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Gwyneth Paltrow: HOSPITALIZED!!!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow: HOSPITALIZED!!!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow was admitted to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital Monday afternoon, reports Us Weekly.

“She was slumped over in a wheelchair pushed by [husband] Chris Martin,” an eyewitness said. “She looked not well.”

No word as to why Gwyneth, 35, was hospitalized and her rep was not very helpful, saying, “We are not commenting as it’s a personal matter.”

Get well soon, Gwyn!

UPDATE: A rep for the Oscar winner says, “She is fine and now at home.”

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  • jen

    Hope she’s okay!

  • clive



    for the love of peter pan, for real?

  • celebpsychic

    I hope she’s alright, she probably collapsed.


  • doRA

    i hope she’s okay =(

  • kaley

    i can’t stand this b*tch but i do hope she’s well and it’s nothing too serious.

  • Didi

    he probably beat her up

  • told u so

    told u she was preggers a month ago-get well

  • raye

    # 7 Didi @ 01/15/2008 at 10:10 am he probably beat her up

    I have the same thoughts… or she is just acting up so that Chris would not leave her.

  • jessica

    miscarriage, maybe

  • I said it

    I hope all is well with her but isn’t this the same woman that blasted all Americans? Why is she not in her beloved London? Since the uproar over her comments, she has been living in the States almost fulltime. Anyway, hope she is okay.

  • Helena

    I hope she’s ok. This also slams the reports that her and Chris are separated.

  • sara

    get well

  • blondie

    If that little Chris Martin has beat her up, or cause her one single
    speck of harm, then he had better run for the hills, because he
    will have hell to pay. What if she has some t errible illness,
    that is life threatening. I am worried sick, I tell you. Did Chris stay
    at her side? Did he weep? Keep me posted.
    Get out that pen, Chris.
    Write that million dollar song.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Gosh, she’s not one of my favourties, but hope she’s OK.

  • owen

    Hope it was not a suicide attempt!

  • Ha!

    Beat her up? Where the f*ck do you people come up with this crap? It could be anything that sent her to the hospital. Hmmm, maybe something involving the weird macrobiotic diet she follows? WTF?

  • Diane

    Hope she will be OK

  • TJ

    She is such a drama queen! this is the only way Chris will appear in public with her because she is so annoying. I wonder how long did it take Gwyneth to come up with this little trick. I don’t think it proves nothing, so try again Gwyneth. Alot of x-husband will take you to the hospital if you fall to the floor in front of them. She is so fake, still needs to cut that hair.

  • Resa

    Kinda hoping it’s serious

  • WTF

    Maybe just an accident on the set of Two lovers, that happens!

  • remember da truth

    #11 Get over yourself. Gwyneth did not blast all Americans, she talked about how much she enjoyed the sophistication of English people, and that is was nice to have conversations with Brits who are well-educated.
    Snobby, yes, but the whole world knows that Americans are ignorant, uneducated, uncultured boobs — it doesn’t take Gwyneth Paltrow to say it!

    And even if she did blast all Americans — so what? You are exactly the kind of person she would be blasting, so myopic as to think that Americans are the end-all and be-all and how dare anyone say anything except praise of them! You are as snobby as Gwyneth, but with less right to be so!

  • remember da truth

    TJ, I’m not a fan of this stuck up woman, but Chris DOES appear in public with her. The paps only show you the photos of her and her with her babies, but Chris has been seen in the background or to the side of the photos that don’t make it into the mags. It’s just more fun for the paps to always show her without him, and get the haters in a gleeful uproar so they’ll buy the photos.

  • Liz

    Sadly, this is the only way she can get positive press.

  • Max


  • BeGood

    Gwyn’s ok. She just had an allergic reaction after swallowing Big Mario’s eel.

  • tiny bubbles

    Definitely pregnant.

  • Violet B

    remember da truth @ 01/15/2008 at 11:48 am

    #11 Get over yourself. Gwyneth did not blast all Americans, she talked about how much she enjoyed the sophistication of English people, and that is was nice to have conversations with Brits who are well-educated.
    You’re off base here. She said a lot more than that.. She also ignorantly generalized Americans as less intelligent and civilized than the English. If the same thing had been said about gender, it would have been considered sexist.

