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Demi Moore - "V Magazine" Spring 2008

Demi Moore -

Demi Moore is featured on three (count them, three) separate covers of V Magazine for their Spring 2008 issue.

The 45-year-old actress is returning to the big screen this spring to star alongside Michael Caine in the jewelry heist caper Flawless. Demi talks personal histories, false rumors, the raw food diet that never was, and her relationships with ex-husband Bruce Willis and current husband Ashton Kutcher. Interview snippets below:

On what a day in the life of Demi is like: “My normal day is, I get up with the kids, take them to school, a few days a week I might do Pilates, reading, meetings, and then we always do family dinner at 6:30.”

On gaining respect for making her family situation work: “It’s far more exhausting to be angry and blaming. You can dig deep within yourself and really have a desire for someone else’s happiness, which I feel I do have for Bruce and he has for me. He has a joy and appreciation for what Ashton and I share, and for how Ashton is with the girls.”

On transitioning family life from Bruce Willis to Ashton Kutcher: “It wasn’t a piece of cake. It wasn’t automatic or easy. It took diligence and effort and even enduring awkwardness, and a lot of general giving on my part and Bruce’s part. And really, tremendously, on Ashton’s part. Coming into my life, Ashton just wasn’t meeting somebody that had baggage. You know, I had trunks!”

On dealing with paparazzi after moving back to Los Angeles: “When I first moved back to L.A., I had a very difficult time and found that I didn’t want to leave the house so much. And then I started to feel, well, I don’t want to be isolated and worried that if they’re getting a photograph then I’m not going to go and do something. It’s difficult when they hang out at the bottom of your street waiting for you to drive by.”

On having sympathy for Britney: “No one has seen it worse than Britney Spears. How can anyone see that and think that’s an OK way to expect anybody to live, no matter where they’re at in their life?”

Demi‘s V Mag issue hits newsstands everywhere this week. Flawless opens in theaters March 28th.

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Photos: Mario Testino
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  • happy

    What? Someone other than Katie?

    I don’t believe it!

    Hope springs eternal.

  • Micaela


    linda foto

  • AnIntelligentMind

    She’s looking great. I actually like the suit picture the best. She has a great body but I’m not a fan of the bikini shot. I actually think the other too look more sexy/appealing

  • Micaela


    pasen por mi flog: and

  • how much is plastic-D

    this is what Rumer will look like after her 80 surgeries,,
    just like her mama Demi did.

    unfortunately surgeons will have to work harder on Demi’s spawn than they’ve ever work before,,
    they have to reconfigure half of misses.egg heads jaw.

  • http://Chileee Domi

    Bby V ? :O

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Are u kidding me, these are the photos of a woman approaching her 50′s? I don’t know how far photoshop takes credit, but Demi sure looks amazingly younger than Britney, katie, Scarlet qhom are still in their 20′s.

  • lol

    Even if you consider photoshop, surely they can’t make her stomach look that taught without replacing it with someone elses altogether….she does look better than many women 20years her junior – CALLING MS. BONESWORTH, CALLING MS. BONESWORTH. AND WHILE I’M AT IT, MISCHA FARTONE, COKE KATE, RUMER QUASIMODO WILLIS AND BRITTANY POINTLESS MURPHY.

    Ok, I’m done now. Phew! :D ;)

  • Helena

    “Gimme Moore”

    No thank you!

  • Regina

    “Are u kidding me, these are the photos of a woman approaching her 50’s? I don’t know how far photoshop takes credit, but Demi sure looks amazingly younger than Britney, katie, Scarlet qhom are still in their 20’s.”

    1/ No she does not look better than Scarlett Johansson and even Katie Holmes.
    2/ Moore has plastic surgery, so her looks don’t even count. Her face is NOT real. Body, too
    3/ She’s fug, anyway. Photoshop or non-photoshop.

  • lollie

    ummmmm….what does “v” stand for? please don’t tell me “vagin@”…..i really couldn’t take it…..

  • Helena

    It stands for Very Bad Surgery.

