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Clay is Still Aiken Over Newsweek

Clay is Still Aiken Over Newsweek

Clay Aiken spoke to ET on the NYC set of his Broadway show Spamalot about his refusal to answer Newsweek‘s questions about past scandals.

Aiken, 29, defended himself, saying, “There are so many other things in this world that are more important. Newsweek usually does hard news. I think it’s the press that cares about dirt, so that’s what they print.”

Clay also addressed the media’s focus on Britney Spears: “We have a presidential election going on, and for whatever reason this is what people are interested in. I think that is probably the saddest thing. Leave her alone, just leave her alone.”

And is Aiken going to be following American Idol this season? NOPE!

“I haven’t watched ‘American Idol’ in three years now,” he said. “It stresses me out so much. I compare it to high school. I needed college to understand and know what I know now. Most people wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for their education. I see ‘Idol’ in the same way and I wouldn’t be where I am without it, but I don’t still go to my high school football games.”

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  • Jenn

    I’m so sick of him whining and complaining; although it was nice what he said about Britney, it’s true.

  • LOL

    2nd britney meeds help

  • LOL

    2nd britney needs help

  • dombey

    leave clay alone too…let him solve his own issues on his own terms…

  • Tom

    Kudos to Clay for standing up to these jerks. Everyone wants “dirt”.

  • skye

    I don’t think Mr. Aiken is whining so much as pointing out how our country has become so enthralled with tabloid gossip and he was just calling out the writer of this interview on the fact that Newsweek should be about news of substance and not tabloid lies and gossip that are old.

    More celebritites should follow in his footsteps and say enough is enough. Actually, some of them do. Kevin SPacey was also interviewed by the same dimwitted writer and Spacey called him to task as well. Would you say Jenn, that Kevin Spacey was also whining?

  • fabolous

    I didn’t hear him whining at all. Just pointing out there are more important things we should be focusing on than tabloid crap.

  • Jess422

    I don’t see Clay as whining and complaining, he’s stating how he feels. That Newsweek reporter was lazy and asking tired old questions. The reporters idea of trying to get the interview back on track was to ask about AI?? wtf. I find reporters in general, lazy and more interested in “trash” than actually coming up with questions that are current and relivant

  • seb


  • Monty

    I didn’t hear any whining. What I heard was the man responding to a question. I agree about there being more important things out there in the world to be concerned about. I am no particular fan of Britney Spears but frankly the press needs to back off. They are acting like a pack of hungry wolves and it isn’t a pretty sight.

  • CharlotteKP

    I gotta agree with the guy, the press prints the dirt because they think it sells. But when you are talking to Newsweek, you’d expect something different from the same old tired tabloid crap. If people want to follow the gossip, stick with the tabloids. But Newsweek? It used to be a serious magazine, not competition for The Globe, USWeekly or People.

    There’s so much of this junk taking up the media, and like he said, people aren’t hearing about more important stuff. My daughter turns 18 next month, and she’s trying to learn about the candidates and keep up with world events. She’s forced to do internet research and read stuff on BBC to get information that scratches beyond the surface, because you can’t count on finding that kind of information in TIme and Newsweek anymore.

  • sux

    It’s true. What makes the media think we want to hear about Britney? they are the one’s obsessed about her not the American public.
    Most people could care less. She’s just another trash American.

    And as for Clay giving it to Newsweek? Reporters are supposed to ask questions that fans may be interested in. How else are you going to sell those extra copies of the publication? they couldn’t ask questions about the music industry, his voice, his future plans, his foundation etc?…Stupid reporters.

  • Jess

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the guy but I agree with what you said Monty, He has a point, and he had every right to not answer. he wasn’t going to let the interviewer dig into the tabloid dirt and he wasn’t going to play in the mud … to speak.

  • Mike

    Kudos to Clay Aiken for standing up for celebrities including himself. You would expect Newsweek to a bit better than the National Enquirer, wouldn’t you? I guess along with the dumbing down of America we get dumbing down of journalism to the lowest possible denominator. You can’t get any lower than scalacious lie-filled tabloids.

  • Elaine

    Clay can’t win no matter what he says. If he answers a questiion people like Jenn think he’s whining and if he doesn’t answer the question then other people complain. I say “Leave Clay alone and Leave Britney alone and people need to take care of their own lives. Journalist for the most part are lazy and don’t know how to interview people, not all of us are interested in trash. And for the people that like to spread rumors about people, one day someone is going to start horrible rumors about someone you love and then maybe you will find out how much it hurts.

  • required

    who is he and why is newsweek even talking to this guy?

  • Helena

    Oh god, I didn’t even know who he was until I saw stuff of him on youtube, but now all I just want to punch him in the face! That picture there, makes me want to hit him! No one cares for him, he needs to go away. No talent freak.

