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Camila Alves is Pregnant Thanks to Matthew McConaughey

Camila Alves is Pregnant Thanks to Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey announced on his website today that his girlfriend, Camila Alves, is pregnant with his child.

McConuaughey, 38, wrote, “My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together … It’s 3 months growin’ in her womb and all looks healthy and lively so far. We are stoked and wowed by this miracle of creation and this gift from God, and so excited for the adventure that will come in raising this child, being mother and a father, and shepherding him or her through this life.”

Adds McConaughey, “Wish us the best, keep us in your prayers, and God bless evolution. Thanks for being fans of me and my work and now this new and miraculous chapter in my life, as me and Camila and our child do our best to just keep living.”

He signs his message, “Wow, McConaughey.”

Congrats to the happy couple!!!!!

Pictured: Two-months pregnant Camila Alves

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Photos: Tim Grant/Bauer-Griffin
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  • eloise

    Wow…so I wonder what Kate Hudson is thinking about this…

  • djp

    I’ve never seen him with this lady.

  • djp

    I’ve never seen him with this lady.

  • zanessa110

    why is everyone getting preganant? next thing, you know zanessa will be older and and epecting a baby,lol.

  • http://Chileee Domi


  • sad

    i thouthg he is gay lol

  • West

    Interesting couple and yes she is a typical Brazilian :)

  • lol

    How long have they been together?

  • Preesi


  • stefanie

    Geez, Louise, another pregnancy????
    This is getting out of hand.
    When Paris announces her pregnancy, I am through with Hollywood.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    WT?. Must be something in the water ?. Who next to be preggers?

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    I heard he’s stinky too. Girlfriend probably had to use nose plug to sleep with him.

  • Tyra

    IT’S OFFICIAL: Pregnancy is the newest trend in “Hollywood” and celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon left and right.

  • amanda

    Archive of photos and news stories about Brazilian model Camila Alves on

  • essie

    lol, the title sounds sarcastic

  • teddy-booboo

    that website is not this one????
    can someone help?

  • hanania

    does anyone know how to use birth control or get married anymore?

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Guess not.

  • Buckeyegurl

    Evidently NOT, #17.

  • ANN

    he’s got his fuck buddy preggers, nice

  • Me

    I used to like him, now I think it’s terrible. I hope they have a healthy baby though.

  • Angel baby

    Even though i’m glad there going to have a kid and all, i wish they wouldn’t have gotten preggers cuz i wasn’t Matthew to be with Kate Hudson.

  • Jessbrasil

    what you guys mean a typical brazilian??? ohhh I got it…gorgeous :)

    You go camila, make some money and bring to our needy country!!!

  • craig stairs

    who is she and why do we care?

  • rose

    congrats to Matt and Camila.Hope they do help Brasil.I watched a documentary on Brasil and the charcol people and they are so poor and someday if I ever can I would love to send some clothing and food there something to help them.

  • xena

    Threre are poor and rich picture as everywhere. Actually here is the place where the rich are more rich in comparation to the poors..

    I am happy with this baby !!

  • xena

    people not picture.

  • Derek

    That is so cool. McConaughey my favorite actor and my acting idol

  • wendy

    Another bastard child born in Hollywood. The world is gone mad. Get married first people then have a baby why go against God. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cougar4shia

    There must have been either an unprecedented birth control shortage or the biggest prank ever as placebo birth control pills were sent in bulk to Hollywood instead of the real deal..

    You have been punked Hollywood.

    What the heck is going on??

    Have they already started that toilet water to tap program? Is it seriously something in the water?

  • jocasta666

    Never hit anyone that older actors maybe wanted what they missed by having a career as youngsters or teens.

    A family. A kid that looked like them, like their own normal existence BEFORE fame.

    Sure. It’s all about the water.


  • to disgusting wendy

    wendy @ 01/15/2008 at 11:30 pm

    Mind your own business. How dare you call a child a name because of your narrow religious beliefs. Your God is not everyone else in the world’s God. Narrow minded religous bigot! Your God did say “Judge not lest you be judged”. He would be ashamed of you .

    Happy for both of them. MMc is approaching 40, many men just like women as they get older want children, they are set in their career, and they can kick back and enjoy having a family.

  • Bible thumper

    Read the Bible much #32! God said Marriage is honorable and it is a SIN to FORNICATE! There are NO DIFFERENT GODS-There is on one-There is only BIBLE, -the problem is you ppl want to love and worship whoremongers, liars, theives and the ppl who keep their lies going-Matt Mcon is using God and evolution in the same breathe-
    He is a sinner, she is a sinner, all babies born out of wedlock are considered BASTARDS because they are not heirs through marriage-The term is a term from history to denote who was entitled to receive an inheritance, it’s not related to the child himself or herself-This is a clear indication that our society is going to hell in a handbasket-these so called celebs can eat a pile of crap and call it caviar and ppl will spend their last dollars trying to buy it too-It’s not personal-It’s biblical and NO there aren’t many interpretations-We are SINNERS and without the blood of Jesus Christ, there is no salvation for us, so Wendy is NOT disgusting, these immoral, God-hating ppl are-