  • plastic mommy

    # You are so ON IT!!!
    That old hoe is a trash bag…with a young man, she has to keep up the plastic,,remember her knees were collasping ect,, .

    um can’t go there for Katie…to alien, but otherwise ITA.

  • plastic mommy

    #14 IS FOR REGINA #11

  • menna

    she looks good!

  • Raven


  • You/Me

    While I think Demi is probably in excellent shape, there is no way these photos are not airbrushed or something.

  • http://jj ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~

    I Don’t Really Like Her.

  • pixie-stix

    That obnoxious V is strategically placed. Lame.

  • alanna


  • alanna


  • mari

    she looks great.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    WOW. She look amazing ,for someone in her 90′s lol!!!!

  • luke warm demi

    demi and sophia bush share the same’ frog in their throats’ voice,
    sophia looks okay ,demi is stone aged beneath her mask

  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Guess having a young stud for a husband does the body good. Or it could be Dr 90210!!!!

  • the_original_nika

    whats with the big V? god… I´m telling her she sold her soul to the devil lol, that and a couple of surgeries :P.

  • the_original_nika

    telling you*

  • suppressive person #2

    does anyone know what the fricken “v” stands for?????

  • Charleneuk

    She looks fantastic!

  • ( . Y . )

    drop dead gorgeous. who f*ckin cares if she had surgery. who doesn’t? f*ck this “grow old gracefully” b*llsh*t…NO ONE’S GETTING YOUNGER!!! FIGHT IT, DEMI, FIGHT THE DEMON “AGE”…and when you’re 198 years old, and look younger than all these sorry blogging b*tches AND thier grandchildren, you can giggle and thank the Lord almighty for Nip/Tuck. Amen.

  • evelyn hillsman

    she has had so much plastic i’m sure she’s recycleable i can’t stand her she is a has been

  • miopia

    # 28 suppressive person #2 @ 01/16/2008 at 8:11 pm does anyone know what the fricken “v” stands for?????

    no one seems to be able to answer this question – I’m hoping Vanity or Variety – not that other V word but probably is because of the V monologues. Serioulsy, anyone know.

  • jillian

    fierce. however that’s a TON of plastic surgery and photoshop. why does she keep making movies, they’ve bombed over and over for like the last decade or even more, and charlies angels doesn’t count, she had nothing to do with pulling people into that movie.

  • michelle

    FAKE I can’t stand her any longer.

    All that money for surgery paid off. But, she looks like crap still.

  • Holly

    pretty sure the “v” stands for “visionaire”
    they also ahev a myspace:

    they usually do multiple striking/great covers.. i’m a fan.

  • rae

    I have no doubt these are photoshopped like crazy but she looks flawless. She’s gorgeous but she’s always been really fierce looking too.

  • greenjeans

    I’d like to see the images before they were PhotoShopped. Maybe someone will do a comparison like they did with Faith Hill on… what was that… Redbook or Ladies Home Journal??

  • stefanie

    I know some people are interested in her, but really, she stopped being relevant 10 years ago.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    i mean… can these pictures be photoshopped anymore?


  • terrie111


  • terrie111


  • clothes needed 4 da plastic

    demi always nud e. or semi nud e. ,for what?
    she wants to show what she bought I guess …

  • Madonna


  • 2doves

    i am just so grateful that she has not succumbed to the bee sting look … bring back thin lips!!!

    and yes, photoshop reaches new heights!!

    well done designers, stylists, photographers, make-up artists, hair etc etc etc etc …. you know ‘the village’ they talk about.

    i do love her sexy voice tho.

  • 2doves

    i love your logo number 30!


  • LT

    great surgeon, she looks hot!
    does V stand for Vagina???
    it would make sense for a
    women’s mag.

  • 2doves

    V for Victory?

  • sshhhi_baby

    Now how come NONE of her kids look lik her? damn Demi stop hogging all the plastic surgery money and take the kids w/you!! God knows they need all the help they can get!! having a youngin’ does the body GOOD!! hehehe

  • jaja

    # 42 clothes needed 4 da plastic @ 01/17/2008 at

    her brests are gross on that foto ewwwww

  • Marta

    plastic fantastic