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Kate Walsh and the Chambers of Keisha

Kate Walsh and the Chambers of Keisha

Kate Walsh and gal pal Keisha Chambers (wife of Kate‘s former Grey’s Anatomy costar Justin Chambers) attend a meeting together at Hollywood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The pair then headed to Cafe Solar de Cahuenga where they met up with another female friend to enjoy a round of iced teas.

15+ pictures inside of Kate ‘n Keisha out and about Los Angeles…

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kate walsh keisha chambers 01
kate walsh keisha chambers 02
kate walsh keisha chambers 03
kate walsh keisha chambers 04
kate walsh keisha chambers 05
kate walsh keisha chambers 06
kate walsh keisha chambers 07
kate walsh keisha chambers 08
kate walsh keisha chambers 09
kate walsh keisha chambers 10
kate walsh keisha chambers 11
kate walsh keisha chambers 12
kate walsh keisha chambers 13
kate walsh keisha chambers 14
kate walsh keisha chambers 15

Photos: BM/JSM/Bauer-Griffin
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  • hanane


  • Gorgeous Black Women

    I LOVE both of them. Why? Because they are very obviously not on the Heigl side.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    Pardon me. HiJull

  • LanieCroft

    Nice pics. thanks Jared.
    Cool that she hangs out with Keisha. Looks like they really became friends during Grey’s. Wouldn’t mind seeing Justin with them, too.

  • S.

    New pics! JJ, I could swear you read my mind. I was just thinking that it was quite sometime since we have seen Kate with friends, and here you are, even without the groveling.

    Even a tad pissed at the paps, she still looks great. Love the shirt and the butterfly. Keisha looks great to. Not surprised that they are friends, they both come with brains.

  • Meme

    Yay! More pics.

  • lily

    Kate just upped her cool factor for hanging out with the wife of a celebrity. That means she is definitely cool and genuine, unlike opportunist, Katherine Heigal making TJ her BFF.

    Keisha is hot and she had like 5 kids or something?

  • ally

    Thank you so much JJ!!!! We love Kate!!!
    I hope we’ll have new pics soon…maybe with Alex?

  • Helena

    I think it’s great that Keisha and Justin have been married since 1993 and have had 5 children since. That’s a true relationship!

  • …….

    Why are people comparing Walsh to Heigl here? All of them are friends. The only one that has yet as been seen with the GA cast is none other than Patrick Dempsey. Heigl has been seen with the cast at her wedding, out and about(i.e. Ellen Pompeo), and Justin is doing her husband’s new music video. Heigl is also friends with the Chambers. Why the comparison cause I honestly don’t see any negative things from Walsh nor Heigl. The competitiveness nature of internet fans is one of the reasons tv show fandoms suck IMO.

    The only eyebrow raise I have is Patrick not seen or socializing with his castmembers during this long hiatus.

  • @lily

    Get a clue Heigl and Knight have always been BFF. If you followed the show since the beginning and seen the behind the scene footage since season one you would know that. Hell, the cast always commented how Heigl/Knight are BFF, and are attached to the hip. That was long before Isaiahgate happened. If one can’t praise their favorite celebrity without bashing another, then IMO shows that the hater tendencies against Walsh has gotten to them…tsk tsk tsk. Can one just praise a celeb without bashing another to make it seem their favorite celeb is better. Seriously I agree with another poster all of them are friends, and I too raise an eyebrow at Patrick Dempsey.

    I seen all the cast socializing with each other these past two months, but i haven’t once seen Patrick with any of his castmembers.

  • jamie

    OMG, JJ I love you! Thank You. I love Kate. How cool is it she hangs out with Keisha? Kate Rocks!

  • KateFan


  • mark

    Well, last few weeks we were bombarded with pics of KH now KW, WOW!!!
    Please, JJ finds people less full of themselves….

  • Mary

    Good people going to church. Nice to see celebs going to church.

  • jamie

    Im a Kate fan, but I like Heigl too.

  • Lil

    Love her!
    Thanks JJ. More please!!!!!

  • Karen

    I adore Kate, and the only reason I ever feel antagonistic toward Katie is when she gets something (like an award) that I think Kate should have gotten. And even then I realize that the feeling is totally irrational . . . but I try to save all my rational feelings for real life!

