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Clay Aiken in Spamlot -- FIRST PICTURE

Clay Aiken in Spamlot -- FIRST PICTURE

Here is your first look at Clay Aiken as Sir Robin in Monty Python’s Spamalot, thanks to

Clay is amazing, beyond that glorious voice,” said director Mike Nichols. “Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character. People are going to be surprised by his wide-ranging talent, since the first impression is of great country charm and a singer to remember. This guy is not only a star; he is a lot more. We’re lucky to get him for Spamalot!”

Clay hits the Broadway stage for the first time this Friday, Jan. 18. Do you have your tickets yet??

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Photos: Joan Marcus
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  • erika


  • poodle puddle


  • brian

    Cool pics with Clay Aiken showing that he is “not” gay on

  • Mari

    eww creep

  • Helena

    I’ve now lost a little respect for Mike Nichols.

  • 12344321

    awesome. shut up haters. hes wicked talented.

  • Katie

    yep, i’ll be there opening and closing nights!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I’ve seen Spamalot — GREAT FUN! I think I’ll need to get tickets to see Clay. Love his voice. HE SHOULD HAVE WON AMERICAN IDOL!!

  • Carrie

    I would love to see Clay Aiken in Spamalot. He is really talented and a nice guy I hear.

  • Ally

    id like to see spamalot, i saw it before but not with clay aiken in it

  • Frenchy

    Clay hits the Broadway stage for the first time this Friday, Jan. 18. Do you have your tickets yet??

    Oh yes Jared…this is the biggest thing to hit broadway in years. I knocked everyone out the way to get my tickets! LOL!!!!!!!!!


  • marcie

    omg, he and i have the same hairdo today…i’m a girl

  • h

    I have no idea why people think he’s gay.

  • mS.k

    Clay ‘s voice and his humor, will make this show more popular.
    Break A Leg……….Aiken

  • hsms

    oh dear god. You people REALLY think that he is not gay? come on. ARE YOU BLIND?
    i hate this fucking creep. And i agree with 14 #..
    and look what he said to US weekly!

  • hsms

    BY THE WAY.. he looks like an oompa loompa LOL :)

  • gro ss

    oh looky carrot snot gayken .. irrelevant..

  • lola

    Heh. He seems like a great fit!

    –read my blog at

  • ANN

    I love Clay Aiken. Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer.

  • [~F a m o u s~]


    dude has no problem making himself look like a f a g.

  • [~F a m o u s~]


  • h

    Hi, I’m #13 and I was being sarcastic.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    That is one awkward look.

  • Amy

    Spamalot’s cool. But It would be cooler on the big screen.

  • Amanda

    It’s not hes real hair dumbasses!

  • jay

    Jesus, y’all are sure jealous kiddies, aren’t you? The man hasn’t hurt a damned person, doesn’t really do anything controverisal, yet y’all pillory him. I’m no ‘mate but dayum! And if he were gay, so the hell what? I’d hate to be a gay person in any of you people’s orbit because it’d feel like I was second class with the amount of respect you show to someone who you think is.

    The man is making an living, more than most of y’all…and me…

  • Nat

    Yeah Amy! Let’s make a MOVIE VERSION of Spamalot!!! What should we call it? I’m thinking the Life of Brian!!

  • bottlerocket

    He looks like a gay elf!

  • Moe

    He is so talented he will kill in this role.
    Nothing gay about him at all. The outfit and hair is part of the costume you dorks!

    He is awesome and handsome and talented and I will move heaven and earth to get to one of the shows. Mike Nichols is nobody’s fool and he could spot the talent right off the bat.

    Break a Leg Clay!!

  • wig

    WebCamalot gayken, trying to get people to take the focus off of your hissy tandrums by mentioning transparent -such a queen..not

  • allie


  • claymedmyheart

    Eeeeee!!! I’m so excited for Clay in this new adventure in his life. Forget it, you haters….Clay has tremendous talent! GO CLAY, your fans are rooting for you!!!!! I only wish I DID have tickets to the show, but I can’t travel to NYC.

  • Katie

    As gay as a clutch purse on Tony night.

  • Madonna


  • Jonathan

    I Love Gay Spam!!!

  • Zac Efron Rockz

    haha he does look like an oompa loompa

  • jenn shcift

    disgusting creepy stalker of a gay man posing as a lovable southern bumpkin evangelist. Tell the truth to the claymates.

  • remember da truth

    Helena #5 — You and me both!! I first read that a while ago, and thought, I know he wants to promote his show, but REALLY!

    Clay is a douchebag of monumental proportions. Nichols was such a great director. What has happened to his standards?

    Then again, look at how his wife Diane Sawyer used to be a hard-hitting newswoman, and now sits and gushes over the likes of Katie Holmes and doesn’t ask anything meaningful or do any real news stories anymore.

  • remember da truth

    Jay #26 — You aren’t serious, are you?
    Clay has done one controversial thing after another, has acted like such a diva that he has burned bridges and generated hate from fans to people who have worked with him.
    Hasn’t hurt anyone? Talk to the people who had to be held on a flight and interviewed by the FBI because he caused an in-flight incident with his histrionics and almost diverted the plane!
    Talk to Kelly Ripa, who he slapped on the mouth and never apologized and then made it seem like she was upset because he’s gay.

    NO ONE CARES that he’s gay, except the Claymates. What the rest of us care about is that HE cares that he’s gay, and denies it, and lies about it, and acts like it’s a terrible thing. Admit it, and stop vilifying gays, Clay!! He’s a self-loathing bigot and a bad, bad person.

  • dombey

    i used to be a fan of clay until he turned nasty and obnoxious…
    i really believe that he has to make peace with his past before he can move on to a calming and healthy future….i recall watching primetime and he embarassed his biological father on national television…i believe he has refused to make peace with him before the man passed on…that’s a tremendous issue to carry….clay make peace with the spirit and you’ll feel lighter and happy and can get on with life…