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Rachel Bilson: Red, White and Blue Bikini

Rachel Bilson: Red, White and Blue Bikini

Rachel Bilson wants to wish everybody an early Independence Day with a sexy salute!

The former O.C. starlet is bringing July 4th early, donning a red, white and blue bikini for the February 2008 issue of GQ Magazine.

Rachel‘s bikini bod hits newsstands next Tuesday, January 22.


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  • God


  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    I think they airbrushed her to death. She looks like a lollipop.

  • CG


  • Vanessahudgensofficial69

    New pictures video

  • j

    her body is nasty,she looks 10 from the neck down

  • anahita

    it is looking like another persons body with her face

  • Orange Clockwork


  • amber

    Yeah, they went overboard with the airbrushing. She’s a naturally pretty girl, they didn’t have to do this.

  • duh

    yuck not sexy at all

    she looks like a kid

  • stefanie

    I’m sorry, but there’s nothing sexy about that girl. Nothing.

  • stefanie

    I’m sorry, but there’s nothing sexy about that girl. Nothing.

  • two buck chuck

    Insta-girl crush. Just add Bilson.

  • Amy

    She looked so much better in the first season of the OC, before she lost weight. Her body looks almost anorexic.

  • the_original_nika

    shes beautiful, but thats one ugly and tacky cover IMO.

  • selita!

    her legs look creepy

  • Ziggazigah

    GQ how disappointing, slowly turning into FHM… that Hayden P photo shoot was terrible now Bilson is in next to nothing on the cover? Geeze… Whatever sells magazines I guess.

  • Natalie

    Shes a cutie in “real life” pics but she does not look good here… idk its like they airbrushed her body so much and shes already very thin as it is. Would have been more flatttering and classy to cover her up more.

  • Mia

    that ain’t a very complimentray picture her legs look funny and her upper body looks bigger

  • the shiznack


  • LOL

    she looks pin-up to me… a pin up who doesnt do nudes lol

  • sammantha

    her head looks to big for her body…….It just looks weird

  • dorian

    This is an UGLY Cover probably the WORST of this year

  • Zoe

    I don’t like this pic of her. Not sexy at all.

  • tessa

    Rachel is beautiful

  • Emily

    o gosh.. i so love rachel and she is beautiful.. but that pose/camera angle is horrible.. makes her look so gross.

  • quelle surprise !

    OMG. what were they thinking ? what was RB thinking? just how is this that much rifferent from going taking your clothes off for a movie.

    could they not have put hayden on the cover like during SW ? i bet he must be so proud now !

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    She looks disgusting.

    Jared, because of you (and this photo) I threw up all over my sidekick. Thanks a lot =\

  • Soph

    I thought she was classier than this! I’m really disappointed. This has got to be the most disgusting pic of her ever!!

  • TooSkinny

    She could stand to gain some weight, thin is okat but not if you look that

  • Honey

    her body looks distorted, look at her right leg! I can’t believe this was published!

  • kia

    achh, well that looked forced..

  • mia

    Not Good.

  • Emma3

    Rachel is beautiful, but it certainly doesn’t show here.
    Nice going GQ – this has been the first magazine shoot she has done in months and it is pretty horrible.
    I’m not sure this is Rachel’s bikini bod. Her upper body isnt that much bigger than her bottom half!

  • amber

    On second look….it’s not THAT bad. Maybe the outfit was in poor choice? And the lighting maybe….

  • OMG !

    and she always looks so beautiful. how could they have messed someone like her up ?this is just bad, bad, bad

  • Raven

    She’s trying to go for the pin up look! She likes wearing vintage clothes so, she is going for the pinup effect and yet she does not pose nude. LOL!

    SMACK my head! Whoa!! What a concept??! What a f*cking DINGBAT! LOL! You can tell she had padded inserts in her bra. How silly is that? Silly girl!

  • Ben

    UGLY! Her bowed legs are gross! She has a truly awful ‘shape’ even though she is thin and her ribs are jutting with deformed misshaped, bowed legs. Her body reminds me of a worm! Just awful and WHAT a tacky photo! Also she is wearing so much make up she looks like a drag queen.

    It looks like they ‘captured’ her head in Photoshop and made it bigger! LOL This girl is an ugly mutt!

  • lu

    I am so sick of magazines advertising disgustingly skinny girls all the time. Being that thin is NOT attractive! And everybody wonders why girls (and guys) have such body image issues. You want to help fight eating disorders? DON’T PUT THAT ON YOUR COVER!!!

  • Dr Jube

    One word: cheesy.

  • Daniela

    SHE looks AMAZING! She is naturally pretty and has a GREAT body!
    I love that little bikini outfit!
    Go Rachel!!!!♥♥♥

  • Ana

    oh noooo… big disappointment… :(
    she looks like she’s playing a kid or something and she looks like she ate a stick…….

  • Daniela

    Well at least she looks WAY BETTER than the disgusting naked Vanessa Hudgens pics:)
    She really is an AMERICAN BEAUTY♥

  • Ha!

    44th!!! LOL

    She’s adorable, although the pose in the picture makes her body look not quite right. Her legs look proportionally too short for her body, although we all know that she looks great normally. There were pictures online yesterday of her taken in a bikini and long skirt where she looked amazing. She has a tiny build, but doesn’t look anorexic AT ALL. Just because someone is little doesn’t mean they are sick. Not everyone is built the same way.

    BTW, could the suit they put her in be any more tacky?

  • brkk

    Man, she has a body of a 12 year old. It’s kind of perverse.

  • Rosemadder

    This is coming from the leprechaun who can’t act her way out of a paper bag to save her life and went to Playboy in skimpy clothes to say she won’t flash the flesh for films? And, then dissed Natalie Portman? Now this? Google her name and you’ll find a lot more pics like these of her and all the wa back during her O.C days. This twit is such a hypocrite. She’s actively going for the pin-up sex symbol status but says the opposite and says she wants to be taken seriously. Then admits she wants the celebrity right after saying she wants a career. Actions speak louder than words. Yeah, this is a way of getting it….for 15 minutes and being treated like a piece of meat at the grocery store (no offense to the boys. if the girls willingl do it, than they have every right to drool.)

  • Karmakey

    Way tacky, and completely unflattering. What was she thinking? What was GQ thinking? I’ll be glad when Jumper hits theaters. Maybe all this nonsense will go away. Please go away.

  • Louise

    This is a really bad picture. It looks like her head is on another person’s body. Didn’t anybody see the picture before it was published? I can’t believe people thought this looked like a good cover.

  • Ha!

    Do you really take what these people say in interviews seriously? Of course she wants the celebrity. Anyone who goes to Hollywood craves the fame that comes along with being lucky enough to get a role that gets watched. That doesn’t mean they can’t also want a career. It’s par for the course.

    BTW, there is something to be said for leaving something to the imagination. Wearing a bikini or underwear on film is slightly different than dropping your drawers completely.

  • KC

    Too skinny. Visible ribs and an inability to fill put your bra is NOT sexy.