    No one has the right to be that much of a snob.

    That said, I do hope she gets better soon.

  • PTA


  • SofiaRocket

    I don’t understand why Estee Lauder chose this totally un-charizmatic woman as their lady???

  • Shell

    Probably indigestion from all that horrible food she eats.

  • amber

    I think it was a miscarriage, too. That would be sad if true. I hope she gets better.

  • Brian

    More on Gwyneth Paltrow (full bio, gossip, rare paparazzi clips)

  • Vanessahudgensofficial69

    New pictures video

  • ROZ

    Gwyneth is right about Americans, they are stupid. I am sorry but the entire world hates Americans for a reason. You rape and pillage other people’s lands and sovereign nations and then pretend you are doing it as a favour to them and that they should be grateful for it.

    I went to Florida on holiday in 2004 and some podunk arshole in the villa next to mine, asked me whether we speak English in the UK cos he could not understand my accent. I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn’t. He thought UK was a totally different country to England. When I told him I was English he said ‘no but England is where the Queen lives, not the UK’

    fucking motherfucking podunk bastard Americans!

  • Mery

    I don’t believe this.. Gwyneth is hated for all the people?
    I don’t know this.

  • rossy40

    I have seen first-hand the “separation” of certain Americans’ attitudes when traveling in other countries: NOTHING is “good” enough for them. The food is crap, accommodations are beneath them, etc. You can sit in a cafe in Paris, walk through a London park, take in the architecture of Vienna… and unfortunately, KNOW right away who’s American.

    I remember Chelsie Clinton (having gone to England to further her school studies say that she, as an American, was not well-received. She, along with others were roughly ignored. At first she thought it was the classic “WE don’t like outsiders” crap… But it couldn’t be the case; other exchange students were well received, especially Canadians. Over time she learned why: an American would ALWAYS correct a Brit by saying “It’s NOT bangers and mash, it’s sausages and mashed potatoes – Learn to speak English; this food is @*&^, etc.

    Canadians were ALWAYS respectful! “I’d love some of that and this… It’s just like mom’s; could I get this recipe for her to try. CC learned to be “ashamed” of the way some of her fellow “Americans” acted — But there are idiots EVERYWHERE!

  • Mediterranean

    # 30 SofiaRocket @ 01/15/2008 at 12:23 pm

    I don’t understand why Estee Lauder chose this totally un-charizmatic woman as their lady???

    MOST PROBABLY, she is the one who pays the company to be in their ads.

    If she is so private person (or she prefers to be private as she says), why on earth do we keep on hearing about her, unnecessarily?

  • amber

    rossy40 – Over time she learned why: an American would ALWAYS correct a Brit by saying “It’s NOT bangers and mash, it’s sausages and mashed potatoes – Learn to speak English; this food is @*&^, etc.
    I’ve encountered this to a lesser extent even in this country (I’m American). I’m from the East Coast and where I grew up we called carbonated drinks “soda.” Well, when I moved to Cincinnati and went to a fastfood restaurant, my mom ordered a Coke soda and the girl behind the counter said, “Don’t you mean ‘pop’?” My mom was like, “No, I meant a soda like I said. Don’t try to correct me.” Lots of people in this country have that attitude that their way is the right and only way to go. It sucks, but that’s the way our society is for some reason….

  • hmm…..

    i say it was a miscarriage….

  • Alison

    I can’t stand her either. Sounds like a pregnancy related issue such as miscarriage.

  • I said it

    remember da truth, rossy40 and ROZ,

    Its so funny you talk about Americans, but yet you are on an American site posting (lol). I also suspect Brits will get along with Canadians, considering Canada never gained their total independence from Great Britian.

    I will say there are bad apples everywhere, but Canadians and Brits have their bad apples too. I can write several horror stories about my (and others) experiences with people of other nationalities (especially people from Canada and England) but I won’t go there. That is why its wrong to judge any group of people as one thing because that is plain stupid. What you three are doing is no different from a person judging another race.

    ROZ, you need a serious lesson in World History because no nation on this earth is innocent. Every nation (especially in Europe) has raped and destoryed other cultures for their nation.

    rossy40, you are not very intelligent. Anytime a person writes, “an American would ALWAYS correct a Brit” or “Canadians were ALWAYS respectful!” is stupid because you don’t know every American or every Canadian.

