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Happy 34th Birthday, Kate Moss!

Happy 34th Birthday, Kate Moss!

Kate Moss is all glammed up as she leaves the Dorchester Hotel with pals to attend her 34th birthday party at Soho’s Punk Club on Wednesday in London.

Guests included her actress/socialte BFF Davinia Taylor and reality TV star Kelly Osbourne.

All the girls had on gold or silver glitter designs on their faces–in the shapes of lightning bolts and stars. Looks like fun!


10+ pictures inside of Kate ‘n Kelly

Just Jared on Facebook
kate moss 34th birthday party 01
kate moss 34th birthday party 02
kate moss 34th birthday party 03
kate moss 34th birthday party 04
kate moss 34th birthday party 05
kate moss 34th birthday party 06
kate moss 34th birthday party 07
kate moss 34th birthday party 08
kate moss 34th birthday party 09
kate moss 34th birthday party 10
kate moss 34th birthday party 11
kate moss 34th birthday party 12

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Mr Paparazzi
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  • bataglio

    kate, wtf on the outfit!

  • michelle depp

    Happy Birthday, you hot mess coke snorting whore!!!

  • suppressive person #2

    she looks totally plowed….but still very pretty. i wish she’d take better care of herself…all the cigs etc are taking a toll on her and those looks won’t last forever.

  • Myra

    …and everything goes downhill from here.


    that was very painfull

  • if

    hi kelly ditch the junkie

  • KAY


  • Amber

    wtf? What happened to just staying in with your daughter and being a normal 34 year-old? You’re not 21 anyome Kate.

  • suppressive person #2

    no cr@p…does she even remember where she left her daughter or last saw her???? is she lost in a pile of coke struggling to get out???? who knows!

  • diva

    I like Kelly O. ,minus the potty mouth. No comment on the other one.

  • I said it

    She is pretty, but she needs to take care of herself. Her best years are ahead of her but she must take care of herself.

  • daisy

    how sad! she has aged massively! those lines on her face are hella deep, like my grandmothers face.. geezus. and where was sienna..kate went to her party? i think kate is super cool and a definite fashion icon but these pics are terrible.

  • just me

    Kelly is looking great lately!

  • mossy

    happy birthday kate! i know you’ve got a star theme goin on and that you’re wearing chanel, but this just does not work.

  • ech

    Kate ew. Seriouisly.

  • sara

    Kelly’s cool. :smile:

  • sandie

    Are you sure she isn’t 45? She sure have wrinkles.
    So much money to spend in anything but a good wrinkle cream for the area around the eyes and the forehead.

  • sheryl

    Oh, yippee, a party! What a change of pace for Kate! Such a devoted and dedicated mother needs to live it up every now and then…(gag reflex activated)

  • tinatee


  • luckyL

    Lol I don’t know why, but I like Kelly Osbourne oh so much

  • Jules

    She misses Pete.

  • required


  • Madonna

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  • LT

    horrid outfit. not her usual cool.

  • WickedWench

    Throwbacks from the 70′s – and Kelly needs two people to hold her up while Kate requires one.

    Can’t any celebrity “drink in moderation” or is that not cool?

  • snaz

    She’s just Kate Moss, dosen’t matter how old she gets she’s still amazing to look at she has that “it” factor

  • boo

    what do these ugly girls do??
    kelly is not good at anything and let’s face it, kate is only a model cuz the industry forces us to look at her. they are both gross & useless.

  • missk

    She doesn’t look very good, her outfit’s crap and she looks haggard. Why do they need helping across the road like a bunch of old ladies? Aren’t they capable of crossing the road themselves?

  • http://justjared love life

    he he he … Poor thing. Life is takin it’s toll. Um where is the daughter??? does she exist or has she been taken of the crack whore

  • jenn shcift

    Cocaine fueled drugged up prostitute. Great role model for young girls.

  • rae

    Kate looks rough. The gold makeup is awesome though. It’s fun and glamorous.

  • remember da truth

    If you think those normal lines for a 34-year-old make her look like an old woman, you must either be about 15 or never see anyone in the real world!! She looks FANTASTIC for 34 — how she does it with all the smoking is beyond me,

    If she looked unnaturally smooth, people would have a fit over the Botox! You all just cant’ stand to look at pretty women. How sad for you! Kate the Great’s bone structure is amazing. She has always been stunning and still is.

  • remember da truth

    For all you wondering where her daughter is — would YOU bring a small child out at night to a club for a birthday party??? What the hell is your problem?!?! What rotten parents you all must be!!

    no doubt the child is with her FATHER — or home with a babysitter. Unlike Britney and the rest of you trailer trash, most NORMAL people do not bring children out at night while partying!!!

  • remember da truth

    When I first saw these photos I thought…. Uh oh. Kelly Osbourne looks really messed up.
    I like Kelly — she’s the smartest of that Osbourne bunch — but I knew there was trouble when Jared had those photos of the tranny Amy Winehouse going to her house. There can only be bad coming out of that friendship.
    Kelly was in rehab, now she looks like she doesn’t know where she is. If it’s just alcohol, still not good because she could lessen her defenses and start abusing again.

    And please — the horrors about using coke? Are you so sheltered you don’t know how many people in real life use it all the time?

  • carolyn

    remember da truth
    You’re a pissed off piece of cr@p person and that’s da truth, @sswipe. Get some therapy QUICKLY!

  • carolyn

    by the way, no one was saying she should have her daughter out with her….what they were commenting on (i’ll explain it to you since you are too stupid to understand it on your own) is that you see her out and about all the time, day and night, with her boyfriend and pals but she’s never seen with her own child anymore. you should try to comprehend before you comment.

    p.s. i guess you must be a drug user since you seem to be defending the use of cocaine. thanks for showing us all what a loser you are…as if we couldn’t piece that together from you previous commentary.

  • lol

    Haggard hags – she and Davinia both. they. Look. SO. ROUGH :(
    I used to be a fan, but I’ve become sooo bored of her in the past year or so. Even when I look at her campaigns or editorials, now, I think she’s getting work because people feel a bit sorry for her and are really good with the airbrushing/make-up. Her looks have been declining rapidly since early last year esp. and that Pete Doperty hasn’t helped, even though he’s no longer in her life.
    It’s quite sad, really.

  • Sasha

    UGLY! just look at picture 11… ewwwwwww

    And she looks old, old and old, at least 45 years.

  • xxxx

    @lol- she gets jobs because people feel sorry for her? lmao likes of versace and burberry don’t hand out jobs because they feel sorry for people. she gets all those jobs, because even though she’s flawed she has something about her that attracks people. i’ll be the first to admit that she looks horrible here and i dont know what the fuck she’s wearing but she’s an icon and that’s not about to change.

  • john mirror

    she looks washed out(
    happy birthday, anyway! we love you, kate!

  • pauperbabe

    jem!!! is adventure ,glamor ,glitter, fame,excitement!

  • jd

    Wow, she’s looking pretty old without the photoshopping/airbrushing.

  • Nuni

    Damn, She looks waaaay older than 34!

  • paula furttado

    adoooooorei esse site a eu falo portugues ta?
    sério ta o maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaximo!!!!usted son de pais que habla la lingua espanola