  • cscs

    haha what a girl

  • kit25

    Who is Clay Aiken, you ask? He’s the Unicef Ambassador for Education Worldwide! He’s on the U.S. President’s Committee for Disabled Americans! He’s the Founder and huge supporter of the Bubel-Aiken Foundation for children with disabilities! He’s the most phenomenal singer and all-round entertainer in show business today!
    He’s about to take over a leading role in Spamalot on Broadway on January 18th! Not only that, he’s handsome, funny, and charismatic beyond imagination! Is that enough? (Cause there’s lots more!)

  • vanessa

    If you do not like Clay then what are you doing reading this site.
    Clay has done an amazing job since Idol. with helping others through Uniceff and his own foundation. He has a great voice, funny , witty, entertaining and a big heart

    I am so proud of Clay for his comment. He is an amazing example to others. For me he is a BIG STAR

    Helena- stay away and look for somone you like.

  • Rs

    Good for Clay for drawing the line. More celebrities should do the same. There’s way too much emphasis on celebrities personal lives and trash tabloid journalism today. You can always tell when Clay’s detractors start posting, their posts stand out like the sore thumbs of the jealous little people they are. The media is always ready when a star has an unfortunate incident but where are they when the star is out doing good things like representing UNICEF or speaking out for special needs children? Seems like in our country good is ignored.

  • Kathy

    Good for him! I get Newsweek and I was appalled by the questions. I am also amazed at the people who read this and feel compelled to be rude and mean themselves.

  • just saying!

    :lol: Glay!!! #9 that was sooooo funny, his fans that keep denying
    he’s gay, so what if he is! maybe if you stop with the cover up he
    can get real and stop sounding like a closet queen. JMO but he is living a lie, for his fans.

  • sam

    good 4 him!

  • effinghypocrite

    Clay is always either putting his foot in his mouth or speaking from both sides of his mouth. Here is a classic example of speaking from both sides: He complains that Newsweek reports “hard news”; why should they be asking him these questions? Yet, he himself was interviewing with Newsweek about Spamalot. Since when did Spamalot become “hard news”? Another example: He says there are so many other things, like the presidential election, with which the media should be concerned. Yet, he says that while conducting an interview with ET, an entertainment magazine that exists to cover items other than presidential elections. This ET interview is no more than a paid spot by Clay’s management to attempt to salvage the image he furthered with the Newsweek interview.

  • runforyourlife

    The Claymates are here! The Claymates are here! And they are masquerading as men by using screen names like “Mike” and “Tom” to suggest that Clay has male fans out there that are defending him. Run. The Claymates are here!

  • marktomjoesamdavidjoshjohn

    I’m a guy and don’t know anything about Clay Aiken, but I think he is right-on to object to Newsweek’s heavy-handed inteview techniques. No celebrity should be bullied to explain their odd behavior.

  • sarah

    I am a fan of Clay’s..I am not pretending to be anyone but myself.

    I know Clay often speaks without thinking it thru. But I think in this case he was just a little surpised. Yes he wanted to discuss his role in Spamalot, but he had just been on a successful trip for Unicef, a fund raiser for children with disabilities and the questions he was ask are out dated and unimportant.

    He is a very well informed young man who has a passion for news, our government and current events and I think he felt let down. I think he expected more from Newsweek and did not hide his dismay.

    Not a whinner but someone isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, even if it is not the “popular thing to do”.

    Well done Clay!

  • clayfan

    Leave the man alone! I commend Clay for standing up to Newsweek. He had a right to his comments and his feelings. He wasn’t complaining or whining like some of you are. He’s a great man and if you can’t see that I feel sorry for you. Your loss! Clay rocks!

  • essie

    LOL but i loved it when clay came out and surprised that one contestant who looked like him….

  • claykitty

    OY! HATERS! He is much better than any of you!! He is nice, an awesome voice and funny and sweet! I LOVE him! Why you commenting if it ain’t nice? That just brings out the loser in you…..

  • cAROL

    And to all of you Clay bashers, it’s really sad that you’re so immature and insecure to have to pick on this man for no reason . He is a total class act, like you’re not. Oh yeah, Clay’s also a multi-platinum recording artist, has performed in 8 tours over the past few years, has appeared on shows like Kimmel, Leno and Saturday Night Live–has done Scrubs and One Life to Live, and has appeared on numerous other TV shows, has written a best seller, and now is starring in Spamalot on Broadway. He started the Bubel Aiken Foundation that supports inclusion of people with disabilities, is a Unicef Ambassador and on a Presidential committee. So geniuses–what’s in your resume? What makes you think you have a right to even utter a word against this fine man? Nothing, right. Learn to be a better person and be more like Clay.

  • just me

    He should thank Idol every day otherwise no one would know (or care) who he is. What an idiot! The “claymates” are the real idiots for fawning over this creep!

  • bruisedlee

    lol, nice pun.

