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Wentworth Miller is Koo Koo Roo

Wentworth Miller is Koo Koo Roo

A solo Wentworth Miller lunches at Larchmont Village’s Koo Koo Roo chicken restaurant chain (known for their rotisserie chicken and turkey meals) in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

The Prison Break hottie showed he’s keeping up with current events and staying politically aware. Went, 35, brought along the November 26, 2007 issue of The New Yorker and left the restaurant with the mag opened to an article about Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama, titled “The Relaunch,” written by Ryan Lizza.


Prison Break is all-new again this Monday with episode “Dirt Nap,” which airs @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. Here’s a synopsis: When Lechero loses his authority over Sona, Sammy causes Michael’s escape plan to come crashing down; T-Bag pressures Bellick to one more fight – that will likely be his last; Lincoln and Sucre plan an explosive finish for Susan.

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Photos: Dave/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • mariaa*

    wuuwww first

  • mariaa*

    i loveee prision breakk…

  • meemee


  • Anonymous

    ohhhhh! look he’s really coming out….I mean getting out more.

  • sona

    Oh god. He is sooo hot and I’m sooo glad PB is back! It was SO good this week.

  • Anonymous

    …omg wait HE’S GOT BALD SPOT?!! Yikes!

  • djp

    He doesn’t seem to have friends. And yet he is such a nice guy.

  • well well

    LOL….”he left the restaurant with the mag opened to an article about Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama, titled “The Relaunch,” written by Ryan Lizza.”
    Yes WM, Obama is a proud African-American..take note.

  • angela

    Wentworth Miller quotes, interviews, background,gossip and rare paparazzi clips on

  • tali

    aww poor wentie, precious angel, can’t the boy eat some frickin chickin without being photographed? no wonder he is so private!

  • Suz

    Oh Wenty! We have been missing you. Good to see you out and about again. Sorry to impose on your life but we cant get enough of you!! xx

  • Mindy

    Seriously. Who doesn’t love chicken?

  • Anthony to the S.

    great food! and i’m pretty sure mr. miller could buy a few restaurants off of prison break.

  • ?

    is he gay?

  • Primulablue

    And… it only took 14 comments.


  • Primulablue

    AAAANNNNND… it only took 14 comments.


  • sona

    Haha, Primulablue, I totally agree! I was waiting for it!

  • Suz

    He likes his privacy – that doesn’t mean he is gay.
    He has gay friends – that doesn’t mean he is gay.
    He is HOT – that doesn’t mean he is gay.

    He is comfortable with who he is. That needs to be respected.

  • O

    He has friends and he does well not to get them photographed when he’s out with them with the exception of the odd few that the photogs seem to manage knowing just when and where he will be with them.

    An actor that can keep his friends from being photographed and seen in random mags and blogs a little as possible so their lives are not infringed on (b/c they never got into the business so they never asked to be photoed) is a man of class and discretion.

    Kudos Went.

    P.S. he is a proud american as should all of you be, who are, american. Stop with the inference to him not being proud of HALF of his roots.

  • Mad_Hatter

    danm he has one fine ass!

  • sueli

    LOL @/with #4

  • Bitsey

    LOVE HIM!!! Filming must be over and that why he is back in LA. Wish I was having lunch with him!!!! GO OBOMA!!!!

  • Just me…

    Oh my GOD!!!
    I am happy… new photographs of my futur husband ;)
    Soo beautiful… I love you Went!

  • ABC

    Nice butt Wentworth!!! :)
    As for Prison Break yeah please get rid of Jodi Lyn Okeefe already her miserable face and presence are a real downer for the entire show!

  • ispy

    I cant decide if I’ll vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

  • Just curious

    What happened?..Did his boyfriend decide to dump his that why he’s all alone?

  • LadyN

    *GASP* Two Sitings in one WEEK?!?! Say it ain’t so!!?!?!

    Why do you tease me like this Went?! WHY?!?!?!?!
    I like CHICKEN!!! Take me with YOU DAMN IT!!!

    *clears throat*
    I’m ok now.

  • TeaCakes

    He should stop eating fast food, and let me cook him a home cooked meal.

  • Just me…

    These photographs make me thought of my brother… It always takes something reading in the bathroom!!

    If Wentworth follows the current events when he eats. I wonder if he does the same thing when it is in the bathroom!

    Oh nO… Now I have the vision of this scene in my head… :(

    Forgive me Wentworth…I know I’m a bad girl!!

  • sueli

    Just Me, now I’m thinking of Seinfeld and the flagged books LOL

    At this rate he may show up sometime this week at lunch w/ MacFarlane. He has a birthday coming up. That wouldn’t be considered ‘unusual’ to the masses, no?

  • tony the tiger

    sorry ladies but he was openly gay at princeton (I went to yale but had friends from boarding school that went to princeton with him)

    what is really sad is that he can’t hang out publicly with his boyfriend anymore (who is an openly gay actor) and since most of his friends are gay he is stuck hanging out alone

    i remember he even spent christmas shopping alone

    it is not as if his career is going anywhere anyhow…he hasn’t gotten any movie roles

  • sueli

    That’s just sad and so not worth it, Tony.

  • Angel

    Wentworth reading the NewYorker…interested in possibly voting for Obama. We missed you!

    Wentworth please come back to Korea this Spring!

  • sorryladies

    Why is it when someone starts the post with the words “sorry ladies………” I just know it’s a phoney comment?

  • vanessahudgensofficial

    new new video pictures

  • LL

    Went, did you iron your trousers? ;)
    Maybe he got an iron for Christmas, and decided to use it… :D I love that butt!!!! *drooling*

  • LL

    Another thing, Went, if I don’t hand my essay in on time this Friday I’m blaming your ass (quite litterally)! ;)

  • Kristi

    super hottie

  • Gretchen

    this man is too good to be true….. :-) & so gay :-(

  • http://tiff celine

    Je t’aime a la follie

    a love you so gorgeous

  • Jewels

    Thanks Jared for the Went updates!!

  • ?

    you mean Tony he really is gay…and he’d rather be all alone than be seen with his friends who are gay?..why??? that’s weird.

  • maria

    love prison break, love love love

  • stella

    tony why are you so sorry for the ladies???!!!!
    None of us will never be with him, gay or not, so I’m sorry for you too ‘coz you will never have the chance to get his ass. ;-) And who cares that the friends of your friend’s friends and so on know that his gay…. He is STILL Wentworth Miller!!! and about his carreer WAIT AND SEE you haters!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE you Went ;-)

  • stella

    and BTW Tony here’s 50 cents for your comment ;-)

  • heather

    where IS Larchmont Village? i used to live in San Diego and was in LA all the time….but i’ve never heard of it….

  • C_ling

    can’t wait to watch the new episode!

  • samira

    LL ;) LOL you make me laugh !!!!

    Beautiful Went !!!!!! I like your simplicity. I have heard about Barack Obama.
    I hope the majority of people in United states will vote for him.

  • SB

    Went has said he doesn’t cook and always eats out….doesn’t make him “gay” because he is alone and “can’t bring his b/f along”!!!! Does everyone always have to have somebody by their side when they go out? Do you have a buddy system when you go to the grocery store or pick up take-out? NO….leave the poor buy alone….

    He is hot and likes chicken and reading magazines…thats about all we can get from these pictures!

  • samira

    Sincerely people, you have not tired of the gay debate ??? , it makes you not bad at the head ??? lol; it’s became an obsession.