair has to do with her voice? stupis you are.

  8. 8
    johhnythecarzymothafucka Says:

    And to Sare what the **** does her hair has to do with her voice? stupid you are.

  9. 9
    Rory Says:

    Oh, yeah- I totally see it. I love her.

  10. 10
    Helena Says:

    Thanks for giving my hopes up!

  11. 11
    Daniela Says:

    NOOO I think megan fox should! she looks like her!

  12. 12
    okay Says:

    keri russell is gorgeous and awesome, but i just dont see her as a live action wonder woman, as much as i love her. i can def. see megan fox or cobie smulders as wonder woman though.

  13. 13
    AnIntelligentMind Says:

    I don’t think she should do the live action. I just don’t see the fit. BUT….that is the beauty of acting. Sometimes someone is cast in a role and their acting convinces you

  14. 14
    AnIntelligentMind Says:

    Daniela, I do agree Megan Fox looks the part of WW but for me her acting is unconvincing

  15. 15
    AnIntelligentMind Says:

    Daniela, I do agree Megan Fox looks the part of WW but for me her acting is unconvincing but then WW is a fluff story so serious acting is required.

    Hmmmm, I go back and forth on this one

  16. 16
    troy Says:

    No I can’t see it. I mean she does have talent and is attractive and is the right age, but IMO she just doesn’t fit the part physically speaking. Keri’s attractiveness is more of the everyday variety while Wonder Woman is an Amazon and should be tall and exotic. And those aren’t attributes that come to mind when I think of Kerri Russell.

    But then again a lot of people didn’t think Michael Keaton would be a good Batman. So I could be wrong.

  17. 17
    hotbitch Says:

    If she could regain a personality, Katie Holmes would be perfect. She’s a dead ringer for Linda Carter.

  18. 18
    Lo Says:

    no it should be Soph. [SOPHIA BUSH.]

  19. 19
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A dark haired Lindsay Lohan. Megan Fox better. Or anyone but this one.

  20. 20
    jenn Says:

    i think emily deschanel would be perfect as wonder woman….

  21. 21
    shelbster Says:

    i dont think she’s right for the live action film….she doesnt have the eyes. wonder women had huge blue eyes. they were goregous! i dont think kerri russell can do the part justice…..pun intended.

  22. 22
    annie Says:

    jenn i totally agree that emily would be great for wonder woman.

  23. 23
    yowza Says:

    Olga Kurylenko

  24. 24
    xxxx Says:

    people, read the story, she’s just doing a voiceover.
    i absolutely love keri but i’m glad she’s only doing the voicing. i think she’s all sorts of wrong for the part.

  25. 25
    S. Says:

    She is 5′ 4″, wonder woman 5′ 4″? I think not.

  26. 26
    smdwh Says:

    she’s great!

  27. 27
    Nando Says:

    Uhm… Lucy Lawless should be cast… and then digitally take out her wrinkles like they did for Professor X in X-Men 3.

  28. 28
    McLovin Says:

    Why not? Yeah, Keri Russell doesn’t exactly look like Wonder Woman, but she’s a good actress. That’s more important than actually looking the part but can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    If Sarah Michelle Gellar can be considered for this role, then whe the hell not Keri Russell? SMG is like 5 feet tall and look absolutely nothing like WW.

  29. 29
    Jed Says:

    she is ugly,ruined MI-3 with her bad action wonnabee Alias movies and she has no boobs like Lynda Carter and WW in the comic books.

  30. 30
    j Says:

    Horrible! she doesn’t look a thing like her…should have been Megan Fox

  31. 31
    jen Says:

    I am very disappointed Keri Russell isn’t getting the year end award recognition for her great turn in the “Waitress”. Her performance & the movie itself were one of the best of 2007. Even though , she was wonderful in that short action scene in the beginning of MI3, I can’t see K. Russell as Wonder Woman because W. Woman is very shapely ,voluptious, & tall -sorry, those qualities don’t fit Keri. But, I have to give up to her , she may surprise us All with this new role. She has repeatedly proven her acting range through out the years.

  32. 32
    bonnie Says:

    What a joke if she is.

  33. 33
    HUH? Says:

    Hell no!!!!! Megan Gale is a great choice. You can’t even put Keri in that catagory.

  34. 34
    daleMurph Says:

    She isn’t the conventional choice for Wonder Woman but I think she she will do a great job. She’s a great actress. Only drawback with Keri
    is that she’ll need warddobe help to play Wonder Woman.

  35. 35
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    woot woot… thats great news, love her. not sure about if she fits in this role, but we’ll see

  36. 36
    Joanna (Poland) Says:

    umm yeah, she would be great.

  37. 37
    OddMkr711 Says:

    I always thought that Catherine Zeta-Jones would make a great Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, the possibility of that is now 10 years too late.
    “Comedy is the truth done for laughs.”

  38. 38
    Jay Says:

    Yes definitely, she’d be great!

  39. 39
    STEVE Says:

    KERI RUSSELL is a good actress, but like some here, I don’t think she is either Tall enough, or could “fill out” the traditional Wonder Woman costume. someone would have to be somewhat tall, and have a curvy voluptuous body—like Angelina Jolie. maybe not her exactly, but someone with her build and acting chops with action chops as well.

  40. 40
    Julie Says:

    Not in a million years!

  41. 41
    jay Says:

    VOICEOVER!!! How many people that posted comments actually read the article. Doesn’t matter that Kerri Russell has the wrong hair color or the wrong height, she doing a voiceover for an animated movied (animated means cartoons, btw).

  42. 42
    angela Says:

    This just goes to show that no one has reading comprehension or bothered to read the article period. THIS IS AN ANIMATED MOVIE. Stop bitching.

  43. 43
    Stuart Says:

    I found this track on myspace and it’s so obviously inspired by the 70s Wonder Woman TV show theme tune that I wondered if it’s going to be the theme to either the animated movie or some other project?

    It’s by Denise Pearson, who fronted 80s super-group Five Star.

    Check it out here

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