    I think developing friendships with people like Keisha Chambers and Rebecca Gayheart is a very wise thing for Kate to do. I know all those make-out scenes are acting, but it’s hard to see how you can do all that and remained totally detached. I imagine that it’s easier to keep things in perspective if you’re friends with the spouse of the person you’re making out with on screen.

  • Jake

    Wow, you are my favorite person this week Jared ! New Kate pics every few days :)

    Nice to see Kate hanging out with her friends.

  • Anna

    Aw, Addison & Alex how I miss you. The only decent pairing on Greys & they were never given a chance :(

    Good to see Kate Walsh hanging out with Justin Chamber’s wife – I love the fact that now she has her own spin-off show, she has remained really good friends with the Greys cool gang – Justin, Sara, Katherine, TR.

  • Miz Em

    I have a thought about why Patrick isn’t hanging out with everybody lately… He and his wife just had 2 little babies, and when the show is filming he probably doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with them, and probably feels like he’s missing watching them grow up!

    If I were a new parent I would spend all this valuable time with my kids while I had the chance!

  • ………

    I thought that too, but that didn’t stop Patrick socializing and race cars these back two weeks. Justin has five kids, and he makes time for the GA cast. Just IDK….sometimes I wonder if the rumors about Patrick are true….*shrugs*. I hope not, but just raises an eyebrow is all.

  • aly

    An Alanon meeting…very interesting!!!

  • Jen

    Lovely pics :) Thanks Jared.

    It’s great to see that Kate has retained all her friends from Greys even though she has now left & is busy with her own show.

    Even nicer to see a ‘celeb’ attend Church. That seems to be a rareity nowadays.

  • jessie

    I personally prefer the other group: EP, ED,SO,PD more discreet and not in the Hollywood system….

  • ver

    Kate seems like a fun person to hang with.


    I didn’t know there are group among the actor of GA??!!!!!!

    And I can tell you for sure that KH, TR and EP are very close friends, I worked in a restaurant near the set and they came it here several times together. (EP and ED came often also together)

    I personally don’t think there are group!!!!

  • kim

    I love that KW is friends with JC’s wife! Too cute.

  • miss cerise

    I like Kate she seems so down to earth.

  • Karla

    Aww so cute that Kate & Keisha are such good friends.
    Love the pics, thank you so much JJ!

  • Amanda

    jet lag = cured

    Thanks JJ, but you forgot your quote of the day, oh well.

    It looks like she is saying f off to the paps in some of those pics LOL…

  • Liam

    #25 – How are EP, PD & ED not in the Hollywood system ? LOL. EP has posed for every mag going including Playboy. PD has sold pictures of his babies to People magazine & now is being paid to appear in Versace ads. ED takes every opportunity to strip & pose in men’s magazines. They all sell out & are 100% totally in the Hollywood system !!

    The only Greys cast member who plays herself to herself is Sandra Oh. The rest are making all the money they can whilst the show is still on air. Let’s face it, some of them are going to need it when the work dries up.

  • zannessafan

    I like Kate. Is she pregnant?

  • ally

    LOVERGIRL @ 01/16/2008 at 1:33 pm I didn’t know there are group among the actor of GA??!!!!!!

    And I can tell you for sure that KH, TR and EP are very close friends, I worked in a restaurant near the set and they came it here several times together. (EP and ED came often also together)

    I personally don’t think there are group!!!!

    Lovegirl…have you also seen Kate Walsh? could you tell us something?

  • Ally

    prettty :D

  • sarah

    zanessafan, I think so, since in spain, cause she seems sweaty, and her boobs get bigger(It’s hot, beautiful like this), but we don’t know, maybe not!! If she is, she maybe will tell her fan someting about it!

  • jen

    Umm, they’re not attending church, people. They just walked out of an ALANON meeting. Look at the pictures…..

  • BrainySmurf

    First of all I do not think Kate looks pregnant-she is just wearing yoga pants. Second of all, I do not think the alanon meeting was happening.I think a sign was left there. The whole point of AA and Alanon is that they are annonymous. I do not think any members would appreciate an advertisement for their meeting for the paps to see. Perhaps they attended a meeting, but if you want my 2 cents they probably went to a yoga class. In any case AA is supposed to be annonymous-let’s act mature and respect that.

