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Gwyneth Paltrow Checks Out of Hospital

Gwyneth Paltrow Checks Out of Hospital

Peep the first picture of Gwyneth Paltrow checking out of New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital early Tuesday morning thanks to Life & Style.

Moments later, Coldplay husband Chris Martin exited the hospital after an overnight stay.

Gwyn was taking care of a “personal” matter and was first admitted Monday afternoon.

Gwyneth and Chris drove up to Mount Sinai around 4:30 p.m on Jan. 14,” an eyewitness revealed. “Her doctor met them there and took Gwyneth immediately up.”

Added the source, “Around 8:45 p.m., Chris stepped outside of the hospital and had a driver go and get them some pillows, dinner, and some brownies. They would be staying the night in a suite.”

Bigger picture here.

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gwyneth paltrow leaving hospital

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  • Ally

    i hope shes better!! good that her husband was with her all night

  • trip

    i wish her good health

  • imogen

    hope she gets better soon!



  • vanessahudgensofficial55

    NEW pictures video

  • craig stairs

    now please leave the country.

  • jessica

    get well soon gwyneth

  • lory

    she needs to eat some dead animals for a change instead of just nuts, berries and birdseed.

  • it was said

    she was starving herself,,that’s the root of her sickness..
    to much tofu and organic grass & water.
    gotta keep a 16 year old faux body.

  • lola

    She doesn’t look too bad- hope she gets better soon!

    –read my blog at

  • kasey

    Are there any more photos?

  • http://Chileee Domi


  • e

    Gwyn; take care of yourself.

  • Kate

    Ahem, yeah, thanks for stalking Gywenth when she was leaving a private stay at the hospital. Good work Life & Style tabloid !

    Cuz everyone in the world deserves the right to be entertained cuz we have no respect for privacy, dignity, and oh, yeah, we have NO LIVES .

    Now, how sad are you if you click on clcik on this stuff? hmmmmmmmmm

  • yummy

    Get yourself a good cooked meal!

  • Max

    That’s not her. It’s a decoy dude.

  • LOL


  • pomme

    Rest up lady!!

  • sweet pea

    stay off the macrobiotic shit for a while, k?


    but yet you Kate clicked on…So Kate how sad are you for clicking on this stuff?

  • Mary

    I saw the video and as far as what I saw, the man taking pictures was no where near Gwyneth. Chris ran up to him and pushed him down and took his camera, I thought it was wrong of Chris Martin to have jumped on that man. I think Chris Martin must have mental issues. If I felt the way Chris Martin do, I would never make another CD or let my wife do another movie. Then they wouldn’t be bothered b/c the media would lose interest in them. I think Chris will get sued for what he did. I think Gwyneth and her mom handles it a little better. they understands it comes with the business. Gwyneth behaves diffently when she is by herself, she and her mom are more shane about it.

  • gwen

    Brownies? What for? It’s not like she’s going to eat them

  • miopia

    possible miscarraige. Hope she feels well soon.

  • Hmm

    Yeah.. I am thinking a possible miscarriage.. thats sad. And would explain such a strong reaction from a husband.. and the brownies.

    Hope all is well for you Gwennie!

  • ok

    no its true she was fasting and fainted, she is on a restricted organic diet. its on her fan site.

  • Chris

    Wow, I did a double take when I saw that pic. I thought it was a guy.



  • spicoli

    she looks like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  • Audrey

    I saw her on ET last night. She looked so sad.:-( I like her jeans.

  • WTF

    So… What about Two lovers?? She stopped or what??

  • remember da truth

    FAT PEOPLE!!! A macrobiotic organic diet does not starve you!! Look at the muscles all over Madonna. Look at the thighs on Gwyneth here!! EDUCATE yourself before you make such fools of yourself and show everyone you are fat and hate yourself!

    Aren’t you ashamed of being so fat and lazy and ignorant all the time?

    Chris Martin was right to push the paps away. Red carpet, premieres, that’s one thing. But a hospital stay? Ghoulish and tasteless.

    I, too, think it might have been a miscarriage. How old is she now?

  • suppressive person #2

    remember da truth,
    well, aren’t you an angry person! how’s about you calm down a little and not take things (esp. things pertaining to complete strangers) so seriously…. it’s really not worth the energy to get so upset. really.

  • kasey

    #34, gwyneth turned thirty five a couple of months ago.

  • Dana

    Mary: Gwyneth was in the car when the paps were taking photos–that’s why Chris reacted that way.

    Gwyneth and Chris have every right to their privacy–especially during a moment like this.

    A miscarriage? She was jogging earlier that day–highly doubtful. This isn’t the only reason a woman goes to the hospital–it could be so many things. Could have even been horrible menstrual cramps.

  • justjazz

    Wishing GP better health.
    The tabs can tell us anything they want to as in” lie ” but on till we hear it from GP’s own mouth we can guess ontill the cows come home..guess’s are not fact.

    Papz as usual have gone too far ..saying it mildly. (eyeroll)

  • blondie

    Thank goodness my little joke got tossed out.
    It was in the poorest of taste. I tired too hard to be funny,
    and ended up sounded like a total jerk, as usual.

    Just Jared, you’re the best. I only wish the best to and for
    Chris and Gwynneth. I only joke about them, sometimes,
    because I think that they are so sweet.

  • Pharmb874

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