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Tara Reid: Welcome to Bali-wood

Tara Reid: Welcome to Bali-wood

Tara Reid jetted off to Bali recently to get away from all of the negative press and harsh rumors.

Said Tara, “I think it’s important in life to travel.”

The 32-year-old party girl will be gracing one of this week’s features in OK! Magazine.

She described some bad luck she had poolside. “As soon as I got to Bali, I fell,” she said. “I slipped by the pool. But I just hurt my knee, nothing was broken.”

Tara picked up a few souvenirs in Jalan Legian and chilled out at Ku De Ta Restaurant in Seminyak.

“I’m a girl who works her ass off, but I like to have a good time,” Tara said.

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23 Responses to “Tara Reid: Welcome to Bali-wood”

  1. 1
    kate Says:


  2. 2
    Donna Says:

    she threw away her career………..

  3. 3
    kathy Says:

    where does she work?

  4. 4
    Tina Says:

    she doesnt even look 32.

  5. 5
    Wow Says:

    She looks like a used up p orn star.

  6. 6
    4 real Says:

    she useto be so breathtaking… Now she is looking rough, she is not aging well.

  7. 7
    why Says:

    A has been, no talent wannabe

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    she was never anything special. she looked like your typical pretty girl.. not stunning, not ugly. now she looks like a washed up truckstop wh*re. she’s probably starving herself because she knows it’s in style now and it will get her attention. she’s so over and such a wannabe.

  9. 9
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    ermmm… why is she in magazine spreads? shes not doing anything in movies and she aint a model looking girl. ah well…

  10. 10
    Mediterranean Says:

    What does she do in life which makes her tired, for God’s sake?

  11. 11
    troy Says:

    I don’t want to sound like a basher or anything but what exactly has she been “working her ass off” at. I know at one point she had a sembelance of a movie career actually landing a role in a Robert Altman film (“Dr. T and the Women”) but sadly those days seem to be behind her.

    Then she had that stupid travelogue show on E! but what has she been doing since. So I’m kind of wanted curious as to what’s she’s been doing to warrant a cover on US Magazine.

  12. 12
    Vanessahudgensofficial65 Says:

    News video pictures

  13. 13
    mills Says:

    I think not eating and chronic booze drinking has been a major source of her “exhaustion”….heck, that would probably make me tired also.

  14. 14
    me no eat Says:

    Photo shopped. The drunkard Tara is wasting away. Anorexic she looks now. No change. Same-o. They tried to get me to go to rehab and I said no- no-no- heII nooooooo.

  15. 15
    Leelee Says:

    Well, I think she looks great. She is 32 and looks a lot younger. Plus, she looks a hellava lot better then she did a few years back. Good for her.

  16. 16
    seek help Says:

    NAsty Tara. Those are the weirdest shape for legs I’ve ever seen. Like stilts.

  17. 17
    j Says:

    what a crackhead

  18. 18
    duh Says:

    LOL its important to travel?? while its true that you should experience different cultures, that doesn’t happen if you don’t leave your resort idiot.

  19. 19
    JD Says:

    Why does anyone care about her? I don’t get it.

  20. 20
    Marta Says:

    at least they photoshoped her

  21. 21
    love Says:

    works her a*ss off in the boudoire LOL

  22. 22



  23. 23
    lily Says:

    both she and carson are looking um, rather thin. She needs to find religion.

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