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Kate Bosworth - "Vogue" February 2008

Kate Bosworth -

Kate Bosworth shows off her superstar style in the February 2008 cover of Vogue. Interview snippets as always:

On her ex Orlando Bloom: “Orlando and I met when we were kids. Blue Crush hadn’t come out. Lord of the Rings hadn’t come out. … He was the first big heartbreak. … First love: You feel like it’s the be-all and end-all. … To put as little pressure on the relationship you’re in is very important. I regret that it was too intense for both of us.”

On still remaining friends with ex-boyfriends: “The fact that I’m very close with my past relationships is something I pride myself on. My mom is still close to her first husband. It’s nice to be able to enjoy someone in a different form.”

On losing 12 pounds from stress: “Whenever anything happens that’s very painful or stressful, we all lose weight – my mother, my aunt, my grandmother. … I honestly thought something was wrong with me. … I was concerned for my health and my fans, the public. I would have said, don’t look at this as the standard of some kind of beauty and health. [It was] a very dark time in my life.”

On meeting model/musician boyfriend James Rousseau at a Marc Jacobs after-party: “I looked like a mess. I always ask him why he didn’t turn and walk away. He had no idea who I was. He said, ‘You’re an actress? You’re not Kate Hudson, are you?’ For a little while there he called me ‘Miss Hudson’ as a joke. [Afterward] we left and sang Dylan songs at Maggie’s Pub. Sitting on a bar stool, having a beer. He saw the potential. He wanted to fix me in a little way. And to be quite honest, he did. He was such a ray of light in my life.”

Kate, 25, has a new film coming out on called 21 (Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne). It’s about a blackjack team made up of six MIT students, who train to become experts in card counting and subsequently take Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Release date: March 28th.

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  • Ally


  • Ally

    *pretty blue eyes

  • lily


  • Britboy

    She looks the best I’ve seen her look in a while.

  • Diama


  • H E L L O W O R L D

    When is a supermodel gonna grace a SOLO cover for Vogue???

  • ae

    wow she’s not skinny anymore.cute kind of

  • well amen!

    Well, it appears Kate and Orlando are friends still so maybe this will put an end to all the fan mud slinging.

  • ummm

    so was the “dark time” in her life referring to her break up w/Orlando, or something else? anyone know what was going on w/her when she lost all the weight?

  • My Take

    I think she might have been referring to the breakup but that doesn’t mean she was blaming Orlando for it. She was saying it was intense for both of them so of course there was pain when they broke up but again, it doesn’t mean she was saying it was his fault that she lost weight. It’s just that she was hearbroken over it.

  • lol

    It’s called ‘airbrushing’ people :(

  • Leopards

    She’s so full of sh*t. They were kids? He was 25. Lord of The Rings hadn’t come out? Yes it most definitely had. Blue Crush hadn’t come out? She was at the Blue Crush premiere with her boyfriend Matt, there are pictures. So she’s lying or she’s a cheater. Either way, it looks bad.

    And now there’s a new story for why she got so skinny? First she had a little sickness, then she basically blamed Orlando for it, saying it was a confusing time in her life and she lost weight. And now there was a phantom family illness.

    All we learn is Kate still needs to use OBs name to get attention. I guess leopards don’t change their spots.

  • Leopards

    JJ doesn’t have the full context of the weight loss quote:

    On losing 12 pounds from stress, which she attributed to dealing with an illness in the family:
    “Whenever anything happens that’s very painful or stressful, we all lose weight — my mother, my aunt, my grandmother. … I honestly thought something was wrong with me. … I was concerned for my health and my fans, the public. I would have said, don’t look at this as the standard of some kind of beauty and health. [It was] a very dark time in my life.”

    Its not about OB at all. But it’s still a lie. Or a new story.

  • God


  • K

    love the cover

  • lol @ God

    only 14th? For being God and all I would think you would be Johnny on the spot with these things? Can’t you use your powers to make yourself first?

