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Chad Michael Murray's Favorite Films

Chad Michael Murray's Favorite Films

Chad Michael Murray shares his “Top 5 Favorite Films” of all time in Entertainment Weekly‘s “Take 5″ video feature. The One Tree Hill hunk explains why Indiana Jones rules, and how Robert De Niro inspired him as performer. Here is his top 5 list:

5) The Fountain
4) Indiana Jones Trilogy
3) Taxi Driver
2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s
1) It’s a Wonderful Life

Watch the video at

20+ screencaps inside of Chad Michael Murray rattling off his favorite films…

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  • zanessa110


  • jen

    i luv him!! but the fountain was an awful movie, i cant believe anyone would’ve liked it, :D but anywhoo!! liked his other picks!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Who is this guy and why should I care what his favourite movies are?

  • Manu

    Who is this?

  • katalina

    I love Taxi Driver and It’s a wonderful life to!

    Yay! OTH is tonight!

  • ciiiiia

    Well, Maria, if you really look what Jared posted i think you can guess who he is, but i guess you cant read.

  • Tonya

    cheating asshole. fucking half the girls in wilmington and cheated on his wife

  • Cali

    thanks for posting! boy do i love this man.

  • canon

    He’s the best!

  • OEa

    Well well, if it isn’t the cheating son of a bitch. I’m suprised he didn’t say that “Pledge This!” was one of his favorite movies seeing as his former skanky bed buddy is in it.

  • Micky

    Never heard of him before, but he’s got a terrible taste in movies, and he’s ugly as hell.

  • DB

    Aww look, it’s the cheater.

  • canon

    I bet that she or he who is making coments about he being a cheater is the same person.

    FOR THE LOVE OF MY GOD, Can you people just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Helena

    List is decent for someone who’s a bad actor. Actually it’s GREAT. It has Taxi Driver on there. That says it all.

  • B.

    Oh please, those aren’t your favorite films, “dude”, don’t try to make yourself look more interesting.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    ciiiiia @ 01/15/2008 at 9:58 am Well, Maria, if you really look what Jared posted i think you can guess who he is, but i guess you cant read.

    Well, aren’t you a charmer!

  • duh

    breakfast at tiffany’s?? i love that movie but i have to say i don’t know any guy that can sit through it never mind rate it as their number 2 favourite movie.

  • Paradise

    He is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. :)

  • Yikes

    Paradise…R U ON DRUG?

  • beforebreeek

    I Agree Paradise!! He is the Hottest thing.

  • GO fuck yourself

    grow the fuck up you bitches! last time a checked he had never dont ANYTHING to you! i have a name for all of you bashers….C U N T S! get a fuck a life and stop bashing him!

  • the shiznack

    how can u not pick A Clockwork Orange

    Fu*king Mongtard

  • the shiznack

    #21 Oooh testy are we

    ur a T W A T

  • Cali

    wow! some of you people need to get a life! haha sure everyone has a right to what they think but come on what do you gain from just bashing for the fun of it? i love him and he is looking hotter then ever i think…he is a great actor and if he can make some new movies he will be the next brad pitt

  • the shiznack


    chads acting skills are so atrocious, id rather watch paint dry

    and the next brad pitt – seriously are u for real

  • Cali

    yea i am….he has the looks and talent. he is the next brad pitt. well i think so….as a matter of fact i have not read one bad review on his acting…not his films but his acting

  • the shiznack

    his acting his wooden and he is incredibly annoying on OTH with the quotes and his voice overs during the montages

    even family guy made fun of the show on sunday

    he cant act for shit, same with most of the cast of OTH – except Sophia Bush, Paul Johansson and Barbara Alyn Woods, they can actually act

    but chad and hilarie seriously need some lessons

  • Cali

    haha oh i forgot the great sophia! my bad….no dude she cant act i’m sorry there is a reason all of her movies have sucked and her biggest flaw as an actress is that she can only play brooke, she is one sided, she can play brooke in JTMD and stay alive and the hitcher she has no range as an actor and dont try and tell me that i’m just jelous cuz i’m not….if i was an actor i would want to be a respected one, not one that has a pitty fan bace cuz they think that her ex-hubby cheated on her, which my the way no one knows if its true or not. chad has three hit movies and plays lead in a TV show, if you hate him so much dont talk about him…there is no need to put him down

  • the shiznack

    all i said was he couldnt act

    but i respect ur points

  • kors

    gosh I love how people who dont know CMM think they know him and say stuff like they are facts. looooove ittttt. Tonya I guess your one of the chicks he fuccked and chucked? haha nice. thats why you know everything. skank.