  • sarah

    You know I have had just about enough! There are thousands of celebrities out there and never would I ever go out and rag on them, even if I don’t like them! What is wrong with the people who continuously rag on Clay. I have seen this man in 40 concerts, yes 40, I have met him also. He is a caring and kind man. Yes outspoken sometimes but still caring.

    I have seen countless performers in concert but this young unassuming man has so much talent. He is an amazing perfomer and wonderful singer. He has a wonderful heart and there countless stories of moments when he reached out to the less unfortunate to make their day.

    Give the guy a break, maybe you think he is gay. Okay maybe he is, I don’t know and I don’t care. His talent and heart is all I call about. That should be enough. If you don’t like those qualties and that is not what you are looking for, then leave!

  • sarah

    Oh and by the way..I am not an Idiot! I am an intelligent, hardworking individual. I have every right to voice my opinion when anyone is being rude. I would never be rude to celebrities. I am always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Why aren’t you? Do you actually know anything about him? Or do you just base your judgement on the ridiculous statements by people who have no idea who or what he is!

    I have followed this young man’s career since day one on Idol and he is has always been forthcoming about his actions. He has answered every question, but refused to repeat them over and over. When he now refuses people think it is an admission of quilt. No, he just does not see the need to repeat those answers, over and over again.

    If you don’t like him or agree with what he does..move on to someone you do admire and support them. Leave those who do like him and think he has a “mission” in life to help others, to their opinion.


  • Madonna


  • May

    I admire Clay for his courage and talent, always will. He is so right. It is always the same people (useless celebs) in the so called news, never buy magazines anymore, they are all the same old rubbish, and lies. I realize not everyone is going to like Clay, we are all different. The hate however is surprising and to me and unbelievable, and only shows the haters own problems and self destruction. Clay is always smiling, it doesn’t affect him or his fans. God Bless Clay, YOU ARE RIGHT. I am not American, and must admit not a fan of most Americans, (you do not see quite so much hate and arrogance elsewhere) Look at the message above mine “UGLY” Bet you are a real stunner?

    Clay is the exception. he is not perfect like none of us are, he tries hard though.

  • remember da truth

    The Newsweek reporter wasn’t digging into tabloid dirt. He asked Clay Aiken about his holding up a flight that involved the FBI because of him. That’s NEWS. The people on that flight weren’t interviewed by the FBI for gossip rags!

    Clay is a diva — always has been, and always will be. That’s why his fans are the same kind of middle-aged women who followed Liberace. He is as phony as they come.

  • CarylAnn

    remember da truth get your facts straight – that plane incident was not his fault – he fell asleep – heaven forbid his foot went onto a womans arm rest and instead of waking him up and asking him to move it she just turns around and starts beating the poor guy in his chest – #1 he should have hit her back but he’s to much of a gentlemen – so see it wasn;t him it was some idiot women – I am not a middleaged women as you call his fans but yes I am definetly a fan – and why if you are not a fan do you care enough to comment.. no life I take it

  • Marie

    Too funny when some holler that the Claymates have arrived. It would actually be pretty NORMAL for fans of a person to read articles about them and comment. What’s NOT normal is for all the haters to continuously look for articles and comment. You are the ones who are totally nuts to run from one article to the next saying he is a diva, whiner, gay, ugly etc. Most or us normal people don’t seek out articles on people we don’t like and certainly don’t take the time to comment. Your agendas are showing for what they are.

    I don’t blame him at all for not answering all the STUPID questions being asked about tabloid crap. The airplane incident was totally stupid and would have been nothing if not for the fact that he is a celebrity. I’m sure it’s not the first time there has been a disagreement between passengers on an airplane. Don’t know how many times though a SLEEPING person has been accosted by another passenger. She is lucky HE didn’t press charges. But the incident was addressed months ago so why bring it up now. The Kelly incident was also over a year ago and played out on TV and the internet for weeks and weeks. He adddressed it several times and ways from straight answers to poking fun at it on the AMA awards and in concerts.

    Those who don’t like him, why bother yourselves to continue to follow him? You show signs of a sickness — in you, not him. Those who holler GAY also show signs of your issues and problems. The man says he is not gay — I would think he knows better than people who don’t know him or anything about him. Hope it gives you a thrill to try to bash a celebrity –something you obviously envy.

    I think he will do well in Spamalot. It fits with his personality of quick wit and one liners that he always does in concerts anyway. Many are jealous that he or any other celebrity gets to break into theater when they have been waiting tables for years. Well talent breaks through — quit blaming those who have managed to show their talent. And I seriously doubt anyone as smart and successful as Mike Nichols would be making a dumb choice in putting Clay in his play. Obviously he has seen what Clay can do and what his potential is.

    For those claiming he has done nothing and been “unseen or unheard” since American Idol that just shows where your mentality is if that’s all you know about. He has been very successful as a singer, earning over $30 million in tours, written a successful book, written a beautiful song, and been extremely involved in humanitarian and educational endeavors. What have you accomplished in the first 4 years of your career?