  • kathastic

    aw thats a nice interview! gorgeous pics as well
    can’t wait for her new movie

  • remember da truth

    #12 Leopards
    She said she MET Orlando before Blue Crush had come out. And maybe she had already broken up with her boyfriend and they went as friends because her relationship with Orlando was still new — and they were keeping it from the press. She says she stays friends with her exes.

    Why do you hate her so much? Did she do something to you?

  • oooba dooba

    “Blue Crush” was released in August 2002 according to IMDb, although it was probably released at different months in different countries. I remember it coming out in summer 2002 .

    Kate dated Matt till November 2002. She and Orlando met supposedly at the TTT premier, although there’s another story about a PMK Xmas party. LOTR came out in December 2001. Maybe they met back in 2001 but nothing came of it.

    She looks very pretty on the cover. Great photograph!

  • ashely

    totally agree with #18, “MET” someone doesn’t mean becoming someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend!!

  • LMAO

    Still riding the ex’s coattails, I see.

  • god shes ugly!!

    didnt they do a gap commercial together thats how they met.

    Either way, she got dumped – hes moved on – she needs to get a life – oh and a decent career because her acting sucks!

    and if you think she looks good in that cover shot – then you all need glasses!

  • Mcmary

    wish i could lose 12 pounds from stress!! I think it it was all the cigs she smokes and coffee and no food.

  • Mcmary

    I also thinks its odd that this is the 3rd movie she has done with spacey. I think he has a thing for her!

  • Mcmary

    I think that it is odd that this is the 3rd movie she has done with Spacey. I think he is getting her these jobs.

  • Mcmary

    ooops sorry doubled!!!

  • Jay

    To #21
    how can she ride his coattails? She’s on the cover of Vogue promoting her movie, Orlando hasn’t even shot a movie in over a year! And doesn’t look there will be any for a while still! What coattails does he have? With the strike in Hollywood the studios had a lot of films with scripts ready to go with parts going to good actors, and he hasn’t landed a single one.

  • luna

    She only talked about Orlando because she was asked a question about it. Goodness people if she and Orlando can still be friends why can’t everyone else leave her/them alone.

  • shannon

    she deosn’t do much what is she famous for, blue crush and superman returns im sick of her

  • Anon

    At least Orlando’s had the class to defer any questions about her. #27, you don’t know squat. He has a couple of specific projects (like one in Hong Kong) that will be shooting in the coming months. No movies right now because he was a little BUSY last year on stage in London’s West End. Her? Magazine covers. Because they don’t require any acting.

  • mossy


  • vanessahudgensofficial

    new new video pictures

  • So…

    …it’s okay for you Kate-Lovers to accept that Kate MAYBE knew Orlando before she broke up with Matt and MAYBE broke up with him because of O but you are pathetic enough to blame ORLANDO for being a cheater and having bad karma because he was seen with Miranda in March and she broke up with her BF in late September?

    Wow. That’s totally fair. LOL!

  • Miranda Priestly

    AMERICAN VOGUE SUX. It’s boring cover after boring cover. What’s up with Anna Wintour? She’s slipping but I guess since her contract is guaranteed for another 5 years she doesn’t care.

  • Lulu

    She’s pretty but the cover is very boring and I’m not sure why she’s on the cover. Her claim to fame is a movie called Blue Crush and dating Orlando Bloom? That’s bottom of the barrel.

  • @33

    one person made that comment about Kate and her boyfriend it doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way.

  • So…

    @36 It’s most people that were head-over-heels O/K-Shipper that think that way. just saying that this “bad karma” shit sounds even more unfair considering that she not only had a new love weeks after the break-up with her first twu luv but also that she PERHAPS cheated herself.

    Just sayin’. I’m not a Kate-hater, actually I was/am quite fond of her but I’m also an Orlando-fan. *gasp* Yes, that’s possible! And it just p*sses me the f*ck off to hear some stupid people that just can’t give it a rest always try to do that routine. Know what I mean?

