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Spice Girls Provide Sport Relief

Spice Girls Provide Sport Relief

The Spice Girls have launched Sport Relief 2008, a site encouraging everyone across the UK to sign up for the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile.

Said Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary and Ginger: “Whether you’re young or old, fit or unfit, most people can do a mile in one way or another and help poor and vulnerable people in the process”

Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham hope many will turn out for the everyone hundreds of mile events across the UK on Sunday, March 16th.

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  • ha

    playing the first game, first?

  • God

    1st :)

  • MJStyle

    they look very good!

  • Nando

    Awesome! Good for them!

    Girl power!!!!

  • Emma3

    Will they be running it? I’d like to see them do it seeing as they are promoting it! Show some girl power!

  • trip

    very nice!

  • nana

    Why does Posh’s boobs look so small?

  • LOL


  • barbie

    Gawd…Geri looks TINY compared to the other girls, they’re like giants! And Posh obviously wears serious push-up bras when she’s out-and-about, she looks normal here!

  • Vanessahudgensofficial69

    New pictures video

  • poshit

    I guess it hurts when she smiles. thats why she rarely does it. pffffffft. So boring, this constant need to pose. en vogue!

  • Celebratty

    Good for them, the more high profile celebrities, the better!

  • stefanie

    Mel B looks like a hot mess…ewwwwwwww.
    And Posh looks like a snotty little piggy…Ewwwwwwwwww

    The other girls look nice.

  • TheLostGirl

    They’ll help to raise the event’s profile, good for them!

  • Peppo

    Wow…who knew that the worst-looking Spice Girl from the old days, Sporty, Mel C, would be the best looking now? I mean, look at the rest:
    - Geri looks, frankly, pretty old and her face is pretty lined. Youth gone.
    - Baby has lost her cutesy freshness, and is also looking a bit worse for wear.
    - Mel B is the worst of the lot, and looks disgusting. SCARY Spice, indeed.
    - And dear Victoria with her gross, straining-to-popping-point balloon breasts, horrible haircut, and sour puss face, is nothing to write home about. Maybe she could pull that off before.

    Surprisingly, Mel C is a sharp contrast to all of the above…she seems to have gotten a makeover and looks fresh, youthful, and happy. Same goes for the other Spice photo from a few days back. Go figure!

  • jenny

    why cant posh ever fucking smile even at a charity event.

    god she pisses me off

  • labelle

    I don’t like this pic at all they all look bad; but it’s good of them to support Sport Relief.

  • The Maven

    Still ugly.

  • depeche

    posh looks like a morouse boy.

  • Sophia

    If Victoria just smiled she could be nice looking…it just makes her look so up herself!!
    But stil…GIRL POWER! :D

  • delilah

    Victoria looks dark; is it makeup or is she naturally dark?

  • Melissa

    Looks like Mel B was about to close her eyes but she’s definitely NOT ugly or disgusting.

  • sottos

    I’m loving it! They are everywhere again! It is amazing how the are set to take over the world again! Let’s just hope we will be seeing a lot more of them!!!

  • casey

    What happened to Mel B.? She looked so wonderfully exotic and seemed “out of this world happy” while on Dancing with the Stars!

  • Nando

    I agree, sottos!!!

    @ casey: MelB’s about to close or open her eyes and the picture came out weird. lol

  • carrie nae

    Victoria and Mel look like they don’t belong in the pic. The rest are just more appealing and charming.

  • Milli

    When you put Victoria in a not so fancy t-shirt and take away her huge shades, she looks very plain, bordering ugly.




  • mariah724

    Mel B is gorgeous and that’s that.

  • Tealeaf

    Did someone put POO under Victoria nose

  • Michelle depp

    Sorry to all you Spice fans, but this is really one ugly fucking group of ladies!!!! I am getting so sick of Posh’s face…UGH!

  • chandelle

    wow posh pisses me off too
    i havent seen one pic of her were she actaully is smileling
    if your trying to look sexy

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    That is a very bad shot of Mel B and Posh, or photoshop has gone wrong. Victoria was never meant to be in a group. Posh always looks dull in a group photo, her persona is more attractive on solo projects because she can pout all she wants and not ruin a merry group photo by her signature pissed look.
    i agree Vicky is like a plain Jane without her insect sunglasses and and designer bag carried on the arm slightly bent at 45 degrees!!

  • david

    Geri is soo hot! She has an awesome body! Hottest MILF

  • inmomar

    Victoria Beckham looks ugly and old and sour puss because that is wot she is, if pictures of hr were not AIRBRUSHED she would look like this always. She is ugly, vain, media hungry and by this picture looks a spiteful bitch. I am sure she is a spiteful bitche up her own arse.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    pretty scary. Gottal love sporty though

  • Ellie


    especially victoria.

    shes MAJOR.

  • just saying!

    None are any thing to smile about, but Posh is by far the ugliest.

    What are they infamous for again?

  • Name

    would it kill posh to smile?

  • vicki

    I *LOVE* The Spice Girls and I always will. To all the ppl who keep saying “Oh, Geri looks old, whoever looks old”….. u know what, reading THAT is getting OLD. Guess what? EVERYONE AGES. Even the rich and famous. Get. OVER. IT. Just because someone is starting to look THEIR AGE, it doesn’t mean they don’t look GOOD. So f’ing judgemental. Someday you’ll have wrinkes too. It happens to everyyyyyone and you’re not above it. On that note: GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!=) Can’t wait to see them in T.O. on Feb 4th!!!!!!!!!! They rocked VEGAS!!!!

  • robot7

    They all look nice including Victoria,You guys swear your all pretty to be criticizing!.