  • tc

    #42 Precisely!

    It’s incredibly ignorant to judge an entire country based on one encounter with a ding-a-ling. I’m sure the UK has it’s share of unintelligent people and the history of the UK is rampant with what you accuse America of.

    I know it seems to be popular to bash the US, but there sure are a lot of internationals not only very interested in everything that goes one here, but also very eager to come here. We have our flaws but we’re definitely not alone in that respect, so take a breath and come down off that high horse – I’m speaking to you rememba, rossy, and ROZ.

  • remember da truth

    Hey, guess what? I’m American, but I travel, and I see how the expression “ugly American” came to be. Roz is right, and you people don’t want to face it. Of course, not EVERY American is this way, but the majority are, and the mere fact that you are getting mad at someone pointing it out rather than being appalled and embarrassed at our educational system and our limited, censored news and wanting to do something about it is exactly how we got into this position. Americans will never improve if they think they are so superior that they don’t need to listen to anyone else or learn anything new.
    #28 yes, that is what Gwyneth said and she has a right to that opinion without you trashing HER. For the most part, she is right — Americans are poorly educated, unsophisticated, don’t travel, and can’t fathom that they aren’t “NUMBER ONE” in everything, as if they are still in high school and rooting for the local team. They think if another country doesn’t fall down and love them, that it’s the country’s fault. No, it’s the fault of Americans for being a world joke.

    Just as when Russia was cut off from the rest of the world, and they could fill their people with propaganda of how they were so far advanced and the West was behind, that is what happens to Americans who never leave their country. Many Americans never leave their own state! Only 33% of Americans have a passport, and fewer speak a second language. We get news that is censored and mostly propaganda and pundits telling the public what to think, rather than complete world news that leaves us to make up our own minds after being fully informed. Why? Because Americans don’t want to think, and be informed and study and read and pay attention to what is happening in the world.

    As for being literate, just read this “American site” as someone called it to see how poor the grammar, spelling, lucidity, and insightfulness is. Then think about what Gwyneth said, and while you might not like what she said, or the fact that she said it, it doesn’t make her wrong.

  • tc

    As I said I know this country has its flaws. Nonetheless, I refuse to listen to someone say our country is somehow more ignorant than another. There of course is room for improvement. I don’t disagree that some Americans tend to isolate and therefore have a narrow perspective, but I think you can find that in other places as well.

    I think the idea is to be constructive rather than making blanket statements about how stupid people are. Ironically statements like that tend to reveal your own ignorance.

    Somehow #44 you and Gwyneth managed to grow up here and rise above the idiocy that surrounds you. Leave room in your mind that you are not necessarily the exception and possibly all the people you enjoy feeling superior to are not as moronic as you thought!

  • Mary

    Violet B-You are right, I remember thats what she said. She had no right to insult Americans like that. I don’t care about her at all. She should go back to England.

  • your_god

    As a Brit, I would just like to point out that we don’t all think Americans aren’t idiots. Only the ‘flag-waving Americans’ (I.E. those that go around thinking “America is best”, and woe betide anybody that disagrees with them). And that war in Iraq has done you (or us) absolutely no favours among the other 180+ other countries that have to suffer our mistakes.

    In my experience, all the Americans I have met are kind, polite and charming people. It’s just the minority that ruin it for the rest of us.

    As for Paltrow. I don’t care about her as an actress, but I do care about her winning Oscars for playing British parts. We have hundreds of British actresses completely ignored by Hollywood. Only time you’ll ever see any is in Hot Fuzz or St Trinians (both British films), whereas American actors/actresses can star freely in all of our films.

  • Mary

    I think the idea is to be constructive rather than making blanket statements about how stupid people are. Ironically statements like that tend to reveal your own ignorance.

    ^^TC that was awesome.

  • hottest couple ever

    glad that she is ok

  • I said it

    remember da truth,

    You are part of the problem…not a part of the solution. You love to point out what is wrong about America, but what are you doing about it? Nothing but sprewing hateful comments about a nation you clearly hate. I also doubt you travel because people who are worldly don’t make blanket statements like you. Whatever you have to say is shot…you have been exposed. Good night!