  • @37

    Two different situations. Who knows what happened with Kate in 2002. If that is true than she and Orlando are in the same boat.
    In 2007-8 there are people who know Miranda and the situation with her boyfriend and Orlando who speak their mind about it. Two differnt sets of people.

  • So…

    Yeah. right. Because Kate’s BF of that time wasn’t famous somehow and because EVERYONE posting here claiming he has “background” information has to tell the truth?!

  • The Cover IS Boring for Vogue

    Hasn’t Kate learned anything. NEVER SPEAK ABOUT ORLANDO. His crazy fans can’t handle it.

  • @39

    Maybe not all of them but definetly some of them.

  • Sienna

    She looks gorgeous! So beautiful and I can’t wait to buy the magazine to see all the pictures of her and read the article!

    Thanks for posting this Jared!

  • Rosalie

    She does look beautiful, doesn’t she? And SO much healthier! I’m glad she’s moving on with her life unlike some ‘fans’ who for some inexplicable reason can’t seem to do the same.

  • Heywood jablomie

    What the hell are Orlando fans whining about? Bosworth’s career is going much better than his!

    This girl hasn’t got much talent, but even she is superior to Orlando “Big Girl’s Blouse” Bloom, the worst actor in Hollywood.

    Orly hasn’t been cast in a new movie since the failure of Kingdom of Heaven and Elizabethtown showed him for what he is. The HK project has not been confirmed, just a rumor. And if Johnny To has any sense, he won’t cast the untalented Bloom.

    Bloom is just another no talent loser pap bait in Hollywood. He’ll be doing Uwe Boll movies soon.

  • wut?

    what does ‘big girl blouse’ mean?

  • emotionally healthy

    I think it says something about her that she went right from this intense heartbreaking relationship with Orlando, almost immediatly into another relationship. More telling is in this new relationship this new guy fixed her. When will women ever learn that we don’t need men to FIX us, we should take responsiblity for being healthy, capable people on our own. Then and only then should we try to enter in to a relationship. I doubt this one will last if that is the way it started. One healthy person, taking pity on the poor broken person. It creates a inbalance right from the beginning. I hate women who have to have a man to make themselves ok.

  • oiboiere’tcomes

    LOL! totally hear ya. But good luck getting the St. Orli fans to realize the boy hasn’t worked on anything new in Hollywood since Spring 2005. Three years! And there doesn’t seem to be much coming in terms of a stage career either. I think Bloom found it to be too much hard work in the end. Being a Hollywood celebrity player is sooo much easier!
    Funny that the UK/European film or even TV industries(not affected by the AMERICAN strike)don’t seem to be much interested in him either.

    But back OT: Yes! Kate looks great and her relationship w/James seems very good-for both of them! I wish them both continued health and happiness. “21″ actually sounds interesting, -love Spacey-so will have to check it out.

  • WTH?

    Holy C**p Batman!
    What’s with the heavy PR spin and trying to rewrite history??

    They met BEFORE Lotr or BC came out…?. 2002. He was 25/26- not a “kid”. She was 19/20-yes, very young and naive. And too inexperienced to handle the c**p he pulled with her.

    Back in May2007(POTC3 premiere time ‘natch)she said the weight stuff was from “The Break-up”…? A bit more than 12 lbs. methinks;and now its from family illness?

    She met James after the TBU…? Honey, there were sightings of you and James all over NY even before the Supes and POTC2 premieres IIRC. Not that I blame you, Bloom hardly seems the faithful type.

    And WHAT a coincidence! Bloom just this week had all those UNICEF pictures come out too!

    Anybody else get the feeling Robin Baum is STILL playing these two in tandem? Kinda sad little game. Forever linked is right.

  • Name

    Poor girl probably thinks a man wanting to “fix” her is romantic. Orlando probably fixed her then broke her. LMAO

  • Stila

    Kate’s better than Orlando!!!
    No Orlando’s better than Kate!!!
    The real truth is that Kate and Orlando fans are the same type of pathetic.