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Celebrity Guess Who -- Forehead Massage Edition!

Celebrity Guess Who -- Forehead Massage Edition!

Hayden Christensen looks to be enjoying quite the forehead massage from which other celebrity?

To find out the answer, CLICK HERE!


Rachel Bilson! Rachel Bilson! Rachel Bilson!


Jumper costars Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were spotting driving to Fox studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday. On the way, Bilson stopped at a red light and multi-tasked, giving Hayden a quick forehead massage.

Poor Hayden must have head a headache! More pictures below of Rachel and Hayden

Jumper opens across the country on Feb. 14th — VALENTINE’S DAY!

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hayden christensen forehead massage 11
hayden christensen forehead massage 12
hayden christensen forehead massage 13
hayden christensen forehead massage 14
hayden christensen forehead massage 15
hayden christensen forehead massage 16
hayden christensen forehead massage 17
hayden christensen forehead massage 18

Photos: Matei/JRI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Orange Clockwork

    SO hard.

  • ae

    racheeel and adam 4ever they are meant to be

  • ae

    2nd btw

  • yeah

    jumper is a great movie

  • Sydney

    are they going out ? :)

  • Ally

    lol cute!

  • sam

    I wanna see Jumper, just cause of Rachel!




  • hydnfn4evr

    aww.. how sweet!!

  • itzzzkimmm

    awww! how cute!

  • csxyz

    Yay, how cute!

  • eli

    totally agree with “ae”

  • Bia

    I don’t like him ¬¬

  • fanta


  • HBK


  • ocsethummer

    Adrach forever, yes. :)





  • Raven

    ZZZZZZzzzzz! It looks like she’s tipping again. No wonder why Hayden has a f*cking headache!! After all L.A. is his favorite town y’all! I think not! Hayden has said on more then one occasion he hates L.A.!

  • bbbbvnm

    DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR, no need for the guess who.

  • Roxane

    are they dating?

  • rune

    Hayden just GO HOME and dont let yourself to be influence by some midget media whore. You could do better than that! Geez,Your such a lamehead!

  • Karmakey

    Makes me sad. He could do so much better. I completely understand why he has a headache. I do, too, just thinking about it.

  • slaine

    Whoa, I think the HYPING COUPLE ALERT is going on a FULL BLAST now huh!

    No wonder Jumper is about to be shown soon…

  • eli

    I like them together shes a Mini-Cindy Crawford and hes a hot Darth vader!

  • eli

    uh eli #12 is not me


    If you give a massage you normally use your hand on the neck ..Don’t know what she is actually doing..even driving you can do that one handed..seems he was ok one moment then unhappy in the rest of the pictures..guess MIT is going to LA instead of going to the premier tomorrow night I heard somewhere it might be..



    Love your comment I agree.

  • nidyzylc

    i luv adam and rachel too..but i guess both of them have moved on..hayden and rachel is fine with me..

  • just_waching

    As expected and as always that they have this SOUR-FACES whenever they’re together – that is MORE evident on Hayden’s face! It just looks as if he was force (again) to to do some photo-opps for her co-star’s tipped paparazzi. Just pathetic!

  • Leena


    No, there was supposed to be that thing at MIT. They were showing scenes, but not the full movie.

  • lillie

    they’re so cute,

    & i can’t wait till JUMPER! :]

  • kc

    “t just looks as if he was force (again) to to do some photo-opps for her co-star’s tipped paparazzi. Just pathetic!”

    I agree!

    She is looking RIGHT at the camera while she is rubbing his forehead and then, AFTER HE notices the paps she opens her mouth in this big FAKE expression of surprise…yeah,…right… Rachel must think we were all born yesterday!

  • deanie

    @ # 24

    DUH! put up you contacts granny.

    Comparing Bilson to Cindi Crawford would be damn SACRILEGIOUS!

    EVA LONG(WH)ORIA or VANESSA SLUT-GENS would be a lot better!

  • Raven

    @ 22 and Who Cares,
    I compleatly agree with you two diva’s! Looking and imagine being w/ Rachel competely would give me a headache and yeah..@ Who Cares. I used to be in the medical assisting field. If someone has a headache you massage the back of their neck not their forehead! Tsk! Tsk! Tacky Rachel as usual. Hayden looks less then thrilled on the rest of the pics.

    I mean. I work w/ special needs high school students and this one autistic girl in the class will give out a free neck massage. Hell! I will take that from her. A massage feels good!

    I guess MIT will be in L.A. now. Unless, they take the red eye flight to Boston tomorrow?? I would not be surprised if Hayden and Rachel wind up showing up for American Idol too soon to promote more of Jumper.



  • Isabella

    #35 I agree with you

  • jade

    So I see that the MEDIA-DISPLAY-OF-ATTENTION is now in the works to the max!
    Makes me no wonder…
    Both of their careers are going nowhere so they have to double-up whatever that there is need to work up for just to make them look more credible & interesting!

  • Carla

    she always didn’t want the puplic to know about her persnal life! Thats why theres no kissing!


    bull sh** carla!!!!

  • molly

    oh, because you all know rachel personally right?
    none of you have any right to talk whatsoever. when you become best friends with hayden or rachel and you find out whats really going on then come back here and say something.

    k peace bitches.

  • matt

    yo, KC, just so U know, they had no idea they were being photographed

  • i_just_know

    @ # 32

    Okay, Bilson is what we in the industry like to call an OTS (Opportunistic TV Starlet). NO DOUBT that her publicist and agent are doing some behind-the-scenes shit here!

  • i_just_know

    @ # 32

    Okay, Bilson is what we in the industry like to call an OTS (Opportunistic TV Starlet). NO DOUBT that her publicist and agent are doing some behind-the-scenes shit here!

  • cwt

    @ 37

    As far as I know, Hayden still got some movie under his belt and this never ending campaign & hype for Jumper would be MORE benefited to Bilson and she had better milk it for all its worth because her nowhere-going career relies on it right after O.C have abruptly axed for good.
    As for Hayden, if he wasnt just like being helpful to his co-star’s antics, he was just TOTALLY dumb & got poor taste!

  • isnt_it

    From the looks of it, it seems too obvious that HC is not really into RB at all. I think he tried so hard to hit it and but then just wishes he could just quit it. But their PR agents still wants to add some more fuel into their so-called hooking up coz there still a lot of skeptics about it and the most important of it all is that, they just have movie together. Enough said!

  • vanessahudgensofficial

    new new video pictures

  • kara

    It’s always funny how people seem to know Rachel and Hayden and what they are or aren’t into. They sure were very relaxed around each other in the PSA outtakes.
    And how could have Rachel tipped the paps? Meet us at the red light phase on corner of xyz street? Please…
    Just give it a rest. They are now together for almost a year – long before any Jumper publicity started.

  • missy

    Oh poor baby must have a headache.They are so cute together.

  • Helena

    Isn’t she watching the road?

  • Nela

    HEY!!! Rachel has my car!!! :D LOL Kewl that her and I have the same car! And it’s a GRAND car! It’s one of the most amazing cars ever. YAY!