  • manta

    To 33,Maybe McConaughey is a fornicator and the worst sinner in the world.He and his girlfriend will rot in hell,since you’re the one who separates evil from good.Their child will have a miserable and pointless life,well,unless he or she meets christian people like you,who will show him or her the right way.
    Oh no,I forgot, you’lle be too busy being spiteful, judgemental and so sure of you’re righteousness that you won’t have time for this.
    But don’t worry and look at the bright side, it will comfort you:some celebrities stil get married before having children,like Britney Spears and Federline,Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.See, the perfect and sure way to raise well-adjusted kids in a safe environment and nice family life.
    The Hiltons and the Lohans got married before having children and we can all see the perfect result in front of our eyes every day.
    You find MMC disgusting,fine, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t planned to have you at his table any time soon.You have a problem with his future child?I ‘m breaking news to you:you won’t have to raise him,not your burden or your business.So go and mind the future perfect adults you’re probably bringing up.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Congrats to them both. That’s going to be one gorgeous baby.

    Oh, by the by, one doesn’t have to be married to have a baby. And why bring God into this? Matt is very capable of supporting his child and I’m sure he’s going to be a great Dad.

    Wait a Minute!! Did Adam & Eve have a prenup? I never read that they had a church wedding with guests. I may just have to pull that Bible of mine out of the drawer and read that bit again.

    Some of you people just make me laugh.

  • http://deleted daisy

    consgrat to the beautiful couple.

  • remember da truth

    Everybody’s getting pregnant because they are all in their 20′s and 30′s, that’s why.

  • remember da truth

    #33 your post is so vile and full of hate there is not one bit of God’s love in it.
    Yes, marriage was all about PROPERTY and how to divide it. Has nothing to do with GOD. It was also to control women, which were also considered property, and ensure a line of inheritance for men.

    If you actually READ the Bible and stop thumping it while yelling at people you are judging (God will get you for that, by the way!), you would see that much of it is about male dominance and NOT what Jesus preached at all. The New Testament overturns much of the Old Testament — read it with an open heart, not a closed mind.

  • remember da truth

    Manta and Maria — GREAT POSTS!!!!

    Boggles the mind how so-called Christians want to leave LOVE out of relationships!! God = Love.

    Getting married has nothing to do with the level of commitment and love a couple have for each other. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have survived all the marriages that have failed, as have Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Even Farrah and Ryan stayed together 18 years. What does having the government sanction it legally have to do with a loving relationship?

    Obviously, by the anger and violent emotion of some of these posters, they have no idea what loving relationships are all about. They hate, hate, hate and are full of the devil, disguising the Evil One’s works by pretending to be about God.

    Matthew and Camila, if their child was conceived in love, are blessed with a greater love now. I hope they continue to stay together, and have a lovely family, but as I don’t know them, I won’t judge them.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    remember da truth

    SPOT ON!!!!

    Just because one carries a bible around doesn’t mean they actually read it!

  • lily

    hahaha people you crack me up with the something in the water bit. For real though, I think they are all thinking it’s style to be pregnant and have the baby. Why? because most aren’t even planned pregnancies. Makes me wonder how many STD’s circulate too.

    Congrats to the couple though. Hoepfully that will make him settle down and be in a stable home. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

  • lily

    hahaha people you crack me up with the something in the water bit. For real though, I think they are all thinking it’s style to be pregnant and have the baby. Why? because most aren’t even planned pregnancies. Makes me wonder how many STD’s circulate too.

    Congrats to the couple though. Hoepfully that will make him settle down and be in a stable home. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

  • moonshine

    I think it’s about time, Matthew is 38 years old, most of the people who are getting up in age have decided it is time for a baby.

  • Tealeaf

    She has a lean body, but In the face she isn’t that pretty, especially being brazilian.Matt looks nasty and stinky

  • Singer

    # 24, I so totally agree with you. So I’ll say it again – who the hell is she and why the hell do we care?????!!! Whether we realize it or not, the economy is in a mess, our soldiers are still in Iraq, health care and prescription drug costs are skyrocketing, mothers and fathers are murdering their kids ….. I think there are more important things to be concerned with than ANOTHER ‘Hollywood couple’ having ANOTHER baby out of wedlock! But I suppose that’s America now – concerned with mindless things that don’t amount to a hill of beans.

  • Ashley

    ““My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together … It’s 3 months growin’ in her womb.” —- Okay. That sounds extremely immature.

  • gem

    Congratulations…and many blessings…he seems like a real good person, I wish them all the luck in the world. Beautiful, happy news is seldom reported these days!

  • seoul

    Ashley @ 01/16/2008 at 6:56 pm

    ““My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together … It’s 3 months growin’ in her womb.” —- Okay. That sounds extremely immature.
    I agree, it sounds very corny!! But when its MMc everything is possible. He doesnt come across as a very smart articulate guy. I always thought he is too dramatic, that is why people keep trying to mimic him.

  • http://JustJared mrs.tootsie

    matthew does not a deserve BIG UGLY ASS B**CH like that one!!! i hope that the kid doesnt look like her cuz then they will have to put her up for adoption and nobody would want her!!!!! he is mine not that UGLY B**CH’S!!!

  • Dezi

    Wow.Matt….You keep picking these rodent looking types with unibrows. can you say junglebush?