  • Casey

    This dude can’t act to save his life, all he does is squint.

    And the fact that he’s an ass doesn’t make things any better, he treats his fans like crap, I’m actually suprised he still got people out there that like him.

  • kors

    I love how breakfast at tiffanys is one of his favs, it shows he just not all man, he gets in touch with his touchy side too.

  • Cali

    i have met him and he was the icest person outa the cast…when i hear an accual bad encounter with him or kenzie then i will believe it but all i hear is “well i heard…..”

  • charl

    WOW, what is with everyone bashing Chad and ‘Cali’ bashing Sophia?!
    so they’re his favourite movies… so what?! if you don’t like him don’t post and i really don’t see the need of bringing Sophia into it!
    and also ‘Cali’ i am a fan of Sophia and i had no idea about her and Chad when i first saw her in something so i wouldn’t say she has a ‘pitty fan base’.

    but anyway, back to the point, those movies are awesome.

  • Cali

    i’m not bashing her…..i was simply saying what i think feel and know anyways he has such great taste in movies i love him

  • sarah

    Casey “he treats his fans like crap”

    SHUT THE -F U C K- UP! Have you ever met him? Yeaah thats what i…

  • Mrs.Phelps

    I have met him..he was very nice to me and the other fans that whee around….do two things fr drp sophia outa her this isnot about her it has nothing to do with her! two stop the bashing…its prob all the ame person and there is no needto bring him down.

  • http://sdfj othlovee

    you all need to shutup & stop bashing chad he is an amazing actor and a great person!

    & insanely GORGEOUS :)

  • Mrs.Phelps

    i agree with othlovee…could not have said it better myself

  • rachel

    wow.. as for all of you people saying “whose this guy?” you must live under a rock.

    how do u not know who chad michael murray is? do you guys not remember the chad fad that every teenage girl went through after he came out with cinderella story? whether u watch OTH or not you should know who he is, that or you clearly live in the dark.

    as for bashing, seeing as though you people dont formally know him – you should shut up. i never really liked him all that much (although i do love the show) but once i met him i loved him. hes soo sweet and he is SO much better to his fans then alot of the other cast. so if you guys havent met him you really need to shut your hole.

    and as for his acting, he is soooooo much better than these other “actors” nowadays…. if you watched every single episode of one tree hill you would agree but since most of you morons posting bad comments are also insulting OTH im assuming you dont…. so if you dont watch OTH and you’ve only flipped it on once or twice, you have NO right to judge his acting…


  • rachel

    and he might have cheated on sophia back in the day…. but whose to say he hasnt changed his ways? EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES! its all you judgemental people that make me want to vomit.

    you guys are disgusting.

  • Casey


    Actually I have met him, and he sure as hell wasn’t nice then, he might be nice at times, and he might act like a jackass, I only know how he was when I met him, which is what I base my opinion on. Get over it.

  • Mrs.Phelps

    Casey– mind sharing what he did or said? jw….anyways i have met all of the cast…hilarie is really nice, so is paul, joy is really sweet but very shy, james could not care less about his fans from what he did to me but hey everyone has there bad days. i have heard good and bad storys about the hole cast….i have read just as many good storys as bad ones about chad, so he is not always a really nice guy, does that make him a bad person? no. half of the people that ‘hate’ him dont like him cuz of the RUMORS about he and sophia..last i checked neither said it did or did not happen so if you all base ‘hating’ someone on something that might or might not be true you are a really something.

  • pl

    HA! He’s trying to come off all interesting and sophisticated by listing “The Fountain” as one of his top 5 and I don’t even think he UNDERSTANDS the movie!

  • Mrs.Phelps



  • kors

    that movie is kinda hard to explain in a short time frame like the one that Chad was given ; )

  • rrrr

    he have a horrible taste

  • mallory:)

    he is SOSOOOOOOOOOOOOSO fine:)

  • http://- Joanna (Poland)

    ummm, cool! i love those movies too ^^ and i adore one tree hill (: chad’s just fine!

  • Mrs.Phelps

    he is so hott and was amazing last night on OTH