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Heidi Montag: I'll Only Marry Spencer If...

Heidi Montag: I'll Only Marry Spencer If...

The Hills‘ couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are featured on this week’s cover of Life & Style. Here’s their cover story:

Now that the wedding’s on hold, Spencer has to prove he’s really husband material

It was a typical Heidi–Spencer moment as the duo spent Jan. 9 in Los Cabos, Mexico, holding hands and frolicking in front of the cameras. But this wasn’t a trip to scout out wedding spots — or even a sign that their wedding is back on.

In fact, the Hills couple’s engagement and nuptials are still on hold, and their Mexican sojourn didn’t exactly end well. “I’ve been throwing up all night,” Heidi said once she was back in LA. “I just got back from Mexico. I don’t know what I have; I don’t know if it’s food poisoning. I’m just so sick.”

But insiders wonder if it was a stomach bug — or if Heidi’s sickness was really caused by stress over ongoing relationship drama with Spencer. “The wedding planning really broke up the engagement,” an insider says. “Heidi isn’t convinced Spencer understands the meaning of a lifelong commitment.”


Calling off her big day

And while the two are still committed to each other, another insider says, “If Spencer wants to get things back on the marriage track, he’s definitely going to have to work on his issues.” Perhaps he’s already gotten the memo: “I’m being a good boyfriend,” Spencer insists.

Planning to be a team

But is he really being good enough to win back Heidi’s hand in marriage? “I need to learn to compromise more and listen to what she wants,” Spencer, 24, says. Easier said than done. “He’s got huge issues with control,” says the second insider. “He always needs to be the one calling the shots.”

Those controlling tendencies came out when Spencer refused to understand Heidi’s desire for a big, traditional fairy-tale wedding. Now “Heidi just can’t see herself walking down the aisle with him until he gets it together,” says the first insider.

Taking responsibility

Heidi also wants Spencer to take her future seriously. She hopes to become a music star, but she knows it won’t be easy. “Both she and Spencer are going to have to put everything they have into her career if it’s going to work,” says the second insider.

But that’s tough when Heidi is forced to be both the breadwinner and the homemaker. “Spencer never had to clean up after himself before, so Heidi’s the one left with all the domestic duties,” the first insider says, adding, “Heidi says, ‘The only way I’ll marry Spencer is if he starts acting like a man instead of a little boy. I feel like I’m dating a preschooler sometimes — it’s always playtime with him.’”

Overhauling his image

But Spencer doesn’t want (and need) to become more sensitive in only Heidi’s eyes. “He’s fed up with being known as the bad guy,” says the second insider. “He’s trying to turn his reputation around.” In fact, Spencer says when filming of The Hills wraps, he and Heidi “will be going to Africa with the United Nations.”

As for his attitude about things closer to home? “Spencer wants to make peace with former pals Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner,” says the insider. Sounds nice — but will it work? “I’m really making an effort to change,” Spencer says. And despite his reputation as a smooth talker, this time he actually sounds sincere.

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  1. 1
    Ippink Says:


  2. 2
    emma Says:

    is heidi going to be in the next season of the hills ??

  3. 3
    emma Says:

    is heidi going to be in the next season of the hills ??

  4. 4
    priya Says:

    barf X 100! yuck yuck yuck

  5. 5
    katia Says:

    sorry but i see something about a baby sister for shiloh in the cover…?!?! what is that?

  6. 6
    Kelly Says:

    Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Helena Says:

    I don’t see why you keep posting these low lifes. How about some pictures of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones or Kate Winslet, Julie Christie or Tilda Swinton or someone who is actually talented at the NBR Awards?

  8. 8
    aw Says:


  9. 9
    emma Says: zac efron update

  10. 10
    mallory:) Says:

    they are engaged, then not, enageged, then not.

    they are like middle schoolers.

  11. 11
    yanina Says:

    is she going to be in the next season of the hills? :P

  12. 12
    ale Says:

    Who cares!!!
    they are just 2 losers -.-

  13. 13
    torirose Says:

    what is that about a sister for shiloh? she already has a sister, if they havent noticed. and two brothers

  14. 14
    Regina Says:

    LMAO, I love how Heidi acts like people even care about their lives.

  15. 15
    celebpsychic Says:

    Unfortunately these two will marry.

    A new spin on celebrity gossip:

  16. 16
    sophia Says:

    These two are as fasinating as Paris Hilton…Please quit posting about them Who cares!!!! There 15 minutes were up along time ago, and they keep hanging on, let go…..

  17. 17
    pingy_pongy Says:

    on the cove of life & style its written a sister for shiloh.
    but dosent she have one?

  18. 18
    nidyzylc Says:

    woah..spencer trying to make peace with lauren and brody??i think it is because there’s a big, i mean huge possibility that they are not going to be part of the next season of the hills..but that’s just my opinion..

  19. 19
    lalalalala15 Says:

    um. wow.
    how fake does that picture look on the cover?
    totally posed.


  20. 20
    MissHudgens Says:


    Heidi is such a drama queen get her off here she makes me wanna CHUCK UP!

  21. 21
    jill Says:

    I don’t see why you keep posting these low lifes. How about some pictures of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones
    Michael Douglas is a low-life and his uppity wife is snotty b*tch.

  22. 22
    jill Says:

    Shiloh already has a sister. I guess to them, Zahara is insignificant. Life & Style writers are trash.

  23. 23
    ( . Y . ) Says:

    wow…it must really suck to be him. i’d try to “sincerely” change if i were him, too.

  24. 24
    susie Says:

    Hiedi and Spencer came to realize, that the show The Hills was about Lauren, and no about them. I think for either one of them to be accepted back as good people. They have to come clean with the SEX TAPE and all the other RUDE and uncalled for NAMES which THEY PLACED ON THE INTERNET. Until then, they are both scum and will go no where.
    I have to say this. If Heidi or even Spencer think Heidi has a singing career, they are both DELUSIONAL. She can’t sing..Doesn’t matter how many times she walks around in a bikini, In all those fake poses in her fake teeth boobs, nose. I do how ever see her in a
    P-O-R-N movie soon, She is that cheap

  25. 25
    miopia Says:

    you are reading it wrong. It is quite appropriate to say ” as sister for” or brother for” someone — even when they have other siblings. But like a lot of people think on these threads- even thought they will say different – there is really only one Jolie Pitt kid right now and that is Shiloh.

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