    For the record, just because it was brought up-I like both Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl.

  • kate Tastic!

    Thanks 4 the pics!
    OMG Kate looks so beautiful!
    I love she gets along so well with all the Grey´s family!

  • Mary

    tks so much for kate!
    she’s gorgeous!

  • KWfan

    Kate is friends with Justin C and his wife, with Katie H, TR and Sara Ramirez. That is the Gang!
    But Kate gets along pretty well with PD too.

    Well KATE is pretty lovable!

  • Anna

    no way in hell patrick gets along with kate she didn’t invite him to her wedding and he trashed her in an interview same with ellen pompeo.

    least ellen hangs with her co-stars out with heigl and out with eric dane.
    dempsey thinks he’s the big man and doesn’t socialize with anyone.

  • Carly

    Patrick Dempsey’s an ass. He’s the guy who doesn’t like the co-stars or cares to spend time with them when not working.

    Since the strike — Kate is out with Keisha, she was at Katherine’s wedding. TR, Justin, Sandra Oh were at the wedding. Ellen Pompeo was out with Katherine. Pompeo was double dating with Rebecca Gayheart&Eric Dane.

    Patrick’s been seen with only his ugly orange car. Too many Versace ads to do? He’ll use Greys but doesn’t care for anyone but himself.


    Patrick is a jerk! He think he is hot, but look at him!! How can you tell a girl tallulah??? Is she a puppy??????
    ! My god, why has he the same name than my father!


    hE TRASHED KATE?????????? WHAT????? I hate him right now!!

  • BabyWonder7

    Wait, what did he say about Kate!? When did he say it, what magazine!? OMG! I strongly dislike him, I always have and now that I know that he trashed the amazing Kate, I always will! What a jerk! Also, now that you all said something about it, I never see him out with anyone, he’s only doing his V adds or in his stupid car. He’s not with family. I feel bad for his wife and kids!!

  • BabyWonder7

    By the way I love Kate! She’s so beautiful naturally, I don’t think she is even wearing any makeup here and she still looks gorgeous! I totally hope she’s pregnant! I would be soooooo happy! They could also tie that into the Private Practice writting, she accidentally gets pregnant with Pete’s baby after she realizes Kevin just isn’t the one. Later on she has a healthy baby while continuing a perfect relationship with Pete who has asked her to marry him. She accepts and they live happily, ever, after! Hmmmm.. I like it!

  • Diana

    Patrick has said he doesn’t mingle or hang out with his co-stars. I think the only exception is Ellen sometimes. He does seem like a snobby type of guy. I think the whole McDreamy thing has gotten to his head. Whatev…

    That’s great that Kate and Keisha hang out even when Kate and Justin don’t work together anymore (I miss Alex and Addison together though) . It does really go to show that Kate and Justin really became good friends and that extended to Justin’s wife. It’s also cool to see that most of the cast really does seem to get along and they’re often seen out and about together even during their time off.

  • bigbaby

    I think the other female friend is Lara Flynn Boyle. Look @ pic 12, the woman totally looks like her.

  • S.

    He dissed the new show, Kate, and specially Shonda in a promotional interview for GA in the press, US-something or another. He pretended he didn’t know the show’s name, as very bad joke. It was mean, and uncalled for. Then he proceeded to be disrespectful of Shonda, by saying the usual stuff he used to say about his character.

    Every time he says he doesn’t agree with the way his character is going, he is being totally disrespectful towards the woman that writes the show, and that gave him a second chance at a big career, after he blew the first by being a diva. Every time he says he doesn’t understand his character he is really saying, I don’t care, I’m just doing it for the money, and I’m just phoning in the performance. That, or that he is a little challenged, then he is forgiven.

    I guess people on ABC were not very happy because, he has been nice ever since. Hey, he even goes around saying he likes the way his character is going. It most have been a hell of a reprimand to have him say that after, spending the summer saying he wanted MerDer together.

    That said, I’m so happy I have Kate in Private Practice. Safe, with all around a nice, intelligent, very talented, and mature cast, away from diva of careers past.

    God, I miss them all. I miss the nice stories were people learn, were characters actually grow, were Addison was about to go on a hot date, that the *bleep* strike put on hold.